Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dibs---you won. Why are you still complaining?

Dibs opened the show today by towing the company line---in publishing it's called "advertorial." Here it's demeaning, vilifying, & speaking hatefully about many hard-working people who've taken their own money & handed it over to already wealthy people. Some of the Yankee fan's money even goes to pay Dibs' salary. The Yankees haven't won anything in 6 years. They've been robbed of hundreds of millions of dollars. They can't say 1 word about it because information is strictly controlled by mlb, whose outlets, like Dibs, are rewarded for keeping the hate alive, allowing money earned by hard-working Yankee fans to go into the pockets of people like Dibs.
  • Obviously, the Yankees won't contend this year. Attendance will be down. There will be less revenue. Players are injured, families are hurt. All this has Dibs very happy. Why is he still complaining?

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