Saturday, May 06, 2006

When I read this I thought, I wish I'd never heard of baseball

What I think about baseball & what baseball really is are 2 different things. When I read this today, I thought this is insanity: "Commissioner Bud Selig has insinuated he's not too happy that brothers Alan and Randy Hendricks are in position as Clemens' agents to affect at least three division races. Bottom line, however, is if Clemens were to wind up signing with the Yankees or Red Sox or possibly even the Rangers, thus creating a whole new in-season free-agent scenario, Selig must take McLane to task for his lack of foresight, not the Hendricks brothers for making the best of a bad situation." Tracy Ringolsby wrote this about the current Roger Clemens situation. I'm aware of Ringolsby's status & tenure as a baseball writer. But, for anyone with influence to place this much emphasis on Roger Clemens, & to invoke the name of Selig, saying he might not be happy, or he might have something to say about it, might scold someone about it, made me sick. Selig is a mega, mega millionaire, prancing with other unimagineably rich people as well as brutal dictators. Selig clearly cares only about amassing wealth and influence for himself and his coterie, & is drastically reducing sources of information for fans and others. He does this by putting forth a good guy, aw shucks persona. This is instantly obvious to anyone, so for this writer to invoke his name like it would be a big deal if he were unhappy---please, Selig does whatever he wants. I don't need to be reminded of it, especially in relation to an overexposed, gallavanting, currently inactive baseball player.

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