Thursday, May 25, 2006

John Sickels with Jeff Erickson on XM

Sickels says the Indians, Twins, & White Sox will be in a dog fight in August. Jeff mentions Rafael Betancourt will be coming off the dl soon; John says this might be a good time for fantasy owners to trade Guillermo Mota. On Melky Cabrera, John has revised his views about his hitting ability, though noting he still doesn't show power. Although Melky is now batting over .300, he sees him eventually as a .270 or .280 hitter. (Mike Francesa estimates him at a "soft" .290, a good hitter, but mostly singles). He also has a few walks. (Jeff was an early fan). John & Jeff are not into micro- managing a fantasy roster, buying & selling from game to game, but getting & staying with good players.

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