Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Chien-Ming Wang is still the man

Wang tonight was still good---he's the PINBALL WIZARD of Baseball---the ball is going to go everywhere, but it's usually on the ground with lights flashing.
  • 8 IP
  • 81 P
  • 30 BF
  • 17 GO
  • 3 double plays
  • 1 HR (This was in exchange for his 3 SO's)
  • 6 hits
  • 2 ER
One other thing, I'm pretty sure most of the guys making money dissing the Yankee shortstop say he has poor range to his left. He made quite a dazzling play tonight lunging to his left, spinning & throwing the runner out at 1B. I'm guessing these guys won't like something about the way he did that.

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