Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some Dish if you're into it--Oakland A's & Yankees experience life without curfews

"Chastity was only too happy to serve Oakland A's outfielder Nick Swisher and pitcher Joe Blanton cocktails after they wandered into her web at Plumm, the chic new Meatpacking District venue, our spywitness reports.

Stiff drinks? No problem! Shots? You bet! The two players aren't the first out-of-town athletes to be lured by the delicious temptations of New York City's nightlife. Blanton, who wasn't pitching the next day, picked up the $1,000 tab for two bottles of Level One Vodka.

But in four at-bats at Yankee Stadium the next day, Swisher only got one hit.

Unfortunately, Chastity wasn't working at 40/40 the next night, where owner Jay-Z and galpal Beyonce partied with Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon and outfielder Bubba Crosby to celebrate the birthday of Damon's wife, Michelle. Cristal and apple martinis were served, with some members of the group staying till 4 a.m. Next day, Crosby got his first strikeout all week, going 1 for 3, and Damon and Jeter both went 1 for 4 in Sunday's stinker, when the Bombers lost to the A's 5 to 1.

Major League Baseball teams do not have curfews for players the nights before games.

No spokesmen for the Yankees or the A's returned our calls for comment."

From the NY Daily News, Rush & Malloy May 17, 2006.

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  • I just don't get the "only one hit" comment.

    What, are they expected to have multi hit games every day??? After a night of drinking until 4 a.m., I would think a 1 for 3 from BUBBA FREAKIN CROSBY (who has trouble breaking a .250 batting average) is stupdendous.

    I hate New York tabloids.

    By Blogger Joseph P., at 10:48 PM  

  • Agreed. I don't think the person who
    wrote this column knew much about

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 11:06 PM  

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