Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rob Dibble lets another whopper fly---I quit

Today he's offering ideas on how to help out Brad Lidge. Then he comes up with the whopper. He says Phil Garner should let Brad get his confidence back by pitching in low pressure situations, & that Joe Torre has done this different times for Mariano Rivera when he's been struggling or injured. Kevin Kennedy agrees. WHAT? WHEN EXACTLY WAS THIS OVER THE PAST 11 REGULAR SEASONS? WHEN WAS THIS OVER THE PAST 11 POST SEASONS? I've documented the many completely false statements by Dibble & Kennedy and others on XM, & not a single human being has cared. Clearly, the XM channel approves of this. Anyone else who cares about baseball who's read what I wrote or heard the lies on XM thinks all this is fine. I've said I'm not giving up, but it's clear no one else cares at all. So, I'm ending this blog.

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