Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mike Mussina may be coming out of his shell a bit

He pitched a complete game tonight, twice sending Joe Torre back to his seat. Actually, the 2nd time Joe got up, Mussina pointed his finger at him & yelled, "Stay there." Mussina has never wanted the label of #1 starter nor does he now, but perhaps he's becoming less uncomfortable around the bright lights. Fans will never forget his performance in the 2001 ALDS in the sudden death game against Oakland. He got the win in the 1-0 game in 7 innings, Mariano Rivera for scoreless 8th and 9th. No one remembers the Yankees had not had a lead in a game against Oakland in over 70 innings. But, this fact wouldn't be mentioned by anyone in the media, including any writers who say they're Yankee fans.

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Bruce Chen out of game

Bruce is out after giving up 3 HR to the D-Rays over 4 innings. Bruce pitched in the WBC, & was foolishly critical of another pitcher for not participating in it. Bruce, what did it get you? You've won no games for the Orioles, & had a 7.40 ERA going into tonight's game. You had been a good pitcher for the Orioles. I feel sorry for you & the Orioles fans.

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Kevin Kennedy on WFAN--gags before he'll mention the greatest late inning relief pitcher in baseball (as usual)

Don't know why Kevin's doing a little interview with Mike & Chris after his XM show, right after the 6pm break. He gives his opinion of how well the Dodgers are doing, then mentions how important it is to have a good closer like John Smoltz, and raising his voice a bit & adding emphasis, E. Gagne (a wish & flash in the pan compared to Mariano, but not to the smitten KK), then--get this, he searches his mind for another name & comes up with Billy Wagner. OK, the American league has tougher lineups, & none of the others have done it for 11 regular seasons AND 11 post seasons, but he forgets that. Then Kevin pauses, knowing what great power he has, being on an NYC radio station in afternoon drive, and has mentioned everyone in the world except the greatest ever--& I'm not the one who came up with that designation. The plague continues, in case you think it has or ever will go away. (He finally mumbles, 'and, uh, you know, Rivera,' in the lowest voice.) Jealous, Kevin?

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Danny Almonte in spotlight as draft nears

They packed the stands at Taft H.S. in The Bronx, stood on the roof of the building and lined the street, all to see the infamous left-hander. Nearly everyone came to cheer the pitcher from Monroe High. It was the PSAL version of a Giants game in San Francisco.

And while Almonte wasn't dominant, he didn't disappoint the legions who were there. He struck out seven and hit a long opposite-field homer in Monroe's 9-2 win over No. 8 Clinton in the PSAL quarterfinals.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006



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Detroit Tigers received $25 million this year in revenue sharing

In the latest from the totalitarian dictatorship of the billionaires of mlb, it's more of the same--hate & envy, lies & distortions. They've already engineered it to steal much of the hard-working Yankee fan's money, but that's not close to being enough. Now with their gimmicky protrade.com, they cherry pick more numbers to build hate & resentment against the Yankee fan, pity for the Detroit Tigers, & here it comes..the ground work to steal even more of the hapless fan's money in the next bargaining agreement. THEY DON'T MENTION THE TIGERS' FREE $25 MILLION IN REVENUE SHARING THIS YEAR ALONE, WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

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Monday, May 29, 2006


"Francona said he thought the injury was "directly related to spring training. It was a little bit dysfunctional for him" because Timlin left to play in the World Baseball Classic for the United States." This today from AP. THE LATEST MANAGER TO CITE PITCHER INJURY BUT NO ATTACK ON FRANCONA ON PRIME TIME TV FROM ANYONE INVOLVED. I THOUGHT YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT THE WBC. I THOUGHT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MAKE 'COLLECTIVE SACRIFICE' ACCORDING TO DISNEY/ESPN'S JAYSON STARK. WHY ARE THEY SILENT NOW???

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Juan Gonzalez in talks with Long Island Ducks

The Ducks have held extensive talks with two-time Most Valuable Player Juan Gonzalez, principal owner Frank Boulton said Friday. Gonzalez, 36, has struggled to stay healthy the past few years, and earlier this season, he backed out of a publicized agreement with the Boston Red Sox. Newsday reports

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Jason Bay became the first Pirates player in 50 years to homer in five consecutive games, then ran over Houston catcher Eric Munson to score the winning run on Jose Bautista's short sacrifice fly in the 18th inning as Pittsburgh beat the Astros 8-7 Saturday night.

The game was the longest in Pittsburgh since PNC Park opened in 2001 and the Pirates' longest at home since a 4-3, 18-inning win over the Cubs on Aug. 6, 1989. The Astros beat Atlanta last year in an 18-inning NL playoff game, the longest postseason game in history. AP Report

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Rodriguez 5.28533413.95
Springer 1.11000103.86
Wheeler (BS, 1)2.01111115.06
Qualls 2.02002003.77
Miller 3.01000204.63
Lidge 2.01002405.70
Gallo (BS, 1)(L, 1-1)1.03222015.87
Borkowski 0.10000004.35
Maholm 5.08445304.58
Capps (BS, 4)0.22110005.01
Grabow 0.11000105.49
Torres 1.00000005.01
Hernandez, R 1.00113102.11
Gonzalez 2.00000301.89
Marte 2.01001203.18
Vogelsong 5.03111104.18
Santos (W, 2-5)1.01001005.30

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Value of Baseball Franchises skyrockets with New Stadium Deals--Mike Berardino

"It's been quite a last few weeks for the Class of 2001. The Contraction Class, that is.

First, the former Montreal Expos, now operating as the Washington Nationals, fetched a hefty $450 million from billionaire developer Ted Lerner. That's nearly four times the $120 million former owner Jeffrey Loria received when he swapped the Expos for the Marlins in February 2002.

Friday, the Minnesota Twins held a pregame celebration at the Metrodome as Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed a $522 million bill authorizing a new baseball-only outdoor stadium.

No doubt that means tightwad owner Carl Pohlad will see his investment skyrocket in a similar manner to the Nationals. New stadiums have that sort of effect on franchise value.

In the Nats' case, Forbes jumped their estimated value 42 percent to $440 million after Mayor Anthony Williams finally pushed a new stadium through all those local hurdles. If the Twins get a similar bump, look for their value to be somewhere in the $300 million range next spring.

Considering the Twins ranked 29th in this April's survey at $216 million, that's a fairly nice side benefit to the stroke of a governor's pen. The Twins' good news most likely leaves the Marlins and Devil Rays at the bottom of the Forbes list.

Suddenly, baseball's contraction combo, valued by Forbes at $235 million total four years ago, could be worth close to $750 million. Is baseball a great sport or what?

"You look at the demographics ... the Twin Cities are a great major league market," Commisioner Bud Selig told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. "They're not a good one, they're a great one. And to have left there would have been a tragedy."

This, of course, is a far different tune than the one Selig was whistling 4 1/2 years ago on that November afternoon in Chicago. Back then baseball supposedly needed to whack the Expos and Twins because they were such a drag on the other 28 franchises.

Thanks to a favorable agreement with the players' union in August 2002, one which brought drastically increased revenue sharing and a luxury tax, Selig promised to table contraction until this year. There's a July 1 deadline for informing the union of contraction plans for 2007, but the whole concept seems to have gone the way of Charlie Finley's orange baseballs.

What does a new downtown stadium mean for the Twins? Well, considering it won't open until 2010, not so much in the short term.

Twins President Dave St. Peter told reporters last week the club probably won't be able to increase its payroll until 2009 at the earliest. Considering the Twins rank third in the AL Central at $64 million, that wasn't the kind of news Minnesota baseball fans necessarily wanted to hear." South Florida Sun Sentinel

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Baseball Picks Wrong Battle Again--Fantasy Leagues, NY Times

"NOW here's a tough one. Who do you root for in the current legal battle between the pandemic of fantasy leagues and the avarice of Major League Baseball?

I have never understood the appeal of fantasy sports leagues, in which people draft individual players and then root for them during actual competition.

Lately, however, fantasy leagues have not been looking so hollow, since they have been leeched upon by Major League Baseball's phalanx of lawyers. This legal skirmish reminds me of how baseball came to have a steroid scandal: M.L.B. is so preoccupied with making money in the short run that it does not see the big picture. Never. These boobs had to be embarrassed by Congress — Congress! — before they became ashamed of their steroid generation.

It's bad enough that baseball is building smaller stadiums to drive up prices, that it values shrimp eaters in luxury boxes over hot dog noshers in the bleachers. Now M.L.B. wants a piece of the action from fantasy leagues.

As reported by Alan Schwarz in The New York Times on May 16, Major League Baseball Advanced Media ordered CBC Distribution and Marketing Inc. to stop supplying the players' names and statistics for commercial ventures like fantasy leagues. In turn, CBC sued baseball in United States District Court in St. Louis, claiming that public information, including baseball statistics, was protected by the First Amendment. The trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 5.

These fantasy leagues are an indicator of baseball's deep hold on American heartstrings. M.L.B. should be thrilled that a bunch of fans formed the Rotisserie League back in 1979, meeting in warm places for spring training to divvy up the players.

It's good to have standards. But where were baseball's standards in the past generation when wispy little guys turned up in spring training with new sets of muscles and Cro-Magnon jaws and raging cases of zits? Baseball's top executives conveniently missed that development, but sharp-eyed speculators in the fantasy leagues probably did not. ("Wow, did you see the shoulders on Slim? I'm taking him in the first round.")

Having dozed through the steroid years, letting the union fight off significant drug penalties, M.L.B. is now showing a keen interest in shaking down the fantasy empire. And empire it is. A recent estimate is that these leagues — check them out on the Internet — do a business of $1.5 billion a year.

CBC, the St. Louis-based fantasy-league supplier, carefully does not use photographs of the players or team logos. If baseball could claim ownership, however, of highly publicized numbers like Albert Pujols's home run totals, could other familiar names and products and facts be reserved strictly for commercial usage?

I could argue that fantasy-league types ought to get a life. But if they did get a life, maybe Major League Baseball would be out of business. Baseball should stop trying to gouge these ersatz leagues and instead worry about its abandonment of its traditional working-class fan base. Now that's a fantasy." by George Vecsey, New York Times, May 28, 2006

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No, Derek, we thank you. photo from NY Post

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"There never will be a reality TV show called "Jeter on Jeter," simply because the star participant wouldn't cooperate. ..

The toughest part came when he was on second base, when the crowd wouldn't let him go. If they could have, tens of thousands of sweaty fans would have jumped onto the Stadium turf and engulfed Derek Jeter in one giant hug right then and there, and Jeter would have blushed and shrugged and told everyone to stop making such a fuss. He has 2,000 hits now - 2,001, actually - all of them as a Yankee, all as unique as the man who delivered them."

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Friday, May 26, 2006


Congratulations to Derek Jeter. Scott Elarton's pitching a great game, so the Yankees still trail 3-0. Now, a fly ball is dropped in the outfield enabling Jeter to score the Yankees' only run, score 3-1. Don't know who caught the ball he hit.

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Jeter's actually way past 2000 hits

They're saying Derek Jeter has 1999 hits, so his next will be the big 2000. But, this is actually not true. Right now, he has 2141 hits--1999 regular season and 142 post season hits (when hits were even harder to come by). The terminology needs to be changed, but baseball consumers are passive & malleable, good members of the proletariat, so they dare not speak against the corrupt authority. Except me. I just don't like bullies & phonies. Derek Jeter is going for career hit #2142.

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Jason Whitlock, KC Star with Charley Steiner on XM

Jason says the Royals are the "worst managed team in pro sports," with an owner who just got involved to make money (& he has) & whose unskilled son he's assigned to run the team. All areas are underpaid including scouting, coaching, & managers. Who'd want to replace Allan Baird just to become another sitting duck? Notes they claim a "youth movement," but this is a lie, as you look at a bunch of guys in their 30's on the field. (George Brett said the other day their getting guys like Minky was supposed to teach the guys how to win--a guy who was only part time late inning defensive material a couple years ago?) There might be interest in a pitcher like Scott Elarton among contenders, but Glass has told Allan Baird not to entertain any offers, "because we want to win now."

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Not so bad, Mike & Chris, Newsday, Neil Best on their Phillies-Mets play by play

"What happens when video of a noted Yankees fan and a notorious San Francisco Giants fan appears on the scoreboard at Shea Stadium? "Boo!" was the reaction of many fans yesterday at the sight of WFAN talk-show hosts Mike Francesa and Chris Russo. Fair enough. But what about the Mets fans who listened to them call the game (and help raise $40,000 for charity)? Did they have reason to boo? Let's put it this way: Russo had predicted that critics would write about the event only if he and Francesa bombed. Which means, once again, he's wrong. Turns out the boys weren't half bad, much more so in the innings when Russo handled the play-by-play and Francesa the analysis. They played it mostly straight, focusing on action with minimal shtick. Three times Russo got to use his home run call, "This one is gone!" They talked strategy. They were well versed in each team's personnel. They were more willing to be bluntly critical than home-team announcers ever are. "All in all, I thought they did a really good job," Mets COO Jeff Wilpon said on WFAN. (John McEnroe and Bill Parcells called in with less kind critiques.) At times Russo forgot that as a radio voice, he had to describe everything. And there was his trademark, um, creativity with language, such as when he encouraged Jose Reyes to take a strike, then said, "And he does! And it's a ball!" There was some inevitable self-congratulation from two guys with healthy egos, and listening to them read endless commercials was just plain weird. Overall, though, it worked. Nice. Howie Rose and Tom McCarthy, please come back now."

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Bob Ryan, Boston Globe on Bernie Williams

  • He's very often been at his best when it counts the most. Williams is the all-time postseason leader in home runs (22), runs (83), and runs batted in (80). In 11 postseasons, he has failed to hit at least one home run only in 1997 and 2005. The Yankees may have lost the 2003 World Series, but it had nothing to do with Williams, who hit .400 (10 for 25) with two homers, five RBIs, and five runs. Admit it. Bernie Williams almost takes all the fun out of hating the Yankees.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Even the Giants' local market cares 37% less than it did 2 years ago

"With Bondsmania nonexistent, it was fitting that Fox did not cut into the late portions of the New York and Chicago games with the Bonds at-bat that yielded No. 714. Fox felt it would alienate fans watching the Yankees and Mets by leaving as Billy Wagner was melting down. And the Cubs-White Sox was midway through a commercial break.

The 714th homer was shown on tape a minute later, leading Tim McCarver, calling the Yankees-Mets game with Joe Buck, to say, "I never thought any of us would ever see Babe Ruth's home run record tied as anticlimactically as it just was." Buck added, "It strikes me as just another highlight."

That ho-hum attitude may have been shared by viewers in the Giants' local market, where the game recorded a 6.0 rating — a stunning 37 percent below what the last Giants-A's game on Fox got in 2004.

The Hank Aaron story riveted the nation. The Bonds tale is boring us. That was the implicit message when ESPN shelved the "Bonds on Bonds" vanity series short of its planned July conclusion. The network ran one episode last night and will run a finale Monday — amid prayers at the ESPN empire that he will hit his 715th by then — but might produce specials if a story arises.

"The story just didn't happen," John Skipper, ESPN's executive vice president for content, said yesterday. A lost narrative equals lousy ratings, especially for a series for which ESPN reportedly paid $4.5 million." from the NY Times, by Richard Sandomir 5/26/06

  • He adds Pedro Gomez is off the Barry Beat. There is no more Barry beat.
I might've been interested but they long ago beat the story to death.

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DL possible for Posada--MRI results, NY Times

The Yankees' injury problems continued yesterday when catcher Jorge Posada's magnetic resonance imaging test revealed a torn hamstring tendon in his left knee.

Posada could be put on the disabled list if he does not improve over the weekend, and the Yankees plan to call up a catcher from the minor leagues today.

General Manager Brian Cashman referring to his initial discussion with the team's trainers about Posada, said: "I was expecting some bad stuff when they told me there was a knot back there and they weren't sure what it was."

Cashman added: "The M.R.I. had to show something. As it was explained to me, there are several tendons that connect to the knee. This one is an unusual injury, but on the good side, it's a tendon that you don't need to function."

Cashman said that the injury should not limit Posada's ability to play catcher once the swelling and the pain subsided.

"I can't tell you the D.L. is not going to happen," Cashman said. "But we're going to see where he is at the end of the weekend." NY Times, 5/26/06

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Looking for Melky? Look for Cano--Tyler Kepner

"If you want to find Melky Cabrera, just look for Robinson Canó. Chances are Cabrera will be with him.

"They're like shadows of each other," said Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees' third baseman. "I call him 'The Shadow.' They're always together, tied at the hip."

Canó and Cabrera live in the same apartment complex in New Jersey, and when the Yankees play at home, Canó drives Cabrera to the games. On the road, they are all but inseparable.

Canó carried a bat around the Fenway Park clubhouse Wednesday afternoon. So did Cabrera. They went out to the batting cage under the center-field stands for early hitting practice, and as they walked across the field after finishing, the Boston stars Manny Ramírez and David Ortiz intercepted them for hugs and friendly banter.

Did Canó have a minute to talk about Cabrera? Not yet. "I have to go show him something on the computer," Canó said. But first, he and Cabrera sat in the dugout for a long chat with the first-base coach Tony Peña.

"When you come to the big leagues, sometimes you find yourself lost," Peña said. "But having Canó around, he's really taken care of Cabrera."

Wednesday's game was a revelation. Cabrera came in with a .306 average, and he had already been proving himself, working an 11-pitch walk to wear down the Mets' Billy Wagner in the ninth inning of a comeback victory last Saturday.

But on Wednesday, after sitting out the previous game, Cabrera hit leadoff to give Johnny Damon a rest. Cabrera singled twice and drove in four runs, leading the Yankees to an 8-6 victory, their second in three games against the Red Sox. Cabrera said that an off-season of winter ball at home in the Dominican Republic helped. The presence of Canó, another Dominican just two years older than he is, is also important.

"If I have something to say to him, I'll bring over Robby and he'll explain it to him," said the infield coach Larry Bowa. "That's good for Robby, too. Even though he's still a young kid, it means he's maturing a little bit and taking on some responsibility."

Canó, the 23-year-old second baseman, has been Bowa's pupil since spring training. Canó has hit well, at .299, sometimes batting fifth in the lineup because of injuries. He made just one error through May 16, but had four in his past eight games.

"His feet are too close together, so he's not getting good jumps," Bowa said. "He's a project for the year. He shows you all that ability, but he's only got a little bit over a year in the big leagues. People forget that. He's going to be fine."

Based on the early showing of his second major league act, Cabrera may be fine, too." NYTimes, 5/26/06

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Josh Byrnes on with Dibs & Kevin

Dibs continues his obsession with the Yankees, asking Josh, the D-backs GM:
  • "It's obvious the Yankees desperately need help & are out scouting other teams. Does that bother players when other teams are scouting them?"
  • Josh replies he doesn't think so, saying, "We scout people too."
I've never heard any of these guys say,well if the Yankees spent more, other teams would get more for their own teams in revenue sharing & luxury tax.

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They open the segment with a long audio clip from a Red Sox radio feed about Manny Ramirez they never explained & which had no effect on the outcome of the game, (you wouldn't know that as an average listener--from the clip you'd think the Red Sox won the game which they didn't); then they connect to the last part of Mike & the Mad Dog doing play by play for the Phillies-Mets game. After Mike's first sentence, Kevin scorns him, says what he says is meaningless, Francesa's never played so what could he know, & continues in this vein til the end of the game. Dibs & Kevin THEN DELIVER THEIR FINAL, TELLING BLOW--one says, "Aren't MIKE AND THE MAD DOG YANKEE FANS ANYWAY?" The other says, "YES, I THINK SO, I'M SURE AT LEAST CHRIS RUSSO IS A HUGE YANKEE FAN." WHAT A JOKE!!! If you needed any more proof, these guys are not only prejudiced about anything related to New York & the Yankees, but neither they nor their employers have enough integrity to even minimally inform themselves. (PS. Chris Russo is a very well known, die-hard San Francisco Giants fan--they're a team in the national league...)

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This Day in Baseball--1922

1922 - The Supreme Court ruled organized baseball was primarily a sport and not a business, and therefore not subject to antitrust laws and interstate commerce regulations. (SI.com)

  • Do you think baseball is not a business?

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John Fay, Cincinnati Enquirer on XM

Noting Reds off to a great start but this hasn't been reflected in fan attendance. Fay says he's surprised by this lack of support while fans seem to be happy with new management. Hoping for a better turnout at this weekend's D-back series. Agrees that Griffey probably shouldn't pay attention to controversy stoked up on sports talk radio; he got a great ovation when he came to bat last night.

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John Sickels with Jeff Erickson on XM

Sickels says the Indians, Twins, & White Sox will be in a dog fight in August. Jeff mentions Rafael Betancourt will be coming off the dl soon; John says this might be a good time for fantasy owners to trade Guillermo Mota. On Melky Cabrera, John has revised his views about his hitting ability, though noting he still doesn't show power. Although Melky is now batting over .300, he sees him eventually as a .270 or .280 hitter. (Mike Francesa estimates him at a "soft" .290, a good hitter, but mostly singles). He also has a few walks. (Jeff was an early fan). John & Jeff are not into micro- managing a fantasy roster, buying & selling from game to game, but getting & staying with good players.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Melky named Player of the Game(YES Network)....(Jeff Erickson saw Melky coming)....John Flaherty not impressed with Randy

Melky had 4 rbi's batting leadoff & came up with a good catch in right field...remainder of outfield consisted of Terrence Long & Bernie Williams....Emerging broadcast talent John Flaherty (I'm not the 1st to notice this) says he's not as sympathetic to Randy's outing tonight as Al Leiter was, John seeing too many homeruns AND A LACK OF FIRE AND PASSION. John Flaherty has caught this guy & knows a few things. Al Leiter is boring as an on-air guy, a surprise as many thought he'd be good in this role---sounds tentative & wordy, lacks pith. People will forget this, but it was assumed Randy would be the perfect guy to dust-up Manny tonight for his grandstanding. I never thought for a minute Randy would do any such thing. He's not out there for the team, just himself--the most he'll ever do is yell at an umpire enough to get himself ejected & hurt the team even more. Mariano allowed himself to look happy after his final out in the save today, although you'll never see him turn directly to the tv camera, snarl & pump his fist as certain lesser so-called closers have done.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mariano Rivera gets Ortiz out with 2 men on base, earns 5-out save

Ortiz broke his bat in half in disgust, which was impressive. The Yankee starting pitcher only went 5 innings & 3 other relievers gave up 6 walks. Rivera is grossly underpaid. Those of you waiting for him to just go away will have to wait a bit longer. As far as A-rod is concerned, I urge him to continue to try & do his job. But his accomplishments in baseball will never come close to those of Mariano Rivera.

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Dmitri Young to DL; Jack Hannahan called up

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- The Detroit Tigers placed designated hitter Dmitri Young on the 15-day disabled list Tuesday and recalled third baseman Jack Hannahan from Triple-A Toledo.

Young has an irritation of a strain in his right quadriceps. He is batting .169 in 59 at-bats with four RBIs.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland said he had "no idea" when Young might begin working to rehabilitate the injury.

Hannahan was hitting .282 with four home runs and 23 RBIs in 38 games at Toledo. Leyland said he would use him as the designated hitter Wednesday against Kansas City.

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The kids in Bristol might be shocked--value of Bonds ball officially devalued

"The kid who caught home run No. 714 on Saturday is probably not in for as big a payday as he imagined. The orb, snagged in Oakland by one Tyler Snyder, a young twerp from Pleasanton, is estimated to be worth $100,000; far less than one might expect. Todd McFarlane, creator of the comic book Spawn, co-owner of the Edmonton Oilers and collector of fine sports memorabilia, says he would bid on it, but only up to $70,000. That’s saying something coming from the guy who paid $3 million for Mark McGwire’s No. 70 in 1999, and half a mil for Bonds’ No. 73 in 2001. So why has the bubble burst on Bonds sports memorabilia? Says Michael Heffner, president of the Lelands auction house:
  • “Collectors haven’t written (Bonds) off, but he’s not on the same level as Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth has already gone down in the history books as this lovable character. The perception of Barry Bonds is much different. The public views him as a bad guy who’s not nice to his fans.”" This report is from Deadspin today.

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Daily onslaught--lie about the Yankees while richer owners do nothing

You won--you got over $100 million of the Yankee fan's dollars this year, but that's not enough. You won't put it into big league payrolls, & you're not obligated to document on paper for the public--not an mlb flack--how the Yankee fan's money was spent. And, you're now saying you want even more to line your own pockets. Why not take on additional partners if you need more money? ANSWER: THE ONLY ANSWER IS IT'S EASIER FOR YOU TO STEAL FROM THE YANKEE FAN IF YOU DON'T. And here's another voting member of the BBWAA telling a daily lie--that the Yankees have money, implying others don't. MANY OWNERS POCKET THE PAYROLL MONEY & HAVE A GREATER NET WORTH THAN THE YANKEE PRINCIPAL OWNER ANYWAY. Rochester Democrat and Chronicle columnist Bob Matthews: "The Yankees reportedly scouted Willis in Sunday's 3-0 Florida loss in Tampa Bay. That's no surprise. The penny-pinching Marlins are expected to trade him before the July 31 trade deadline and the Yankees are certain to make a big pitch. They don't have the most prospects to trade but they have the thing the Marlins like most-- money." Keep the focus on hate, envy, & lies.

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BP's Joe Sheehan on with Jeff Erickson

Joe is high on the Indians, especially on Ben Broussard who's had a good start; likes Eduardo Perez as platoon against lefties. Notes confidence in front office & strong run the team made the 2nd half of last year. And, hold on to your hats...Sheehan likes Colter Bean & Jeff seems to as well, both wondering why it took the Yanks so long to bring him up. Sheehan thinks Bean, if handled correctly could be 3rd guy in the bullpen behind Mariano Rivera & Farnsworth. (He's been stuck in some rough situations his 1st 2 starts). Jeff mentions WBC Canadian hero & Orioles farm hand pitcher Adam Loewen being called up for probably short duty.

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Gammons defends A-Flop--as only a Red Sox fan could do

It's a dreamed-up story line the New England bunch likes to come up with instead of looking at real problems of baseball. They don't mention that when A-Flop first signed with the Yanks Jeter was screwing up, that the long-time Yankee captain might've been conscious of working in his shadow. Now, it's that A-Flop might be screwing up because he's quaking in the shadow of Jeter. Peter Gammons' report on the Sunday Night Espn game again floated his theory that things could've been so much better for A-Flop if he'd gone to the Red Sox. Gammons, if you're really serious about this, look into the fact that the players' union wouldn't let him restructure his deal.

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More examples of Fox murdering what could've been baseball

"There's another emerging habit among baseball casters that Buck Saturday displayed. It's the authoritative declaration of pure guesswork as absolute truths (see: ESPN, Joe Morgan). In the ninth, Miguel Cairo leaned back from a Wagner fastball that appeared to get plenty of plate and was called a strike. Cairo then looked back at the ump. "Cairo thought it was high and tight," Buck firmly stated. Maybe. Buck had no way of knowing. Cairo might have looked back for any of hundreds of reasons. Buck didn't know for sure because he couldn't know for sure - but he told us that he knew for sure, anyway. And speaking of bad habits, Fox, late in close games, now regularly loses focus in favor of finding close-ups of fans in all manner of dramatic anticipation, including distress and prayer. Saturday, top of the ninth, the Yanks have closed to 4-1, bases loaded, a 3-0 count to Kelly Stinnett . . . . . . and when Wagner threw ball four to force in a run, we never saw it. Fox instead had us watch a close-up of a fan watching Wagner throwing a 3-0 pitch with the bases loaded." from the New York Post, Phil Mushnick

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More proof of media manipulation via Edes' clubhouse report

"There was little reaction in the Sox clubhouse when Barry Bonds hit No. 714. There were loud whoops, however, when FOX showed Michael Barrett smoking A.J. Pierzynski with a punch in the Cubs-White Sox game, and a good bit of attention to the Yanks' comeback against the Mets. " Gordon Edes from the Boston Globe. No one cares about anyone tying someone for 2nd place in 1 particular stat in spite of the ludicrous campaign of espn. Do you like spam? Do you like pop-up ads? That's what espn has become--a continuous pop-up ad for 1 player & 1 stat.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon on with Dibs & Kevin

Sounds like a terrific guy, good voice, but the poor guy is pressed by Dibs to comment about the current homerun publicity--he pleasantly avoids the question referring instead to how different eras can't be compared. Says Babe Ruth will always be the best player, names additional stats, & names Hank Aaron & Frank Robinson as probably the next 2 best. He finally says the current media creation is "up there." Pressed again, amazingly, as this topic has now fallen flat with 2 interviews, Dibs tries to get Shannon to discuss how he might call the next event/homerun if it happened on his broadcast. Shannon says it's no big thing, if it happens he'll just be 2nd, & he's tarnished anyway over many years. Seems espn runs the show here.

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Gary Matthews Jr. on with Dibs & Kevin

The great Texas CF on the Show talking about his regimen--says he puts priority on getting his sleep, nutrition & that's very important when playing in Texas. Notes guys who are big partiers or drinkers won't do well in Texas. Being so tied in with espn, poor Matthews is asked by Dibs about how the Rangers are reacting to the current homerun publicity. Hooray for Gary Matthews Jr!!! He says the team really hasn't talked about it. But the media onslaught continues, when Dibs tries again, saying, well Gary what did YOU think about it? Gary politely says he really hasn't thought about it! Then, since he's a very gracious guy, he says of course it's an achievement to hit that well off major league pitchers. More proof that this is an over-hyped media creation.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

"This Rivera guy, we don't want to face him anymore...

"He needs to go to a higher league. I don't know where that league is. He should be banned from baseball. He should be illegal." Spoken by Tom Kelly, then manager of the Twins. Published in Joel Sherman's book, "Birth of a Dynasty." Much of interest in the book, including that Bob Wickman was peeved in 1996 that Mariano was getting more work & he was getting less. Wickman tried to convince people that Rivera would never last, that he only had 1 pitch, & his physique wasn't bulky enough.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Turning point of the game, Mets-Yanks (refraining from any comment about refrains)

Depending on the media member's degree of unhappiness...
  • Andy Phillips' single in the 11th
  • Damon's hustle to beat out a dp in the 9th
  • Cairo's walk & 2 steals in the 11th
  • Melky's 11 pitch at bat working a walk to load the bases in the 9th
Mariano Rivera pitched a scoreless 10th and 11th inning. I'll refrain from any comments about refrains. At the bottom of the 11th, he
  • Struck out David Wright swinging
  • Struck out Cliff Floyd swinging
  • Struck out Xavier Nady swinging
(In the bottom of the 10th, he only struck out Beltran & got Delgado to ground out--Matsui got a single..uh-oh...get me re-write....Mo, the last, great #42, must be done....) The reason all these turning points were necessary was that A-rod's fielding error (his 8th so far this year) resulted in 2 unearned runs in the 1st inning. Or, maybe it was his grounding into his 7th double play so far this year. (It must be Jeter's fault.) Actions have consequences--taking too much money has consequences.

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McCARVER: "I wouldn't mention Randy Johnson & Mariano Rivera in the same breath."

Said on Mike & the Mad Dog this AM on WFAN. He explains Randy Johnson is done, no possibility of him coming back. Mariano Rivera is still a great pitcher & is flexible (as he has always been with only 1 pitch). You had to love Johnson saying everything was still there, only problems were pitch selection and location. Right. Randy. Trying to deflect blame to the catcher.

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Action plan to take back baseball--for the 1 or 2 of you who care

  1. Stop buying tickets to MLB games.
  2. Buy as little as possible from MLB.com.
  3. Don't buy extra MLB packages on cable tv.
  4. Listen to games on radio or watch on basic cable.
  5. Ask your newspaper to stop carrying Scripps Howard and/or Tracy Ringolsby's column.
  6. If it has not already done so, ask your newspaper to stop allowing its baseball writers to vote on baseball awards.
  7. Should the WBC take place again, do not but a ticket.
  8. Ask your area team to look into raising the pitchers' mound or to contract baseball by at least 2 teams. The 300 plus pitchers per year needed for 30 teams are simply not available &/or cannot remain injury-free in the current system.

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Birth of a Dynasty by Joel Sherman

Discussing his book about the 1996 Yankee team with Mike & Chris today, Joel reminds us that Torre managed differently then. He was not obliged to leave a player in a game because he had a big name or a big contract & he didn't. Of course, that team didn't have those kinds of players or contracts. The situation is quite different today. I've never had confidence in Randy Johnson since he's been on the Yankees. He had that one game last year against Boston that ended up a 1-0 win for him, BUT HE NEVER HAD TO FACE ORTIZ IN THAT GAME. Mariano Rivera who got the save in that game did face Ortiz. If nothing else, you have to realize Johnson has great physical problems. Yankee fans have paid his salary, & have paid into the personal bank accounts of owners of other teams. At this point, I plan never to buy another baseball ticket.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm not the only one who sees Ringolsby for what he is

I've been reading recent columns by Tracy Ringolsby & now have yet another reason to be horrified. The center of Ringolsby's life is Selig. He speaks of him like he was a God, & there's a reason for this. It couldn't be that Tracy doesn't own a simple calculator. It's obviously much worse. Baseball media must be removed from voting on baseball awards. Here's another example of baseball writer cronyism that's been building up around Selig... "This just in from Rocky Mountain News baseball columnist (and official MLB suck-up) Tracy Ringolsby: Bud Selig is currently trying to get owners to back a plan to "place the [Montreal Expos] in Washington in what can be announced as a two-year trial." That way, continues Ringolsby, it "would give baseball a chance to see what type of legitimate ownership interest surfaces." Er, Tracy? MLB isn't looking for owners, it's looking for stadium funds. Try to keep up." This from fieldofschemes.com archives, June 2004. That's it for me. I'm not paying for another ticket to a baseball game.

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Go Melky

Melky Cabrera is issued his first big league intentional walk, which worked out for the other team as they struck out the next hitter (who happened to be the pitcher). That could only happen in a national league park, of course.

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Coco Crisp to shoot ad next week for Kellogg's cereal

Red Sox' Coco Crisp is to shoot an ad next week for the inevitable tie-in, Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies according to his agent Steve Comte. Crisp hasn't played in about a month.

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Suzyn Waldman on WFAN with Mike and Chris said Sheffield can't even hold a bat, & is at least 2-3 weeks away from being back. For all of you to plan accordingly.

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Joe Torre on with Mike & Chris re Pavano to have surgery

Joe Torre just told Mike & Chris that Pavano will be having surgery on his arm for suspected bone chips. He'll apparently be seeing Dr. Andrews, & the method of surgery will determine the likelihood, if any, of his return this year.

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News accounts strangely different

I've looked all over, & don't see any headline saying, "FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ BLOWS BIG GAME." If he's mentioned at all, it's 2/3 down the article & just says, " so and so got a 2 run hit off closer Francisco Rodriguez." One article was forgiving enough to even mention that "he was beginning his 2nd inning of work." Another article is headlined by a picture of an Angels outfielder missing a catch, like this was the big blow of the game. Certain blogs & websites you might think would've picked up the K-rod performance, who often suggest he's the best in the game, were completely silent about it. Mariano Rivera would not've had to blow a game like this to be singled out in headlines, he'd just have to give up 1 run or maybe a walk & a couple hits, & the team may or may not have won the game. If Rivera had done something like this, & I'm not saying he never will, articles would have streamed all over saying, "Torre living in the past with Rivera," or "Rivera's Done," or "Rivera's Staggering Blunders Cost Huge Loss," etc., etc. If this isn't media bias, I don't know what is.

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Bubba Crosby goes on 15 day dl; Mitch Jones called up

The New York Yankees put Bubba Crosby on the 15-day disabled list Friday, the third outfielder they've sidelined in the last two weeks.

Sluggers Gary Sheffield (left wrist and hand) and Hideki Matsui (broken left wrist) were already out going into this weekend's Subway Series against the Mets.

The Yankees purchased the contract of outfielder Mitch Jones from Triple-A Columbus. A four-time All-Star in the minors, the 28-year-old Jones has never played in the majors. (AP report).

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Dibs serves softball to Bob DuPuy

DuPuy is on with Dibs & Kevin. Instead of asking the most important question:
  • Will revenue sharing be required to do what you said it would do & be put into payroll? (Forget the jive about how it's being put into the minors--you can say anything you want; if it's true, show the numbers).
Dibs goes back to the same old thing:
  • Bring up hate & envy--he says, "I know George Steinbrenner is upset about revenue sharing."

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Damon says:
  • The Red Sox had decided they didn't want him. He knew he wasn't going back to them.
  • He didn't know for sure he'd end up with the Yankees, but knew he wouldn't be going back to Boston.
  • He felt they wanted Coco Crisp more than they wanted him.
  • He went back to the Red Sox several times, saying he needed a final offer from them, & they held off doing that.
  • He felt a similar situation occurred between the Red Sox & Pedro.
  • He's very happy about his experience there & respects the team & organization, but says they just do things a little differently.
  • Regarding Nomar Garciaparra, he loves him & says he was in no way a problem in the clubhouse, contrary to other reports.
  • Regarding Schilling, likes him very much, says he's a great guy, hopes he does very well, but not too well.

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Time has past for quoting The Boss---NY Post

"HE has been the New York media's go-to guy for more than 30 years. He's the back-page man, the front-page man. On TV and radio we hear, "More about the five-alarm blaze in Queens and other top stories, but first, The Boss is at it again . . ."
  • And now it's time for the media, if they can possibly overcome their addiction to George Steinbrenner, to cut it out."
Mushnick continues that Steinbrenner has grown forgetful, & his quotes should not be relied on. The recent flap reporters tried to inflame was about his words, "the third baseman," when the reality was Steinbrenner had forgotten Alex Rodriguez' name. He's not saying he's going off a cliff, but if reporters are interested in a story, they should move on.

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T-long to possible minor league deal--NY Post

"As insurance for their uncertain outfield situation, the Yankees are close to inking Terrence Long to a minor-league contract and adding him to the 40-man roster."

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Kansas City Star--no contact about Reggie

"The Royals have yet to hear from the Yankees regarding the availability of outfielder Reggie Sanders as a replacement for injured Hideki Matsui."

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Sea-Tac News Tribune--Bavasi says ESPN report inaccurate about Ibanez

"Despite ESPN reports that the Yankees are after left fielder Raul Ibañez, Bavasi said New York has not asked about Ibañez. “We’ve talked to them, but Raul wasn’t mentioned,” Bavasi said."

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Only stat Yanks are #1 is OBP--forget the rest

Major League Ranks as of 12 Mid. ET Th 5/18/06, NYY
  • HR #11
  • SLG #7
  • Avg #5
  • R #3
  • H # 13
  • rbi #2
  • TB #12
  • BB #4
  • so's #21 (ok that's good)
  • 2b #21
  • 3b #29
  • xbh #19
  • sf #27

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tyler Walker---looking like Devil Rays closer

Tremendous job by Rays Tyler Walker in getting 4 outs tonight & 4 outs 2 nights ago to save both games against the world champion white sox. And, his previous experience had been with national league teams, making his current success more noteworthy. I know it's early, but he's been brought in under the bright lights with men on base & for more than 1 inning.

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Ticket sales thru May 15, 2006 vs. same per. 2005---top %'s

White Sox

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Get this--the guys pocketing payroll $$ are after even more

Those rules have cost the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox [fans] most, and some owners want even more revenue to be shared. SHARED? Why not call it what it is--legalized robbery from hard-working fans, under the guise of sanctimonious 'collective sacrifice.'

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Remember Me? I'm Danny Almonte the Little League pitching phenom

Only Danny's 19 now, has been recognized by some scouts and organizations, but still runs into eligility snafus. from the NY Post today,Perfect timing, as I'd been wondering where Danny Almonte was these days after being a 12 -14 year old LITTLE LEAGUE phenom.

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Some Dish if you're into it--Oakland A's & Yankees experience life without curfews

"Chastity was only too happy to serve Oakland A's outfielder Nick Swisher and pitcher Joe Blanton cocktails after they wandered into her web at Plumm, the chic new Meatpacking District venue, our spywitness reports.

Stiff drinks? No problem! Shots? You bet! The two players aren't the first out-of-town athletes to be lured by the delicious temptations of New York City's nightlife. Blanton, who wasn't pitching the next day, picked up the $1,000 tab for two bottles of Level One Vodka.

But in four at-bats at Yankee Stadium the next day, Swisher only got one hit.

Unfortunately, Chastity wasn't working at 40/40 the next night, where owner Jay-Z and galpal Beyonce partied with Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon and outfielder Bubba Crosby to celebrate the birthday of Damon's wife, Michelle. Cristal and apple martinis were served, with some members of the group staying till 4 a.m. Next day, Crosby got his first strikeout all week, going 1 for 3, and Damon and Jeter both went 1 for 4 in Sunday's stinker, when the Bombers lost to the A's 5 to 1.

Major League Baseball teams do not have curfews for players the nights before games.

No spokesmen for the Yankees or the A's returned our calls for comment."

From the NY Daily News, Rush & Malloy May 17, 2006.

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Dear Mr. & Mrs. Pavano,

You raised a son who among other things is totally lacking a conscience. Anything is possible with such a person. Thanks for giving the world the last thing it needs right now--another piece of garbage.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Chien-Ming Wang is still the man

Wang tonight was still good---he's the PINBALL WIZARD of Baseball---the ball is going to go everywhere, but it's usually on the ground with lights flashing.
  • 8 IP
  • 81 P
  • 30 BF
  • 17 GO
  • 3 double plays
  • 1 HR (This was in exchange for his 3 SO's)
  • 6 hits
  • 2 ER
One other thing, I'm pretty sure most of the guys making money dissing the Yankee shortstop say he has poor range to his left. He made quite a dazzling play tonight lunging to his left, spinning & throwing the runner out at 1B. I'm guessing these guys won't like something about the way he did that.

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Kameron Loe has a pet boa constrictor named Angel

The Texas pitcher is also 6'7" or 6'8" tall & has a road ERA of 1.88. I guess he does better when the boa constrictor is not around (assuming he doesn't bring it on the road). These facts courtesy of the Texas-NY radio coverage, John Sterling, & Suzyn Waldman. It's only the 2nd inning, but Wang's line won't be the same as his last one.

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Dibs, the luxury tax works, not to mention revenue sharing

Today Dibs is anxious to get Jon Daniels to say Brian Cashman has called him to get some of his players. Jon says he wouldn't say so even if he had. But, Dibs forgets his own experience last year. I heard him say he was SURE the Yankees would make some big deals by the trading deadline, which they did not. Dibs is stuck on hating the Yankees, forgets that they'd have to spend 40% above the cost of any added payroll in luxury tax & have shown they can't do this. Why isn't the luxury tax ever mentioned? That the hard-working fan would have to pay for?

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They announced this during the game tonight, but there's no mention of it on the Yankee website, the mlb recap of the game, the YES Network site, or on google. Nor, as far as I know, is an ESPN, Disney or MLB camera crew following Bernie around. He also hit his 1210 th rbi last night.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Pro-Wrestling Insider has a clue about steroids---- "The problem Major League Baseball has is the media, and the disconnection fans have with today's players. The sports media, somehow for years now, has had the public convinced that modern baseball players can't put up the kind of power numbers that were put up in the 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's, without the use of performance enhancing drugs. What makes the whole thing stupid is the fact that back in those days the fences were about 15 to 20 feet further away from home plate, in some cases even further, they played a shorter season, and the players were nowhere near the condition of today's players, Mantle and Ruth are both known to have made plate appearances while drunk. At the end of the day, steroids are only having an effect on newspaper sales, tv news ratings, book sales, and public opinion, cause they haven't dented player stats."

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Dibs---you won. Why are you still complaining?

Dibs opened the show today by towing the company line---in publishing it's called "advertorial." Here it's demeaning, vilifying, & speaking hatefully about many hard-working people who've taken their own money & handed it over to already wealthy people. Some of the Yankee fan's money even goes to pay Dibs' salary. The Yankees haven't won anything in 6 years. They've been robbed of hundreds of millions of dollars. They can't say 1 word about it because information is strictly controlled by mlb, whose outlets, like Dibs, are rewarded for keeping the hate alive, allowing money earned by hard-working Yankee fans to go into the pockets of people like Dibs.
  • Obviously, the Yankees won't contend this year. Attendance will be down. There will be less revenue. Players are injured, families are hurt. All this has Dibs very happy. Why is he still complaining?

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Indians activate Rafael Betancourt from DL

CLEVELAND (AP) -- The Cleveland Indians activated pitcher Rafael Betancourt from the 15-day disabled list Tuesday and optioned pitcher Jeremy Guthrie back to Triple-A Buffalo. Betancourt had been sidelined since straining a muscle in his upper back in Baltimore on April 19 in which the Indians lost two key relievers to injury in the same inning. I believe some view Betancourt as a patron saint.

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"This relationship between players and numbers, so often romanticized, is now being stripped to its skeleton in a lawsuit with considerably wider ramifications. While the dispute focuses on fantasy baseball — in which millions of fans compete against one another by assembling rosters of real-life major leaguers with the best statistics — a real legal question has arisen: Who owns that connection of name and number when it is used for such a commercial purpose?"

  • According to this article, MLB is only being paid $6 million a year for certain fantasy stats. The rest of the fantasy field is bringing in over $1 billion. Enter Sandman? No.
Did you know you were invading Derek Jeter's apartment, penthouse, whatever he has, when you were checking his stats that were recorded in an open public stadium outdoors for anyone to see? THAT'S WHAT THESE MLB MONSTERS ARE SAYING WE DO WHEN WE LOOK AT STATS. WHY ?
"What a company like CBC is selling is not nearly a repackaging of statistics," said Lee Goldsmith, a lawyer for Major League Baseball Advanced Media. "They're selling and they're marketing the ability to buy, sell, draft and cut Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols. And part and parcel of the reason that people are willing to pay for that ability is the persona of Jeter, of Rodriguez, of Pujols."
  • Beaten down already, tired, confused, the average person will become a slave to this totalitarian way of life.

"Dozens of small, unlicensed fantasy-league operators, as well as their customers, are watching the case intently because a Major League Baseball Advanced Media victory could put those operations out of business, said Jeff Thomas, president of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

Mr. Telscher said: "It's not hard to figure out what's going on here. This is moving toward a monopolistic market where M.L.B. controls everything that happens, when it was these smaller companies that built the fantasy industry into what it is today. This is not good for consumers. The reason that beer costs $10 at the ballpark is because there's no competition, and that's what M.L.B. is doing here."

Major League Baseball Advanced Media is not making a copyright claim to the statistics themselves; a 1997 decision in the United States Court of Appeals involving the National Basketball Association ruled sports statistics to be public-domain facts that do not belong to the leagues.

Rather, the central issue concerns celebrities' ability to control use of their names in commercial ventures, and how this "right of publicity," which has developed under state common law and statute over the last half-century, may commingle with Constitutional press protections under the First Amendment.

The term "right of publicity" was coined in 1953 when, in a case involving baseball, a court ruled that Topps Chewing Gum company could not print trading cards that featured baseball players' names and likenesses without their permission.

In 1970, in a case starkly similar to the CBC case, a Minnesota state court found that two baseball board games, each of which used only names and statistics, misappropriated the players' marketable identities and was subject to license.

But other subsequent cases have favored First Amendment concerns over the celebrities' right of publicity. Several courts have maintained that the dissemination of information, even for profit or for entertainment, cannot be curtailed by any state's right-of-publicity laws. In its court filings, CBC argued that it relied on baseball players' names and statistics "as their lifeblood in much the same way that the sports sections of newspapers do."

Major League Baseball Advanced Media, however, says that selling a service that helps customers pick and trade players crosses the line between reporting on games and running a nonjournalistic, commercial enterprise.

"What constitutes a commercial use — beyond advertising — becomes quite broad and hard to define," said Diane Zimmerman, the Samuel Tilden Professor of Law at New York University.

Several other experts added that courts were still reconciling the right of publicity with the First Amendment's press and free-speech guarantees, leaving the outcome of the CBC case significant beyond baseball stadiums.

"If anything, this case is even more impactful if the court rules for the players, because it will speak to any time you use a name in a commercial venture," said Eugene Volokh, a professor of law at U.C.L.A. "What if you use a historical figure's name in a historical novel? Or other games, like Trivial Pursuit? How about 'Jeopardy!'? Would they be liable as well? That seems to be the logical consequence of this. How do you identify what is news, and other times when there's communication of factual information?"

One interesting wrinkle is that Major League Baseball appeared to take the argument's other side in 1996. When several major leaguers from the 1940's and 50's sued Major League Baseball over use of their names and statistics in materials like promotional videos and game programs, baseball argued that such use was protected by the First Amendment.

While deciding in baseball's favor, a California Court of Appeal said that freedom of the press allowed for "mere recitations of the players' accomplishments," and that the public was "entitled to be informed and entertained about our history." The court agreed with Major League Baseball's argument that players' appearing in such materials did not imply a commercial product endorsement, and therefore did not violate their collective right of publicity.

Fame, Mr. Smolla said, "belongs in part to the people who earn it and the public that gives it." This September, the court will decide the part in which baseball statistics belong.""

  • This is between you, the player, his agent, & his team. MLB should have nothing to do with it. Where is a player with the nerve to take this on?

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Jim Price gave Stick Michael the name Stick

Charley Steiner spoke with Tiger broadcaster Jim Price today & elicited this gem. Jim spoke about his exchange with Gene Michael during their playing days, saying Michael was skinny, so he came up with the name "Stick" for him.

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Tim Marchman---a baseball writer who sees & speaks the truth

Gratefully, I've finally stumbled on an articulate writer who explains what frustrates me the most. This item is from a November 2003 article. The bottom line is 3 things:
  1. Get all the Yankee fan's money, & pointedly ignore how it's spent, even if illegally.
  2. If the Yankees win, get more of their money; if they lose get more of their money.
  3. Pointedly keep many useful idiots in the media churning hatred & bias toward everything about the Yankees, thereby keeping the focus off owners who're doing a bad job.
  4. By keeping this silly army marching time for Selig, give those that can't get the money the 2nd best satisfaction: to keep Mariano Rivera from getting the recognition he deserves.
(I added the 4th point, not mentioned in the article but documented extensively on this blog). Also, I found this paragraph by Marchman on google. To get the rest of the article, I had to subscribe to the digital version of the publication. You won't be able to link to it from here.

Against Baseball Socialism Haves, have-nots, and Commissioner Selig’s faulty vision. By Tim Marchman

From the Nov. 10, 2003, issue of National Review.

The nation (or most of it) may have been rooting for a Cubs-Red Sox World Series, but, as the Series opened, baseball commissioner Allan H. "Bud" Selig was the happiest man in America. He couldn't have chosen a better match than that between the Florida Marlins and the New York Yankees. No matter which team won, he and his vision of the game would prosper. A victory by the not-rich Marlins would prove that last year's collective-bargaining agreement (CBA) between owners and players was a great success; a victory by the rich Yankees would prove it wasn't quite enough of one. Either way, he'd get to argue that the CBA should be extended when it expires in 2006. How can opposite outcomes both serve Selig's interests? If you aren't sure, you haven't been paying attention to the game outside the lines.

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Tristan Cockcroft of ESPN.com on with Jeff Erickson

Wow! I just heard Jeff Erickson say he added Melky Cabrera recently to one of his fantasy rosters. Way to go, Melky. Tristan likes Alfonso Soriano, Brad Lidge, Mark Teixeira, Mark Ellis, & Bobby Crosby.

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"They want to make you tired and quit the game. I admit it; I'm tired now. I'm tired of waiting."

Exactly correct, Reggie. Words spoken by Reggie Jackson regarding his exclusion from baseball ownership by the billionaire boys' club & their completely closed & imperial rulership. Reggie knows he has no chance at being an owner--it's all SELIG all the time. On a much smaller scale, it's how I've documented exhaustively about media bias to no avail whatsoever. First and foremost, the media must, must be removed from voting on baseball awards. Getting to this isn't easy---as Reggie says, 'they want to make you tired & quit the game.' And, they're laughing all the way to the bank.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

STATS GUYS HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS---Congratulations to Chien-Ming Wang

  • 0 strike-outs
  • 8 Double plays
  • 20 Ground-outs
  • 3 hits
  • 85 pitches
  • 2 BB
  • 25 BF
  • 0 runs
But, the stats guys will fill up pages trying unsuccessfully to refute the success or even the existence of ground-ball pitchers. I recently read such an article in Sports Illustrated for which I assume the author was paid money. His thesis was that so-called ground ball pitchers had to work at least as hard as other kinds of pitchers (throw as many pitches while taking as much out of their arm) for no advantage, gave up lots of home runs, etc. Why is it so repugnant to these guys that a ground-ball pitcher may exist?

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rob Dibble lets another whopper fly---I quit

Today he's offering ideas on how to help out Brad Lidge. Then he comes up with the whopper. He says Phil Garner should let Brad get his confidence back by pitching in low pressure situations, & that Joe Torre has done this different times for Mariano Rivera when he's been struggling or injured. Kevin Kennedy agrees. WHAT? WHEN EXACTLY WAS THIS OVER THE PAST 11 REGULAR SEASONS? WHEN WAS THIS OVER THE PAST 11 POST SEASONS? I've documented the many completely false statements by Dibble & Kennedy and others on XM, & not a single human being has cared. Clearly, the XM channel approves of this. Anyone else who cares about baseball who's read what I wrote or heard the lies on XM thinks all this is fine. I've said I'm not giving up, but it's clear no one else cares at all. So, I'm ending this blog.

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Giants home attendance through today, May 11, is down from this time last year. The last 3 home games (this week) have NOT been sell-outs at AT&T Park, in spite of the massive 24 hour a day barrage of publicity. Published attendance each day this week has been under 40,000. Why has this happened? Because it's a boring story, beaten to death by ESPN, who mistakenly thought it would be interesting. The Giants are also in last place in their division, indicating maybe they shouldn't have signed Bonds to begin with.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Umpires are obviously unsupervised--Mike & the Mad Dog

Mike & Chris discuss last night's performance by Big Star Hot Stuff Umpire Doug Eddings behind home plate at the Mets-Phillies game. Aside from his calls which were bad enough, their main point is his attitude. He apparently jerked his face mask off in a threatening manner in response to a few words from Julio Franco, who was only in the on deck circle. The point is, it's obvious these guys think they're bigger than the game, & NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

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LaRussa sees WBC to blame for loss of Ricardo Rincon

Rincon is to have season-ending surgery. LaRussa doesn't wish to blame anyone, but sees no other explanation for Rincon's experience. Aside from actual in-game work, LaRussa said Rincon didn't get to do necessary side work.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What they're saying about Contreras' injury

The White Sox press release says he has sciatica. The ESPN report says it's a pinched nerve in his right leg. It says he feels badly it happened when he was just soft- tossing, & the rest of both reports trumpet his recent stats leading up to signing a $29 million contract. However, neither sciatica nor a pinched nerve happen on a dime, out of nowhere. Sciatica is usually the result of a misalignment of bones that happens over time, & it doesn't go away. Frequently, arthritis is involved.

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The great David Pinto on XM on Deck

David is asked about increased homerun #'s in general, & he agrees with a saber-view that expansion has diluted pitching. David thinks best hitters right now are Pujols, Manny, & Giambi. Notes the abundance of great players the D-backs have at shortstop, suggesting some may be available for trade. Asked his opinion of Yankees-Red Sox at this point, he says Red Sox have been luckier so far, & their offense hasn't succeeded as anticipated. David is the owner of BaseballMusings.com.

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Preston Mattingly, son of Don Mattingly, to play for UT Volunteers in 2007

Announcement is made by University of Tennessee "Mattingly attends Central High School in Evansville, Ind., where he is a three-sport star who also earned All-State honors with the football and basketball teams. On the baseball diamond, he posted a .378 batting average while earning All-Conference as a junior in 2005. And 17 games into his senior season, Mattingly is batting .464 with two home runs, 21 RBIs, 11 stolen bases and he has yet to strikeout."

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Contreras timeline: NY Times, Dec. 2002, Losing Contreras

ON BASEBALL; Losing Contreras, Red Sox May Be Winners By MURRAY CHASS One general manager suggested that by losing out on José Contreras, the latest Cuban defector, the Red Sox could come out ahead. December 26, 2002 Sports News

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Contreras timeline: NY Times, April 2003, Contreras to AAA

BASEBALL; Steinbrenner's Decision Leaves Torre Steaming By TYLER KEPNER George Steinbrenner, the Yankees' principal owner, overruled Manager Joe Torre's decision to send the struggling right-hander José Contreras to Class AAA. April 21, 2003 Sports News

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Contreras timeline: NY Times, May 2003, Contreras stiffness in shoulder

BASEBALL; Contreras Not Ready to Return Yankees pitcher José Contreras felt stiffness in his shoulder after a rain delay in his last start and will need at least one more minor league outing. May 14, 2003 Sports News

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Contreras timeline: NY Times, June 2003, Contreras to 15 day DL

BASEBALL: YANKEES NOTEBOOK; Acevedo Is Gone; Contreras Is on D.L. By JACK CURRY The Yanks released Juan Acevedo and put José Contreras on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right shoulder. June 11, 2003 Sports News

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Contreras timeline: NYTimes, March 2004, "Contreras scratched, tight lower back"

Times Select Content BASEBALL: YANKEES NOTEBOOK; Health of the Pitchers Is Already a Concern By CHARLIE NOBLES José Contreras, projected as the fourth starter, had to be scratched from Tuesday’ s opening intrasquad game because of a tight lower back. March 2, 2004 Sports News

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Contreras injuries not out of the blue

From the Boston Globe, Dec. 28, 2003*** "Contreras also had injury concerns last season, spoiling his debut with the Yankees after they outbid the Red Sox for his services. Wakefield is proven; Contreras isn't. And who believes his birth certificate?"

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Red Sox to change radio stations

The Boston Red Sox announced Monday they have signed a 10-year agreement to broadcast their games on WRKO-AM.The deal moves the games down the dial from WEEI-AM, which like WRKO is owned by Entercom Communications. The Red Sox also obtained an option to buy part of the station. Other terms of the deal were not released. WRKO broadcast Red Sox games from 1983-94 before they moved to WEEI. Some games will also be on WEEI, the Red Sox said. AP Story

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Making statements about pitchers, for example Jose Contreras

Kevin Kennedy recently wrote an article for Fox Sports.com about how Jose Contreras has really found his niche, & he & Dibs spent awhile taking shots at the Yankees for not working it out with Contreras. We heard all about how the White Sox got so many starting pitchers to pitch longer into games & how smart that was. Recently, Contreras signed a 3 year extension. Now, seemingly out of the blue, he's injured. By the way, he had injuries while he was at the Yankees. We don't know & may never know how Contreras' present maladies developed. It should be obvious that pitchers aren't always forthcoming about these matters. Dave Van Dyck now refers to Jose as 'the best pitcher in baseball...' in case you want to know the objectivity of the rank & file of voting members of the BBWAA. You guys all need a story--I realize this. But, you're anxious to avoid the biggest pitching story in baseball, so you cast around trying to drum up a substitute. And, you don't succeed. Better luck next time to baseball writers. You'll need it.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Texas options Tejeda to Triple-A; Feldman returns to Majors; Shouse designated

ARLINGTON -- The Texas Rangers restocked their depleted bullpen as expected on Monday, calling up right-hander Scott Feldman and optioning Robinson Tejeda to Triple-A Oklahoma. What was unexpected was the team's decision to sever ties, in all likelihood, with left-handed reliever Brian Shouse.

Shouse, who led the Texas bullpen in holds last year and was one of the league's most effective situational left-handers in 2004, was designated for assignment on Monday. The team has 10 days to trade Shouse or outright him to the Minor Leagues if he clears waivers, an assignment he could refuse at risk of forfeiting his $725,000 salary.

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Reality check for Steve Lenox & other announcers

Steve just read a news report about last night's Phillies' game. He said the fans got 2 treats---their team won & they saw a player from the opposing team hit a homerun (while not pitching 30 scoreless innings in the World Series). A true fan is never happy when an opponent hits a homerun against his or her team. There are plenty of interesting stories in baseball--trying to make this into a story is pitiful. As a fan, a treat would be for my opponent to strike out or hit into a double play. If you own memorabilia or have other personal or business interests, you may feel differently. But the rest of us live in reality. Please.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006


This is Michael Young's statement published in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, May 6, 2006:
  • "Mo's the best closer ever, by far," the Rangers' Michael Young said.
I'm just documenting the opinions of people most qualified to judge. As opposed to opinions of everyone else. Also from the article:
  • "No current Rangers player has ever had an extra-base hit off Rivera, and that stands despite the three hits he allowed Friday."

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Giambi's waiting game pays off---Tyler Kepner

Know thyself--it's still the best policy. Kepner reports Giambi's walks--& none have been intentional, often happen in winning games for his team. He knows he's not as good a contact hitter as someone like Guerrero, so he sticks with what he does best.

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Bill Madden---some new names for Nats personnel

Interim Nationals president Tony Tavares, who early on had expressed hope that he could remain with whatever group got the team, can now start cleaning out his office, and GM Jim Bowden will likely not be far behind. Look for Kasten to bring in his own management team stressing people with strong player development credentials such as Braves assistant GM Dayton Moore or Mariners VP of Player Personnel Dan Evans, who as Dodger GM from 2001-2003, improved their farm system from the 28th best in baseball to second best. From the New York Daily News.

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Microphones on Bases getting to Mets players & umpires

Microphones placed at each base by SportsNet NY pick up every word said by players & umpires. I can't wait to hear what the umpires are saying at Shea Stadium.

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Big investment in young Canadian player pays off for Pirates

As Jason Bay's 2 run homer in the 11th won the game against the Nats 5-4. It's a pretty good bet Jason will be around Pittsburgh during the all-star break.

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Metal bats modified in 2000 changed college scores drastically

“Babe Ruth and metal bats changed baseball forever,” said Texas Longhorns coach Augie Garrido. If Ruth had swung a metal bat, he might have blasted a 900-foot homer. He certainly would have beheaded a first baseman. By the late 1990s, 5-foot-8, 160-pound college players who should have been singles hitters were blasting Ruthian shots out of ballparks. When USC beat Arizona State by a ridiculous 21-14 score in the championship game of the 1998 College World Series, the NCAA knew something had to be done. Metal bats had become too explosive and lethal and were producing football scores. Home run made special again
  • Before the 2000 season, the NCAA modified bat specifications to make them perform more like wooden bats. Though baseball purists would rather see wooden bats in college baseball, the bat modifications worked immediately.
Home runs dropped dramatically. Earned run averages of good pitching staffs fell below 4.00. Teams had to work harder to score runs through bunting, stealing and situational hitting. College baseball has become a better game. When a team hits a homer, it’s something special again.
  • “Before they modified the bats, pitching had really become secondary to hitting,” Garrido said. “Now offenses are much easier to play against for pitchers and defenses. More teams are playing small ball. It can still be dangerous to throw inside against metal bats but the modified bats have gone a long way toward leveling the playing field.”
Home run totals of the lively bat era of the late 1990s are staggering compared to today’s numbers. The 1997 LSU national champions set an NCAA record with 188 homers while Alabama blasted 160 homers and featured 10 hitters with double-digit bombs.
  • Lance Berkman crushed 41 homers in 63 games that year for the Rice Owls. That would be equivalent to 105 homers in a major league season.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mariners top draft pick has 2 surgeries

SEATTLE -- Seattle Mariners prospect Jeff Clement, the third overall pick in the 2005 June draft, has had surgeries to his left knee and left elbow, the team announced on Saturday.

Clement, 22, a catcher who has been at Double-A San Antonio this season, is expected to be sidelined for at least six weeks. He had a torn meniscus in his left knee repaired and also had a bone chip removed from his left elbow.

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NEW YORK (AP) -- Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell has asked several former and current major leaguers for medical and telephone records, requests the players' union says oversteps the scope of baseball's steroids investigation. Michael Weiner, the union's No. 3 official, sent an e-mail to agents Friday telling them to inform the union if any clients are contacted by Mitchell. "The scope of the investigative efforts to date are plainly inconsistent with the provisions of the basic agreement, related agreements and other statutory rights of all players," Weiner wrote.
  • This should be interesting, as I haven't heard Mitchell has subpoena power.

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When I read this I thought, I wish I'd never heard of baseball

What I think about baseball & what baseball really is are 2 different things. When I read this today, I thought this is insanity: "Commissioner Bud Selig has insinuated he's not too happy that brothers Alan and Randy Hendricks are in position as Clemens' agents to affect at least three division races. Bottom line, however, is if Clemens were to wind up signing with the Yankees or Red Sox or possibly even the Rangers, thus creating a whole new in-season free-agent scenario, Selig must take McLane to task for his lack of foresight, not the Hendricks brothers for making the best of a bad situation." Tracy Ringolsby wrote this about the current Roger Clemens situation. I'm aware of Ringolsby's status & tenure as a baseball writer. But, for anyone with influence to place this much emphasis on Roger Clemens, & to invoke the name of Selig, saying he might not be happy, or he might have something to say about it, might scold someone about it, made me sick. Selig is a mega, mega millionaire, prancing with other unimagineably rich people as well as brutal dictators. Selig clearly cares only about amassing wealth and influence for himself and his coterie, & is drastically reducing sources of information for fans and others. He does this by putting forth a good guy, aw shucks persona. This is instantly obvious to anyone, so for this writer to invoke his name like it would be a big deal if he were unhappy---please, Selig does whatever he wants. I don't need to be reminded of it, especially in relation to an overexposed, gallavanting, currently inactive baseball player.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Right now, Dibs & Kevin are feeling very sick

Mariano Rivera got out of a real mess tonight, brought in in the 8th inning in what was a mess to begin with. I heard them today, studiously avoiding mentioning Mariano, opting slowly & methodically to praise a few has-been pitchers who only lasted for 2 seconds anyway, against easier national league line-ups in low-key environments. As I've outlined since I started this blog, they're obsessed with minimizing Rivera, as are all but 1 of the other boilerplate ESPN guys who roll through there. The only one who knows & says the truth is Charley Steiner, who's also the ONLY ONE on the channel with extensive first hand experience watching Mariano. Since the management of XM obviously doesn't care, I'll be paying less attention myself to this childish, biased coverage.

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This story filed tonight about Florida's vote today:
  • The bill also includes language that would allow a county or city to vote to use its local half-cent sales tax to help a Major League Baseball team, such as the Florida Marlins, build a stadium.
It sounds like the portion of the bill asking for $60 million to build a Marlins stadium was defeated, while the Orlando Magic was successful in getting their $60 million.
  • But, they didn't forget baseball in Florida completely. They're worried about spring training camps moving to Arizona, & are coming up with cash to help teams improve SPRING TRAINING FACILITES.
For example, THE BALTIMORE ORIOLES WILL RECEIVE $15 million from Florida to improve their spring training camp in Ft. Lauderdale. Florida legislators see baseball as clean industry.

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ESPN asks MICHAEL SAVAGE to comment on baseball player with steroid troubles

Michael Savage just announced on his radio program that his local station, KNEW, forwarded a request to him from ESPN asking for comment about an area baseball player's steroid problems. (Savage has a nationally syndicated radio program which originates in Northern California). He read his response to the request, saying the country would be much better off not focusing on such unimportant matters. Noting he's not personally acquainted with the player anyway, activities of scientists, inventors, and great leaders are more relevant for our concerns. As of yet, Savage says he hasn't heard back from ESPN.

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Radio stunner - Greater Media drops out of Red Sox bidding

In a stunning turn of events, radio company Greater Media this morning pulled out of the long-running bidding war with Entercom Communications for broadcasting rights for Boston Red Sox games.
Sources say Entercom has won the hotly contested battle for Red Sox play-by-play. Entercom, parent company of local stations WEEI-AM (850) and WRKO-AM (680), is the only remaining bidder. WEEI, the top sports talker in the country, has been the longtime partner with the Sox. Entercom’s bid was said to have offered the Sox an option to buy an equity stake in WRKO in the future. Sources say that under the next radio deal the Sox play-by-play would likely be on WRKO. Report by Jesse Noyes, Boston Herald
  • This is a surprise, as many thought the Red Sox wanted their own station. Apparently it all fell apart yesterday.

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Ken Rosenthal with Charley Steiner on XM likes Ramon Ramirez

Ken's interesting point was about Rockies' relief pitcher Ramon Ramirez, who's been doing well for them. Ramirez was obtained from the Yankees in the trade for Shawn Chacon, mentioned as some wondered what the Rockies got in that trade. In his past 4 appearances, he has 2 holds and a win, & in 8 total appearances has 13 strikeouts.

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Possible lawsuit to force Nats tv carriage--- highlights problems of extensive blackouts in general

"Again, the point here is not to try to identify which of the parties is the good guy. Rather, it is to show that, given the chance, each of them would try to gain market power and use "must have" regional sports programming to raise prices and undercut competitors. Given that reality, the FCC, in its Adelphia ruling, needs to set down clear rules requiring that regional sports networks make programming available at a reasonable price to any distributor on a nondiscriminatory basis. Otherwise, sports fans can expect plenty more games to be blacked out in the future." The Washington Post business writer explains the points at stake in the Angelos/Comcast/MLB Nats tv deal or lack thereof. Interesting point to me is reference to possible opening the door of many other horrendous blackout deal the boys of MLB have crafted for themselves, & the fact that this would get into the ANTI-TRUST ISSUES THAT NEED TO BE LOOKED AT IN BASEBALL. Some politician has to be motivated to move this forward.

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You just don't care. You know there's criminal robbery going on, & you don't care. Bud is gently asked about revenue sharing not being spent on payrolls tonight. AS I'VE SAID MANY TIMES, HE PUTS IT BACK ON THE YANKEES, & he does it again here. He says nobody complains about how the money is spent, & the issue is brought up more in New York. WHAT? BUD DODGES THE QUESTION OF CRIMINAL ROBBERY THAT HE CRAFTED, & TELLS EVERYONE TO SHUT UP & GET BACK TO BLAMING THE YANKEES FOR THE FACT THAT SMALLER MARKET TEAMS ARE TAKING MONEY & POCKETING IT. BUD CAN SELL YOU PEOPLE ANYTHING--YOU'D GIVE HIM YOUR LAST PENNY, THAT'S HOW PATHETIC PEOPLE HAVE BECOME IN THIS COUNTRY TODAY. Millions of dollars of pitchers are broken down by the WBC, but the headlline is, "Poor Bud, don't blame him." UPDATE: The MLB.com version of Selig's remarks leaves out entirely the question raised about revenue sharing. I wonder why?

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dibs & Kevin re-hash old news

They do a great show much of the time, but today they're re-hashing Yankee hiring mistakes which have long since been acknowledged & scrutinized. Dibs is especially emotional about this-- he has a general problem with most things involving the Yankees, which is fine. But, he's now trying to say the media in NY can't be that big a problem, it's more the management. But other times, he's used the media problem to say it prevents the Yankees from hanging out & becoming a real team. Both Kevin & Rob have their agendas--they like to take digs at Posada whenever they can but in sneaky ways. Maybe the XM management told them to let loose against the Yankees--they've clearly populated the place with New England types with past or present affiliations with the Red Sox or ESPN/Disney. Or, maybe it's just more of the same---focus on the bad things about the Yankees because it takes the focus on the WORSE things done by other teams.

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John Sickels with Jeff Erickson on Fantasy Focus

Prospects being called up include Justin Huber to replace Mike Sweeney, & John predicts him to bat 280-290 with power & on base skills. Both John & Jeff think Huber should be used full time, but see the Royals splitting him with Matt Stairs. Generally, Royals pitching is a bright spot. Dodgers called up 2 prospects, one a reliever Jonathan Broxton, whom Jeff notes high strike-outs & possible future as closer. Angels sent down catcher Mathis & brought up Napoli whom John likes but notes traditionalists have been skeptical. Pirates have surplus of catching prospects, & have brought up Ronnie Paulino. John adds re pitching prospects out of Rice University, many of them seem to get injured, wonders about the program there. Update: NAPOLI JUST HIT A HR FOR THE ANGELS.

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