Friday, May 19, 2006

News accounts strangely different

I've looked all over, & don't see any headline saying, "FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ BLOWS BIG GAME." If he's mentioned at all, it's 2/3 down the article & just says, " so and so got a 2 run hit off closer Francisco Rodriguez." One article was forgiving enough to even mention that "he was beginning his 2nd inning of work." Another article is headlined by a picture of an Angels outfielder missing a catch, like this was the big blow of the game. Certain blogs & websites you might think would've picked up the K-rod performance, who often suggest he's the best in the game, were completely silent about it. Mariano Rivera would not've had to blow a game like this to be singled out in headlines, he'd just have to give up 1 run or maybe a walk & a couple hits, & the team may or may not have won the game. If Rivera had done something like this, & I'm not saying he never will, articles would have streamed all over saying, "Torre living in the past with Rivera," or "Rivera's Done," or "Rivera's Staggering Blunders Cost Huge Loss," etc., etc. If this isn't media bias, I don't know what is.

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