Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Melky named Player of the Game(YES Network)....(Jeff Erickson saw Melky coming)....John Flaherty not impressed with Randy

Melky had 4 rbi's batting leadoff & came up with a good catch in right field...remainder of outfield consisted of Terrence Long & Bernie Williams....Emerging broadcast talent John Flaherty (I'm not the 1st to notice this) says he's not as sympathetic to Randy's outing tonight as Al Leiter was, John seeing too many homeruns AND A LACK OF FIRE AND PASSION. John Flaherty has caught this guy & knows a few things. Al Leiter is boring as an on-air guy, a surprise as many thought he'd be good in this role---sounds tentative & wordy, lacks pith. People will forget this, but it was assumed Randy would be the perfect guy to dust-up Manny tonight for his grandstanding. I never thought for a minute Randy would do any such thing. He's not out there for the team, just himself--the most he'll ever do is yell at an umpire enough to get himself ejected & hurt the team even more. Mariano allowed himself to look happy after his final out in the save today, although you'll never see him turn directly to the tv camera, snarl & pump his fist as certain lesser so-called closers have done.

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