Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On 11/26, UK Met Office says 'no global warming' in past 10 years (meaning no American cash) then on same day says, wait, we change our minds

All of a sudden in the middle of a "climate summit" in Mexico that is really a "get the cash summit" of jet setters and thugs demanding the US kill itself faster, we hear the UK Met Office has miraculously discovered they must re-work all their alleged temperature data from the past decade, and amazingly it will show the world is even hotter than they thought (as US government offices may do as well). Meaning Americans are even worse and must pay even more billions to 'poor' countries. MLB promotes this idea condemning Americans by promoting NRDC and carbon offsets purchases.
  • The UK Met Office said on its website also on 11/26/10,
that global warming has actually decreased in the past 10 years "In the last 10 years the rate of warming has decreased..." Then gathers reporters and tells them they're coming up with new numbers to show global warming has increased: "World temperatures in 2010 may be the warmest on record, the U.K. Met Office said, as it plans
  • to calibrate a decade of data to account for newer sensors.

The average temperature for the year through October shows 2010 will be one of the two warmest years in a series that

  • goes back to 1850, said Vicky Pope, head of climate science at the Met Office."...
This cannot be possible. As the scientists have said, historical data has been destroyed. No one has the data, it cannot be checked. In any case, none of the raw data we are told of today has been independently verified, that is, it is considered 'proprietary.' it all emanates from government concerns with huge financial interests not least the fact that organized crime is doing very well in the climate industry and wants more.
  • Government employees say hand over the food off your childrens' plate and make it snappy.

(continuing, Bloomberg): "Scientists at the agency are preparing to revise data since 2000 to adjust for

  • a new method that masked some of the rising temperature trend, she said....

“There’s a very clear warming trend but it’s not as rapid as it was before,” Pope told reporters yesterday in London....“We’ve effectively underestimated the rate of warming over the past decade,” Palmer said. A new series will be published at an as yet unspecified date,

  • according to the Met Office."...(This isn't science, it's a right out in the open heist which only got this far because most people in the US didn't know, were too busy, couldn't have dreamed this was going on. ed)
11/19/09, "Climatologists baffled by global warming time-out," over 10 years, Der Spiegel, by G. Traufetter
  • "Global warming appears to have stalled. Climatologists are puzzled as to why average global temperatures have stopped rising over the last 10 years.
  • Some attribute the trend to a lack of sunspots, while others explain it through ocean currents."...
2/14/10, "ClimateGate U-Turn as scientist at centre of row admits: there has been no global warming since 1995," UK Daily Mail, J. Petre although he argued this was a blip rather than the long-term trend."...

Scientists from UK Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research (part of the UK Met Office) and East Anglia (of UN Climate Report and ClimateGate)

David Parker, at the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research in Berkshire, says ultimately,

  • British children could have only virtual experience of snow. Via the internet, they might wonder at polar scenes - or eventually "feel" virtual cold."...
3/20/2000, "Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past," Independent UK, Charles Onians (photo below 11/26/10, car towed in UK in snow, BBC)

  • Which is fine but this "science" was used to make US government policy and demand billions in 'reparations' from middle class taxpayers.
  • If that isn't a crime, I'd like to know what is. ed.

civil war in Darfur was due in large part to global warming (which was due to industrialized nations).11/20/09, Right before the Copenhagen global warming conference in December 2009, the 9/6/10, BBC, "Climate shifts 'not to blame' for African civil wars," by M. Kinver"Climate change is not responsible for civil wars in Africa, a study suggests.
  • It challenges previous assumptions that environmental disasters, such as drought and prolonged heat waves, had played a part in triggering unrest.
Instead, it says, traditional factors - such as poverty and social tensions - were often the main factors behind the outbreak of conflicts.
  • The findings have been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) in the United States.

"Climate variability in Africa does not seem to have a significant impact on the risk of civil war," said author

  • Halvard Buhaug, senior researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo's (Prio) Centre for the Study of Civil War....
He added that it was not too hard to find examples of where
  • politicians were publicly making the link
  • between the projected impact of climate change and the associated security risks.

Margaret Beckett, when she held the post of British Foreign Secretary,

  • tabled a debate on climate change at the UN Security Council in 2007.

Ahead of the gathering, the British delegation circulated a document that warned of "major changes to the world's physical landmass during this century", which

  • would trigger border and maritime disputes.

In his paper, Dr Buhaug questioned the findings of research that appeared in PNAS in November last year.

The 2009 paper suggested that climate had been a major driver of armed conflict in Africa, and that future warming

  • was likely to increase the number of deaths from war.

US researchers found that across the continent, conflict was about 50% more likely in unusually warm years....

"My article points to the fact that there has been

too much emphasis on single definitions of conflict and single definitions of climate.

"Even if you found that conflict, defined in a particular way, appeared to be associated with climate,

  • if you applied a number of complementary measures - which you should do in order to determine the robustness of the apparent connection -

then you would find, in almost all cases,

  • the two were actually unrelated."

Dr Buhaug explained that there were a variety of ways to define what constituted a civil war....

  • "I tried quite a few different and complementary definitions of conflict," said Dr Buhaug.

He found that that there was a strong correlation between civil wars and traditional factors, such as economic disparity, ethnic tensions,

  • and historic political and economic instability.
"These factors seemed to matter, not so when it came to climate variability," he observed....

When it came to politicians and policymakers, many of the adopted positions were

  • "speculative", he added."...
"Although satellite temperature measurements have been available since 1978, most global temperature analyses still rely on data captured from land-based thermometers, scattered more or less about the planet. It is that data which NOAA receives and disseminates – although not before performing some sleight-of-hand on it.
  • Smith has done much of the heavy lifting involved in analyzing the NOAA/GISS data and software, and he chronicles his often frustrating experiences at his fascinating website. ...
But given the plummeting number of stations, and the likely disregard for the latitude,
  • elevation, or UHI of such neighbors,

it’s no surprise that such “homogenizing” seems to always result in warmer readings."...

We would be nuts "to surrender our freedoms, our economic growth, and even our simplest comforts to duplicitous zealots before checking and P.S. US carbon emissions fell 6.9% in 2009 due to the recession. We are dying, but not fast enough for them. (stated about half way into Reuters article). ed.

via Climate Depot

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mariano

Mariano Rivera enters 2008 All Star game, 9th inning, score tied 3-3, one out, one on. Waiting on the mound to greet him are Terry Francona, Ian Kinsler, Justin Morneau, Michael Young, Carlos Guillen, and Dioner Navarro. Rivera's entrance at the Stadium was completely cut out by Fox TV. As soon as the camera went to the bullpen door, they went to commercial. (Thanks to You Tube contributor for this video). The game went 15 innings. Also in that game: NY Times:
  • 100 pitches before he was summoned. ...
Philadelphia Manager Charlie Manuel seethed, feeling that Lidge had been abused, and in early
  • August, he was forced
to rest Lidge for about a week because of an inflamed right shoulder."...


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Sunday, November 28, 2010

MLB actually mentioned in ClimateGate email: 10/12/09 re Colorado Rockies game played in record-breaking cold weather

"From: Kevin Trenberth To: Michael Mann Subject: Re: BBC U-turn on climate Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 08:57:37 -0600
  • Cc: Stephen H Schneider , Myles Allen , peter stott , "Philip D. Jones" , Benjamin Santer , Tom Wigley , Thomas R Karl , Gavin Schmidt , James Hansen , Michael Oppenheimer
Hi all Well I have my own article on where the heck is global warming? We are asking that here in Boulder where we have broken records the past two days for the coldest days on record. We had 4 inches of snow. The high the last 2 days was below 30F and the normal is 69F, and it smashed the previous records for these days by 10F. The low was about 18F and also a record low, well below the previous record low. Trenberth, K. E., 2009: An imperative for climate change planning: tracking Earth's global energy. ...
  • The fact is that we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can't. The CERES data published in the August BAMS 09 supplement on 2008 shows there should be even more warming: but the data are surely wrong. Our observing system is inadequate.
That said there is a LOT of nonsense about the PDO. People like CPC are tracking PDO on a monthly basis but it is highly correlated with ENSO. Most of what they are seeing is the change in ENSO not real PDO. It surely isn't decadal.... Kevin
  • Michael Mann wrote:
extremely disappointing to see something like this appear on BBC. its particularly odd, since climate is usually Richard Black's beat at BBC (and he does a great job). from what I can tell, this guy was formerly a weather person at the Met Office.
  • We may do something about this on RealClimate, but meanwhile it might be appropriate for the Met Office to have a say about this, I might ask Richard Black what's up here?


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Thousands of young boys in Dominican leave school to pursue baseball, end up living in the street--Listin Diario

11/27/10, Santo Domingo: "One issue of concern in our country is the large number of people who are dedicated to establishing training programs for baseball players, with the purpose of being signed for the professionalism,
  • without there being the slightest control over them.

This is the fashion business in the Dominican Republic and anyone looking for a site, hired two or three coaches and meets a group of boys, who

  • convinces them to leave school and devote themselves solely to practice and play ball.

The problem lies in the fact that only a very low percentage of these young people get to be drafted by a Major League organization, which leads to the rest, the vast majority, failing to achieve its objective, it becomes part of the thousands and thousands of

  • unemployed and criminals that proliferate on our streets, fluke or committing crimes in order to live, because they can not do anything else.
These programs should be monitored to meet certain standards, such as implementing a core curriculum for the preparation of those guys, because if not,
  • the army of illiterates in the country unfortunately continue to grow.

What is the problem? The situation of thousands and thousands of young people leaving school to pursue an early age at baseball practice

  • is a social conflict of dire consequences.

Are boys without any preparation, which can barely read or write.

By participating in the so-called independent programs, a Russian roulette bet and lose the vast majority of the time. But worst of all, you do not lose them alone, but their families and country.

For these kids, signing a contract is a matter of life or death, and the few that realize their goal, can achieve wealth and fame, but those who did not become a scourge of society that do not perish needs its members study, train and become useful people.

Truancy A few days ago, while walking in the morning the streets of Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center with my wife, at the sight of she who is Spanish, hundreds of youngsters aged 12 to 15 years, playing baseball or doing exercises in the various programs operating in the sports park, she who is Spanish (from Spain), I asked,

  • if no authority is worried
  • that those guys were out of the classroom during school hours.

Without waiting for reply he told me, if in Spain, police were called to his parents or guardians to explain because young people of school age

  • were in the streets and not attending a school.

Unconcern Unfortunately, here nothing is done to correct this tragedy and who should ensure that this does not happen, look the other way.

If you want to realize the dimensions of this problem, simply shop around for another day around the Palace of Sports and the Olympic stadium in COJPD and realize that I'm not exaggerating.

Nobody is paying attention to this issue and should be reversed, because education is a pillar that supports the development

  • and social peace in a nation.

The vast majority of the ills that beset us are a product of the lack of training of people and unfortunately for us, every day increases the number of people who do not attend school, for many reasons.

Something must be done Many people protest all the obstacles that are getting prospects, so they can be signed and denounce the ill-treatment of these boys and their families during investigations that make MLB representatives to determine their age and verify their identities.

  • However, almost no one is noticing the huge number of young people who do not study, in its eagerness to be drafted into professional baseball.

Let us take care of this situation, because so much is at stake."

Column from Listin Diario, 11/27/10, by Mario Emilio Guerrero, "Must be regular baseball programs" google translation from Spanish. original Spanish


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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Atlantic City baseball stadium built in 1998 abandoned, trashed, filled with rotting garbage, drug dealers

  • Famous baseball faces also passed through the resort, including Ruben Sierra, Jose Canseco, Mitch Williams and fan-favorite Juan Thomas.
11/27/10, "People build sandcastles on the beach knowing they won’t survive — wind and water, footsteps and plows reduce the walls and arches to sand grains. Eventually, the sandcastle is disregarded and forgotten. That seems to be the story of the former Sandcastle Stadium, later Bernie Robbins Stadium, a professional baseball field located at a gateway of Atlantic City along Albany Avenue.
  • The stadium was built in 1998 for independent league baseball’s Atlantic City Surf. The team changed ownership and leagues before
  • folding in early 2009.

Since then, the structure has fallen into disrepair. Today, the stadium’s only occupants are trespassing vagrants, possible drug dealers and a gaggle of geese. The windows of the luxury boxes are shattered. The path where base runners tried to turn singles into doubles is overrun with weeds.

  • This sandcastle has become a monument to a gone moment.

Bird feces, inches thick, coat the third-base stairway leading into the stadium. Four or five steps’ worth, too. You consider whether the climb is worth it.

Yeah, why not? So you walk on your toes, sort of ballerina style, trying to maneuver through the muck. Amble up the steps, to the stadium’s concrete concourse. Yes, this looks familiar. This is the view fans used to see when entering the stadium,

  • with the Atlantic City skyline in the background.

But the playing field is faded and dull. Ducks graze in what used to be right field. The infield, covered in crabgrass, in need of a groundskeeper, resembles one of the city’s dozens of barren, forgotten lots.

  • Half a foot of water pools in the dugouts, where cleats used to rest. Empty cans of Goya coconut juice are in the dugout corners, near the bat racks.

Branches poke through the outfield walls — the sections of the wall that haven’t disappeared or that have been covered with graffiti sprayings of male genitals. Graffiti also covers the stadium’s bricks, the doors, the walls — any vertical surface, really. Some entranceways are boarded-up.

  • In the stands where fans used to sit, caution tape winds across exposed, crumbling brick. Upstairs, 12-year-old concrete is filled with fault lines.

And those are the stadium’s nicer parts.

  • “It’s embarrassing,” Atlantic City Councilman Frank Gilliam said of the field’s condition.

“For us to put the kind of money that we did into this, it’s discouraging. That’s what makes me very determined to actually do what is necessary to get it back up to snuff.”

City officials have made similar comments before. The Press of Atlantic City published a story examining the field’s disrepair in August 2009 — about six months after the Surf ceased operations. Public Works Director Paul Jerkins spoke then about refurbishing the stadium.

  • “The major focus is making sure the stadium can be used, to bring it back up to shape,” he told The Press.

More than a year later, the stadium’s condition has worsened.

“When we were looking at this last year, we were anticipating that we would have the funds to bring it up to a usable level,” Jerkins said recently. “It didn’t happen. The funds weren’t available.”

Jerkins said he initially assigned Public Works employees to clear trash and debris from the site, but soon had to call them off.

  • Defaced

Trash dumps are better organized than some of the stadium’s inner rooms, ransacked by thieves and vandals. Rotting garbage festers, forgotten by rodents and maggots, remembered by nostrils.

  • You can see through the club box walls, holes marking the places where copper wiring used to run. People named Shawty and Jeff autographed the cabinets and furniture in white acrylic. The autographs are dated 2009, the year the stadium last breathed.

Someone, maybe Shawty or Jeff, has smashed a glass door with a fire hydrant; the glass now resembles a spider web. When light catches the window the right way, you can see the city’s reflection in a million little glass spider web compartments.

  • Outside the stadium, a mural depicting baseball legend Carl Hubbell is covered in sprawling, pompous lime-green graffiti. A baseball glove mural is also defaced.

The murals are around the corner and up the stairs from what is now some man’s open-air public bedroom. Fans used to buy tickets in this alcove; now, the current resident tucks his blanket tight to keep out the cold.

  • Problems emerge

The outlook for this stadium wasn’t always so bleak.

The state and city originally collaborated to bring baseball to the resort. In 1998, construction on the park finished with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority

  • paying $11.5 million and city taxpayers borrowing another $3 million.

Under the terms of its original lease with the CRDA, the Surf agreed to pay a minimum of $75,000 each year and 10 percent of gross ticket revenue that exceeded $750,000.

  • At first, the new team thrived. The Surf won the Atlantic League championship in 1998 and appeared in its playoffs seven additional times.

Famous baseball faces also passed through the resort, including Ruben Sierra, Jose Canseco, Mitch Williams and fan-favorite Juan Thomas.

But despite the team’s success, fan interest waned. By 2006, average attendance had dipped to less than 2,000 a game. Rumors of a shutdown spread.

  • In March 2009, the team abandoned operations a month before opening day.

By that point, the franchise’s internal problems emerged — including

  • years of late lease payments,
  • problems with the building’s structural integrity,
  • and a broken plumbing system that forced employees to use the rest rooms at the McDonald’s restaurant across the street.

The biggest challenges for the cash-strapped city government involve

  • the stadium’s hidden damage.

Officials in Mayor Lorenzo Langford’s administration confirmed for the first time last week that when the ballpark was vacated by Surf management in 2008,

  • no one weatherized the building.

Weatherization is required for most structures with water systems that are slated to go dormant — most importantly draining all of the water from the pipes

  • so they don’t freeze over the winter and become useless.

Jerkins insisted that the team’s outgoing management was responsible for preparing the park for its hibernation, not the city.

  • “The way I view it, when the sports team decided they were no longer going to occupy the stadium, they should have done all that,” he said.

However, once the Surf’s lease contract was terminated, the city retained ownership —

  • and still no weather preparations were performed.

Michael Irvin, an Egg Harbor Township-based artist, painted the murals along the stadium’s main stairway. They depict baseball legends of yesterday —

  • Hubbell (defaced), Babe Ruth, Bob Feller, Atlantic City’s John Henry “Pop” Lloyd.

Irvin had the stadium in mind a few weeks ago. He is involved with EHT’s Youth Softball League. Last year, the township hosted a 23-team regional tournament.

That tournament went well, so Babe Ruth League officials considered Atlantic County as a possible host venue for next year’s national 16-and-under world series, Irvin said. Thousands of coaches and players and families and fans, visiting the region for five or six days, staying in the local hotels, gambling in the casinos, eating at restaurants. ...

  • But the tournament needs a ceremony venue, a facility that can hold five thousand people.

“The stadium would have been perfect for this,” Irvin said.

  • So Irvin drove to the former Sandcastle to check it out. Sure, the ballpark is closed, but he was thinking the stadium needed some grass seed, maybe chalk on the baselines. Little things.

To see actual trees growing and the infield filled with weeds, things falling off the building, I could not believe it,” Irvin said. “When you don’t maintain something, it will fall apart.”

With the long list of repairs needed to make the park not only accessible, but useable, Jerkins projects the renovation costs at $750,000.

  • In a city saddled with layoffs, employee furlough days and other major cuts this year, that kind of money is not easy to come by.

“Money is always a problem,” said Gilliam, who believed there might be funding previously allocated for maintenance of nearby Bader Field, the city’s former municipal airport, that could be redirected to funding the park’s repair.

  • But Jerkins said the cleanup job is not as daunting as it might seem.

“I know some people look at it and say, ‘Oh, the place is in horrible condition.’ I don’t look at it that way,” said Jerkins, noting that there are aspects of the park that have not been damaged, such as the electrical system and the elevators....

  • The dirtied stadium continues to shape the city’s Chelsea Heights neighborhood.

In Chelsea Heights, residents park their boats at the curb. Holiday lawn decorations greet children. People walk their dogs and visit the corner store to buy bread and lottery tickets.

  • Baseball brought community pride and fireworks shows and clogged parking on sun-baked summer days.

When baseball left, it took local business with it. A 24-hour bar located across the street, Home Run Tavern, later Bayside Tavern, recently closed.

Bill Bentz, whose family has lived in Chelsea Heights for five generations, remembers what this community used to represent. He remembers commuter planes landing at Bader Field. He still smells Ireland Coffee wafting from the chimneys, a quarter-century after the roasting plant moved out.

  • Bentz said it saddens him to see the stadium becoming a haven for drifters and drug dealers.

“We had a lot of fun at that stadium, it was something really nice added to the neighborhood, and now it’s been taken away,” Bentz said. “Now, we’re looking at a dilapidated building. If the city’s not going to do anything with it, they should tear it down.”

  • However big the task, the city is taking initial steps toward improving the park.

City officials recently began seeking a contractor to assess some of the damage done to the fire and plumbing systems. The Langford administration recently received proposals from several private companies for about $20,000 worth of work, which will include an extensive look at the damages to the two systems and some repairs.

Despite workload and funding challenges, Gilliam set an ambitious timeline to improve the field and re-open it for new uses.

“No later than the middle of the summer,” he said.

The councilman said he hopes the field’s eventual improvement will stimulate interest from not only regional baseball leagues to hold some games in the park, but also create a new concert venue option in the city during the warm-weather months.

  • We’re paying taxes on that building,” Gilliam said. “We’ve got to make the most out of it.”

Gilliam also said the ballpark’s upkeep is important to the overall goals of Gov. Chris Christie, whose plans to revitalize Atlantic City involve a more family-friendly entertainment industry. The councilman said the baseball field and its neighbor, Flyers Skate Zone, could be used as the base for developing an area filled with all-ages recreational offerings.

  • For now, the stadium provides the city a glimpse of what used to be, what isn’t anymore.

While the moment is gone, the monument is still here — a disregarded sandcastle damaged by wind and water and footsteps, a

  • decaying tribute to pinstriped young men on sun-baked summer days."

Press of Atlantic City, 11/27/10, "Crowds, players long gone from abandoned Atlantic City baseball stadium," by Dan Good and Michael Clark

  • Comments to Press story include:

Anything involving the CRDA is poorly lit, see boardwalk, the Walk etc... I guess they don't have an electrical contractor that will give kickbacks."

"I went to a game there once. Went on 4th of July with my children to watch the game and the fireworks after. Felt very un-safe walking back to my car in the poorly lit parking lot with poor event security and
  • hoodlums running all over the place. Never went back....and never will.
Imagine how successful a baseball or hockey team would be if the stadium were located out at the old AC Horseracing track."
  • photos from Press of Atlantic City accompany article. Taken 11/23/10. Top smashed window, 2nd from bottom, broken wall of luxury box, bottom debris behind center field fence.

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'Does the front office work for Hal Steinbrenner or is it the other way around?' Lupica

11/24/10, "You wonder how long Hal Steinbrenner -
  • does the front office work for him or is it the other way around?
  • - lets this go on.
As one American League East executive said Tuesday,
  • "Out of all the guys in sports, they're going to take this kind of hard line on Jeter?"
Over the past few days the Yankees seem to have lost their minds because Jeter's agent, Casey Close, told me Saturday night that he finds the Yankees' negotiating strategy "baffling."
  • Not stupid. Not cheap. Not arrogant. Not insulting. Baffling.

But in the thin-skinned world of the Yankees, they acted as if Close were Larry Lucchino of the Red Sox calling them the "Evil Empire" all over again.

The Yankees act as if Close is the one who ramped up the rhetoric, and not the other way around. You know when the rhetoric really started on this thing? When Hal Steinbrenner said a few weeks ago that the Jeter negotiation "could get messy" before it ever really began. And you know who's the only one who can fix this now? Hal Steinbrenner.

Could Close and Jeter have come into this looking for too much money, way too many years? I'm sure they have. Just because the Yankees are being the Yankees doesn't mean that the other side is the Vatican. Close and Jeter probably want a lot more than three years. And a lot more than $45 million. If you were Jeter, so would you. Nobody can say he's been stealing money over the last decade.
  • But how about this as an idea for both sides to look at, before this whole thing becomes more viral than it is? How about you take the average that Jeter just made over the last 10 years - it would work out to $18.9 million a year - and make that the three-year offer.
And if Jeter is still hitting .300 at the end of that, a fourth year, for the same money, automatically kicks in.

That way Jeter isn't asked to take a salary cut after everything he has meant to the Yankees and continues to mean. You know what the difference is between $57 million for three years and what the Yankees are offering Jeter?

  • It's just a little more than the Yankees paid Javy Vazquez last season."...
11/24/10, by Mike Lupica, NY Daily News, "Only Hal Steinbrenner can fix the disconnect between the Yankees, Brian Cashman, and Derek Jeter"

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BBC headlines Somali born jihadist attempted mass murderer at Christmas lighting merely as a 'US teenager'

Was hoping to kill large family groups celebrating the holiday. "A teenager has been arrested in the US state of Oregon after allegedly plotting to carry out a car bomb attack at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony (on 11/26).
  • Somali-born Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was arrested after reportedly making a telephone call he thought would set off the bomb in the centre of Portland.

However, the bomb was a fake supplied by agents in a sting operation.

  • Mr Mohamud is a naturalised US citizen who had allegedly been in contact with an associate in north-west Pakistan.
'Lot of children'

Mr Mohamud, who lives in the town of Corvallis, had driven a van to the ceremony and was arrested at around 1740 local time on Friday (0040 GMT Saturday),

  • about 20 minutes before the tree lighting was to occur.

Court documents said the case began in August 2009 with e-mail exchanges between Mr Mohamud and

  • his alleged associate in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province.

Special FBI agent Arthur Balizan said: "The threat was very real. Our investigation shows that Mohamud was absolutely committed to carrying out an attack on a very grand scale. I want to reassure the people of this community that, at every turn, we denied him the ability to actually carry out the attack."

  • The Oregonian newspaper quoted Oregon US Attorney Dwight Holton as saying: "This defendant's chilling determination is a stark reminder that there are people - even here in Oregon - who are determined to kill Americans."

He said there was "no reason to believe there is any continuing threat arising from this case".

An undercover agent had posed as an associate of the Pakistan contact and met Mr Mohamud to discuss the plan, the court papers said.

  • The agent informed Mr Mohamud there would be "a lot of children" at the ceremony but Mr Mohamud allegedly said he was

looking for a "huge mass that will be attacked in their own element with their families celebrating the holidays".

Mr Mohamud allegedly told the FBI agent that he had been thinking of carrying out a jihad, or holy war,

photo from BBC

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Organized crime using global warming issues to acquire 'respectability,' will be leading player in 'renewables,' Europol report

"Organized crime groups...use the energy sector to progress further towards respectability."... (page 3), "Around the world and more specifically in the EU, concerns have been raised regarding future energy availability, particularly levels of dependence on hydrocarbon imports (oil and gas). At the same time, strategic intelligence analysis indicates that
  • organised crime groups are involved in energy supply to the EU and within EU Member States (MS).
In the Strategy for Europol 2010-2014, the Organisation has committed itself to “scan the environment for new developments in internal security threats”. With this in mind,
  • Europol has carried out a scenario management exercise
  • to examine the possible future involvement of
  • organised crime in energy supply....
A timeframe of ten years has been set for the exercise, with the focus on interaction between Organised Crime and the energy sector in 2020. Narratives have been drafted on the basis of plausible features within this timeframe. A questionnaire on both the current situation and future developments was sent to selected experts from MS law enforcement, the EU Commission, academia and the private energy sector. Analysis of these enabled the identification of
  • Since the future is essentially uncertain, consideration of uncertainty is key to scenario building.
(page 4): During the workshop, the following uncertainties were identified as the most critical:
  • Geopolitics and security of supply
  • Price volatility
  • “Respectabilisation” of crime
  • Lifestyle change
Security of supply and price volatility are considered to be the two uncertainties with the largest impact on the energy future and the greatest levels of uncertainty, and as such form the axes on which the scenarios are plotted. A high level of price volatility correlates with a world of unplanned responses and inconsistent regulation, while a low level of price volatility correlates with planned responses and more consistent regulation.
  • Organised Crime’s drive for respectability and lifestyle change are nevertheless considered to be cross-cutting issues (page 4 bottom)
which are key factors in the possible futures described, and therefore serve to flesh out the narratives....
  • EU and other Organised Crime (OC) groups see energy as a safe long term investment,
play the markets for short-term opportunities, profit from price/tax differences
  • and voluntary changes in consumer lifestyles, and
  • use the energy sector to progress further towards respectability....(p. 6)
Key Organised Crime (OC) opportunities:
  • OC profits from energy speculation – profitable money laundering
  • Emissions Trade Fraud (ETF) and other emerging markets
  • Increased infiltration of energy companies by means of investment
  • Corruption of private sector to maximise short-term investment opportunities
  • Leading role in investment in renewables, thanks to lower capital costs...
In cases where supply companies experience high levels of OC (organized crime) infiltration, governments and the EU increasingly rely on “deals with the devil” (page 7) - e.g.
  • bilateral agreements with
  • partners infiltrated by OC,
  • further legitimising OC interests. (p. 7)
Measures to reduce emissions are driven by the prospect of profit rather than by climate change concerns:
  • “cap and trade” gains strength because of an already established trade in carbon credits and a market for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS);
in the absence of requisite regulation, this is accompanied by an increase in Emissions Trade Fraud (ETF).... (p. 7) p. 8, "Since the EU market remains open both to foreign direct investment and to acquisitions by foreign energy supply companies, OC groups based within and outside the EU have the opportunity to act as shareholders and suppliers respectively. Both eventualities afford OC (organized crime)
  • greater control and influence over the legitimate economy,
and opportunities to exercise power in commercial decision making. (page 8)
  • Fossil fuel insecurity persists
Outside of the EU, private companies compete with local governments to exploit remaining fossil fuel reserves, including those – such as unconventional gas or shale oil – made profitable or accessible through technological developments. In cases where supply companies experience OC infiltration,
  • this leads to increased OC influence over fossil fuel production. (p. 8)
Ultimately, competition for resources leads in some source areas to tension between governments and international energy supply companies, and the re-nationalisation of dwindling fossil fuel reserves. In this event, such actions push the future towards the “Open Season” scenario.... Because on the whole EU energy supply is not yet self-sufficient, it remains vulnerable to disruption by non-state actors, with a potential impact on price levels. Whilst disruption can be achieved by means of terrorist activity (e.g. damage to oil pipelines), equally this vulnerability presents
  • OC groups with opportunities to disrupt supply in order to affect price levels,
  • thereby deriving increased profit on investments....
  • Beyond 2020, the implications of this are that
by default OC (organized crime) will be a leading player in renewable energy supply, (page 10, top)
  • on which the EU will become increasingly dependent as remaining fossil fuel reserves dwindle.
Responses The dominant legislative feature of this world is an absence of effective regulation of the energy and financial sectors, or more specifically, prevailing self-regulation,
  • a situation reinforced by a comparative lack of law enforcement knowledge of these sectors.
Since the geopolitical and economic factors provide fertile ground for OC infiltration of the energy sector,
  • self-regulation serves to facilitate concealment of OC activity...p. 10
(p. 10): Eventually, however, a more consistent focus on asset recovery by governments, and the desire of energy companies to know and manage the expectations of their shareholders, lead to the introduction of tighter controls on investments, e.g. to determine the origin of investments in the energy sector,
  • and legislation throughout the EU against money laundering.
As prices continue to fluctuate, speculation on energy futures comes under particular scrutiny in an attempt to encourage stability. Additionally, there develops a greater focus on corporate criminal liability, in response to the
  • effects of OC infiltration of energy supply companies.
Legislation to protect the environment from damage related to energy production and supply is an afterthought.... As the amount of lost revenue and the level of OC influence on private companies become apparent,
  • the tendency for transnational OC investigations to follow money trails leads to prioritisation at both national and international levels of financial investigation and money laundering cases, incentivised in some countries by the prospect of
additional funding for law enforcement, as provided for in Proceeds of Crime legislation.... (p. 10, bottom)
  • (p. 11): "Prominent and well-funded OC (organized crime) groups enjoy more power
  • and receive more social acceptance
as a result of a lack of cooperation between MS (member states), increased competition for vital resources and reduced success in controlling their activities....
  • "Greater public acceptance of criminality (p.14, bottom)
Private citizens subject to higher prices, a lower quality of life and
  • perhaps unemployment
come into increasing proximity with OC, through direct involvement in criminal activity, purchasing fuel and other goods from the black market, or indeed looking
  • to OC groups for security.
In this society, outages and brown-outs are a reality, and low-level criminals take advantage of the cover of darkness to engage in looting and robbery. (page 15)
  • Fear of crime increases,
fuelled by feelings of insecurity and isolation, and tensions between resident and migrant communities: national and local law enforcement, meanwhile, are subject to the same cuts in expenditure as other government services and
  • are less able to respond effectively.
Street policing is increasingly conducted by private security firms, and OC groups are instrumental in keeping the peace and communities safe. At its worst, this manifests as
  • racketeering, with OC profiting from threats of violence."...(page 15)
10/8/10: ""Governments should start preparing for an onslaught of environmental court cases," said Bakary Kante, head of the United Nations Environment Programme's environmental law division. "... The media isn't the main problem after all. It's organized crime. ed.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NBC News honors Ground Zero mosque shuck and jive developer (with rap sheet) among 'People of the Year' Thanksgiving night

Not a shy guy as per his rap sheet, El-Gamal has filed for $5 million US taxpayer dollars slated for 9-11 redevelopment. He's being sued for non-payment of a loan, has tax problems, and almost nothing in the bank($20K). El-Gamal's 'founding partner' in the Ground Zero mosque deal using our money, seeking tax-free status, is Imam Feisal Rauf who has also received millions in US taxpayer money (and who is the Cordoba Initiative). "NBC'S PEOPLE OF THE YEAR New, Thursday, November 25, 9/8c From hot-button issues to the hottest celebrities, Matt Lauer sits down iwth some of the most talked about people of 2010 for his Thanksgiving "People of the Year" primetime special on Thursday, Nov. 25. Featured people of the year include Chilean Miner rescuer Brandon Fisher, "Hero Dad" James Jones,
  • Mosque developer Sharif el-Gamal,

LeBron James, Kim Kardashian, Justin Timberlake and Susan Boyle."

  • via Gateway Pundit


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AL MVP vote, 2010, Cano got no first place votes

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'Gate rape' is a result of malaise and conditioning. And all happening at the busiest travel time of the year.

  • A few years ago when 'terrorism' was still a vocabulary word, Americans would never have put up with this.
11/22/10, "At the same time that the federal government is mandating the physical and constitutional violation of air travelers at our airports, they are prohibiting law enforcement officers in Arizona from asking for proof of identity and citizenship
  • from those they suspect as being illegal aliens for ‘constitutional’ concerns.” – Doug Hagmann

They” could not have planned it any better, initiating enhanced screening procedures right before the

  • busiest travel time of the year.

Our visceral reaction, outrage and chants of “don’t touch my junk” are understandable and warranted, but tend to overshadow our visibility of what’s really taking place,

  • which is vastly more than meets the eye.
The media seems to be stuck on reporting the more salacious aspect of TSA agents having a collective case of the “touchy-feelies” while the underlying motives of our government are barely addressed. Yet that’s exactly where we need to be looking. We need to identify and understand
  • what is taking place behind the snappy sound bites and outrageous video snippets.
We also need to understand why these things are happening so we will not be surprised at what is likely to happen next.
  • As I wrote last week, the current TSA measures have very little to do with security.

It is becoming much more apparent that the Department of Homeland Security itself, at its uppermost levels, has little to do with actual security. At the same time that the federal government is mandating the physical and constitutional violation of air travelers at our airports, they are prohibiting law enforcement officers in Arizona from asking for proof of identity and citizenship from those they suspect as being illegal aliens.

  • They are also planning to remove the token presence of National Guard troops from our southern border by the end of February.
  • So much for security.

This entire scenario would be difficult to reconcile in logical terms, or to simply laugh off and blame it on the inefficiency of government, until you probe deeper into “their” agenda.

The American people are being carefully and deliberately conditioned to accept the stripping away of our Constitutional rights, a process in the making for nearly a century. To see how far this conditioning has progressed, just look at how many people are willing to be groped, fondled, nuked, and subjected to other forms of degrading tactics by agents of the federal government

  • for the mere illusion of security.

They reason that if it will make air travel safer to have their genitalia fondled, that it is a “necessary evil.” Well, they are only half correct; it is indeed evil, but not necessary.

At what point will these “grope-a-dopes” draw the line and consider the actions of the government a provocation?

  • When will people begin to connect the dots of the globalist agenda and become non-compliant?

I believe that is the larger question being raised by the puppeteers behind the proverbial curtain.

The erosion of our rights has been in progress for decades and under multiple administrations, but with this administration in particular, there is more to it.

Rather than ending this madness, the Obama administration has instead ramped up the very tactics

  • that had progressives calling George Bush a criminal.

Why? It seems that people cannot understand that under the umbrella of globalism,

  • political party is irrelevant. Both sides drink from the same trough.

To see it as some do, which is some sort of political “payback” against the American people for the midterm elections results is, in my opinion, purposely myopic.

  • It is much larger than that.

The continuity of criminalizing non-criminal behavior of free citizens while giving a pass to others transcends political parties and is an integral component of social conditioning. Although it did not begin with Obama, he is integral in accelerating the implementation of the global power elite’s goals and objectives.

  • Like the sand in the top of an hourglass appears to flow faster as it reaches its end, so too does the agenda of the proponents of a new world order.
  • We are now at that point in time.

It would be a mistake to believe that this administration is merely mishandling the current throw-down between the TSA and airline passengers at the boarding gate. It is not being mishandled, but carefully crafted into

  • organized chaos designed to elicit social unrest.

Anyone refusing to comply with the increasingly oppressive federal rules

  • will be considered domestic terrorists,

much like we’ve seen with individuals and groups concerned with our Constitution, second amendment rights, and pro-life causes.

It begins through conditioning, involves nationalization, and relies heavily on the

  • conditioning and on the malaise of the people

Many wonder how a regime in Germany could have rounded up and sent six million Jews to their deaths. Well, this is exactly how. It begins through conditioning, involves nationalization, and relies heavily on the conditioning and on the malaise of the people. “They” are the power elite - the globalists, who do not view themselves as Americans and

  • don’t care about national sovereignty and care less about state sovereignty.

Under previous administrations, we’ve seen the likes of Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and countless others who were appointed to cabinet positions or advisors with designs on a one world government and consolidation of power among the global elite. Now, take a good look at who Barack Obama has chosen as czars, advisors and appointees. Look at what has been advanced within the last two years under Obama.

  • In addition to the social component, there is a large economic component to this madness as well.

Under Obama, the nation’s health care industry has essentially been nationalized, and facing financial difficulties, the government became heavily involved in the auto industry to the point of de-facto nationalization.

  • Why not the air travel industry, which in 2007, was responsible for generating just over $1.3 trillion in economic activity, or 5.6% of the total U.S. economy.

The airline industry employed over 11 million Americans who earned about $396 billion.

  • The enhanced screening at our airports is not helping the airline industry, a vital part of our economy and infrastructure, but hurting it.

This nonsense has the capacity to deliver a death blow to the airline industry. Could this be part of the larger agenda? Just look at the history over the last two years, and I believe the answer will become quite evident.

Meanwhile, take a look back at the airports across the country, as tens of thousands will be huddled in confined areas just to board a plane for the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a recipe for disaster. But a planned one that should not surprise anyone who is paying attention."

""Gate Rape" of America," Canada Free Press, by Doug Hagmann

  • P.S. I dislike George Bush and wish to never hear of him again. But if this were during his presidency, violent rioters would have been bussed in from International Answer. Civil rights lawyers would have put a stop to this. It would be over by now. ed.
This surrender of the American psyche was suggested in 1962 by Aldous Huxley: That we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the
  • to get people to

via RedState.com

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