Thursday, May 04, 2006

John Sickels with Jeff Erickson on Fantasy Focus

Prospects being called up include Justin Huber to replace Mike Sweeney, & John predicts him to bat 280-290 with power & on base skills. Both John & Jeff think Huber should be used full time, but see the Royals splitting him with Matt Stairs. Generally, Royals pitching is a bright spot. Dodgers called up 2 prospects, one a reliever Jonathan Broxton, whom Jeff notes high strike-outs & possible future as closer. Angels sent down catcher Mathis & brought up Napoli whom John likes but notes traditionalists have been skeptical. Pirates have surplus of catching prospects, & have brought up Ronnie Paulino. John adds re pitching prospects out of Rice University, many of them seem to get injured, wonders about the program there. Update: NAPOLI JUST HIT A HR FOR THE ANGELS.

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