Friday, February 29, 2008

Everyone is afraid of ESPN--except Hank

Hank mentioned the ESPN-Red Sox connection. You have George Mitchell, of course, then lesser lights like Jed Drake (Red Sox homerun Doctor)*. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Everyone is a fan of something. I just don't like sports guys saying they're "a fan of all teams," etc. Jed Drake is presently a senior vp. He gave an interview to the Sporting News on June 25, 2001. The article states he's a Red Sox fan. So what? Just don't try to pretend you're not. The last paragraph:
  • "Still, ESPN believes in this angle,
especially (Jed) Drake, a Red Sox fan
  • who marvels at being able to finally see Pedro Martinez's delivery start-to-finish,
perhaps because only it can see the big picture. Seems ESPN stumbled onto Dead Center while developing some secret nuclear weapon it'll drop on baseball telecasts by July. "Necessity," says Drake, "is the mother of invention."" ***In a NY Times article 4/24/07 by Richard Sandomir, Jed Drake defends ESPN's doctoring of 4 Red Sox homeruns vs the Yankees.

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George Mitchell did not know about Paul Byrd before 10/21/07, but "LEAGUE OFFICIALS" did--and interviewed Byrd?

  • Inconsistency in Mitchell Report about knowledge of Paul Byrd allegations--MLB knew but Mitchell didn't?
(Mitchell Report): "Neither I (George Mitchell) nor any member of my investigative staff had any prior (to 10/21) knowledge of any allegation about Byrd."
  • Page 246 (pdf), "The Mitchell Report," 12/13/07, referencing the San Francisco Chronicle report on 10/21/07
(ESPN.com's Howard Bryant): "League officials" spoke with Byrd and others "during the season (2007) after they were implicated in a criminal steroid and growth hormone investigation." (12/11/07)
  • If Selig's office ("league officials") knew:
  • 1. That Paul Byrd was "implicated in a criminal" drug "investigation" during the 2007 season...
  • 2. How could Mitchell not know?
  • 3. How could ESPN.com's Howard Bryant know?
**************************** "Friction and Fractures Erode Faith in Mitchell's Investigation," by Howard Bryant, ESPN.com 12/11/07

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2 New All Sports Radio Stations in South Florida

"South Florida is about to get two new all-sports stations, and one intends to bring in broadcasts of New York Yankees games on weekends. They join sports talk incumbents WQAM (AM-560) and WAXY (AM-790) in Miami-Fort Lauderdale and WEFL (AM-760) in Palm Beach County.
  • In spite of each new sports station offering distinct programming, they will share call letters, WFTL, which also will continue to be the signature of the news/talk station at AM-850.
The importation of the Yankees signal might become a point of contention. A spokesman in Major League Baseball's office in New York said WFTL needs permission from MLB to bring the Yankees into the home area of the Marlins. He said he knew of no such arrangement. Ken Pauli, operations manager of WFTL, said, "The Yankees have looked into it and have told us we are abiding by the rules."***
  • P.J. Loyello, Marlins senior vice president of communications and broadcasting, said he is unaware of the Yankees deal but WFTL might be able to bring in the Yankees on AM-640 because it is licensed to Palm Beach County."...
From article in Sun-Sentinel.com by Tom Jicha, "Two New All Sports Radio Stations to Hit Air," 2/29/08
  • ***P.S. Bud Selig sold all teams' radio broadcasts to XM a few years ago without asking permission of teams and their advertisers who had paid money for exclusive sponsorship of local baseball broadcasts. Any sponsor, station or team could have sued for a variety of injuries. Why does everyone allow Bud Selig and Bob DuPuy to treat them like dirt? (sm)

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How to advance your career: Bash this lackluster player

Derek Jeter, June 7, 2007, photo by Newsday. Joe Torre's 2000th win.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008


  • Note to Goose Gossage: Grab your digitalis. This ain't you, never will be.
(AP)"''As we see it, there's relievers that can close games ''It's a great day for our club and for Manny (Corpas).''" (I guess he's not a subscriber to Baseball Prospectus).

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The Red Sox have the Supreme Court covered, too--FYI Clemens

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, center. Justice Breyer administered the "oath of office" to Red Sox Nation president Jerry Remy (second from left) and vice president Rob Crawford (far left), Team owner John Henry (second from right) and CEO Larry Lucchino (far right) also were present for the ceremony. Photo and information from Boston Dirt Dogs. Photo Red Sox handout. Date: Feb. 27, 2008

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Press photgraphers object to MLB credential terms-NPPA

DURHAM, NC (February 27, 2008) - "The National Press Photographers Association today delivered a letter to Major League Baseball Commissioner Allan H. "Bud" Selig objecting to new restrictions that are in the 2008 credential application photographers and news organizations must submit in order to cover MLB games, workouts, activities, and events."....

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Paul Byrd met with Selig's office re criminal drug use "DURING THE (2007) SEASON"--Howard Bryant,12/11/07; MITCHELL: HAD NO "KNOWLEDGE ABOUT BYRD"

(ESPN.com): "During the season, St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel, Los Angeles Angels outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. It is not known if those players were interviewed by Mitchell's staff."*** Page 242 (pdf) of the Mitchell Report said the following about the "alleged internet" group which included Paul Byrd (posted on this blog 2/27/08):
  • "The Commissioner’s Office conducted its own disciplinary interviews of the players who were still active at the time of the reports about their alleged possession or use.
***Players agreed to the interviews on the condition that the information they provided would not be shared with me by the Commissioner’s Office....
  • Neither I (George Mitchell) nor any member of my investigative staff had any prior knowledge of any allegation about Byrd."
Reference: Words in quotes from Mitchell Report, pages 242, 243 , 245, and 246. (pdf)
  • (Question: If Mitchell didn't know anything about Byrd until October 21, how did Howard Bryant know?)
From Howard Bryant's 12/11/07 article: ...To some, the presence of an MLB official in the interviews also called into question Mitchell's independence,"
  • (Uh-Oh.. oh, fudge, just deny it....) sm
(Howard Bryant): "...although Selig's spokesman, Richard Levin, told ESPN.com that no representative from the commissioner's office was present for any interviews. "
  • (But...) sm
(Howard Bryant): "However, Levin acknowledged that Thomas Carlucci, an early member of the Mitchell team and consultant to Major League Baseball, sat in on random interviews."
  • ("Random" interviews are different from "interviews?") sm
(Howard Bryant): "As Mitchell does, Carlucci also has preexisting ties to baseball.
  • He is an attorney with Foley and Lardner, formerly the law firm of current baseball president DuPuy.
Selig has long been a client of the Milwaukee-based firm. ********************************* And in these interviews with George Mitchell,
  • Bud Selig never mentioned Paul Byrd according to Mitchell.
He said in his report (quote above) he knew nothing about any Paul Byrd "allegation" until the ALCS San Francisco Chronicle article.
  • Accepting that Byrd's testimony with the commissioner's office would not be shared with Mitchell, this would mean (taken on its face) that Selig never even mentioned Byrd's name to him. Is this behavior legal?

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Most Underrated Grapefruit League ballpark--Blue Jays

4. "The most underrated Grapefruit League ballpark. It's Knology Park in Dunedin, the Toronto Blue Jays' camp just north of Clearwater. Still quaint after renovations, rarely overcrowded, plenty of Canadian beer."

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The luck of Paul Byrd and his $25,000 HGH bill--Selig allowed his 'group' confidentiality

On top of that, this winter the New York Baseball Writers voted his boss, Eric Wedge, manager of the year. Boston Baseball Writers voted Indians General Manager Mark Shapiro baseball Executive of the Year.
  • (Byrd's sections in the Mitchell Report, p.242,243, 245, 246)--His group, the "alleged internet" group was allowed to gab to Selig confidentially (page 242). The relevant details in the Mitchell Report only refer to media accounts, nothing Mitchell found out himself. Apparently he passed on that opportunity by giving the "alleged internet group" the ability to speak to Selig with the guarantee their words would not be repeated to Mitchell.
  • Mitchell knew nothing, mainly what he read in the San Francisco Chronicle.
"B. Alleged Internet Purchases of Performance Enhancing Substances By Players in Major League Baseball
  • Since the initial news reports
of the raid by New York and Florida law enforcement officials on Signature Pharmacy and several rejuvenation centers, the names of several current and former major league players
  • have appeared in the media as alleged purchasers
of performance enhancing substances through these operations. These include current major league players Rick Ankiel,
  • Paul Byrd,
Jay Gibbons, Troy Glaus, Jose Guillen, Jerry Hairston, Jr., Gary Matthews, Jr., and Scott Schoeneweis, and former players David Bell, Jose Canseco, Jason Grimsley, Darren Holmes, John Rocker, Ismael Valdez, Matt Williams, and
  • The Commissioner’s Office conducted its own disciplinary interviews of the players who were still active at the time of the reports about their alleged possession or use.
Players agreed to the interviews on the condition that the information they provided would not be shared with me by the Commissioner’s Office."
  • (How did this (non-Radomski group) get special treatment?) sm
(Mitchell Report): "Either directly or in some cases through the Commissioner’s Office, I requested each of these 16 current and former players to meet with me to respond to the allegations about them in these reports. Other than Canseco, whose lawyer provided information in response to my inquiry, all of the players either declined or did not respond to my invitation."
  • (to page 245)
Paul Byrd
  • "On October 21, 2007,
the San Francisco Chronicle
  • reported that Cleveland Indians pitcher Paul Byrd had bought nearly $25,000 worth of human growth hormone and syringes from the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center, one of the anti-aging clinics implicated in the Signature Pharmacy investigation, in thirteen transactions between August 2002 and January 2005.
According to the story,
  • Byrd used his credit card to purchase the substance and received more than 1,000 vials of human growth hormone in the transactions, which were sent to his home in Georgia, to the spring training facility of the Atlanta Braves, where he was playing at the time, and in one instance to a New York hotel.
In public comments in response to the article, Byrd admitted that he had been taking human growth hormone but said that he had been using it to treat a tumor on his pituitary gland.
  • Byrd
reportedly said
  • that he had never taken “any hormone or drug that was not prescribed” to him by a doctor.467
The Chronicle reported
  • that two of Byrd’s prescriptions had been written by a Florida dentist whose license was suspended in 2003. Byrd also
reportedly said that
  • “[t]he Indians, my coaches and MLB have known that I have had a pituitary gland issue for some time,”
but Rob Manfred in the Commissioner’s Office denied
  • that Major League Baseball had given Byrd or any other player a therapeutic use exemption for human growth hormone.469
Neither I nor any member of my investigative staff had any prior knowledge of any allegation about Byrd."
  • Reference: Words in quotes from Mitchell Report, pages 242, 243 , 245, and 246. (pdf)
P.S. Paul Byrd wrote a book which will be on the stands in August.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Whispers" remain over Mitchell "Report"---like Luis Gonzalez

"With ...other big names already confirmed, we begin to speculate about others who may have been using steroids within baseball’s recent past

Sadly, the Mitchell Report had the potential to place an even bigger blemish upon the legacy of baseball. Worse than anything previous, including the strike of 1994."

  • AP story, 6/16/06
PHOENIX -- Arizona left fielder Luis Gonzalez reacted angrily Thursday after the Diamondbacks' top executive told a newspaper there have been "whispers" about whether the five-time All-Star used performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Diamondbacks managing general partner Ken Kendrick did not accuse his team's most popular player of cheating. But he mentioned Gonzalez's name in a rambling interview with The Arizona Republic about steroids in baseball, which prompted Gonzalez to call a news conference"
(Attacking head-on like a certain pitcher has been doing). sm

Gonzalez hit 57 homers in 2001, the year the Diamondbacks won the World Series. His previous high was 31 homers, and he hasn't hit more than 28 in a season since.

  • Kendrick stressed that "I don't have any suspicions about Luis Gonzalez. Any more than I would about any other player."
Kendrick's remarks -- and Gonzalez's quick response -- came nine days after the Diamondbacks learned that federal agents had searched reliever Jason Grimsley's home in an investigation into performance-enhancing drugs. The team released Grimsley on June 7 and doesn't want to pay him the remainder of his $825,000 salary.
  • Asked if he believed Grimsley was the only Diamondbacks player to use performance-enhancing drugs, Kendrick told the newspaper, "Absolutely, I don't think he is."

Team spokesman Mike Swanson said Kendrick would not comment any further.

  • The Diamondbacks were 1-7 since the news about Grimsley broke..."
AP story on ESPN.com, 6/16/06, Luis Gonzalez Angry over Steroid Rumors."****
  • 6 months before the Mitchell "Report" (not the one he did to help the poor Tobacco Industry), Evan Roberts (a Mets fan) on WFAN said this about Luis Gonzalez:
“He was a mediocre outfielder with the Tigers and Cubs….it’s OBVIOUS he had some extra help.
  • How come nobody ever talks about it?”
Quote via Can't Stop the Bleeding.com, 6/12/07
  • You know the answer, Evan:
The same reason you would never say this again about Luis Gonzalez and mean it. Having listened to WFAN (including Evan) a great deal before and after the Mitchell Report, I can say this. If he did it would be only in passing.
  • Roberts is now a staunch Mitchell Report cheerleader and I've heard him shout down callers that question anything about it. eg,
He avoids that WFAN still smears Andy Pettitte 24/7 for almost nothing--all because of the almost criminal inception and dramatic delivery of the "Report."
  • No mention of the worst offender of 2007: Paul Byrd.

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Review of "Field of Schemes" finds little separation between media and ruling elite

(Review by Progress Report--10 YEARS AGO: "...how and why elected officials, corporations
  • and the landed media
are making the US into another USSR or pre-Revolutionary France. And it's a clear window through which to view the drama, the spiritual, emotional, psychological, social and economic effects this whirlpool deterioration is having on the American population."
"in this case, it isn't just people and machines you can see are being destroyed, it's hearts, souls and dreams, Field of Schemes will show you the irrefutable proof of how corporations and big-money individuals get the cooperation of local officials
  • in back-room agendas
that journalists are literally paid not to mention -
  • - or haven't the guts to expose for fear of being the next writer suddenly fired and blackballed.
It isn't a bunch of hearsay, either, but documented fact after documented fact. I recommend this book very, very highly to anyone who cares about the direction in which our nation is headed. It doesn't matter whether you care about professional sports; if you care about anything, you must read this book.
  • And keep a handkerchief nearby."
From The Progress Report review in 1998 of book "Field of Schemes"
  • ***(Yet many who read or write baseball blogs would give anything to be part of this. Not a good sign).***sm

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"Miami" Marlins, formerly the Florida Marlins, not quite done--deMause

(From Field of Schemes): "as the Associated Press reports:
Several issues, including the particularly thorny matter of deciding if city or county police and fire departments will be patrolling the new facility, remain unresolved. An agreement on the police-fire staffing front must be struck within 30 days, or the plan - and maybe the Marlins franchise - would likely be doomed.
"This has to be resolved within 30 days ... so therefore, the inability to resolve this political issue kills baseball in South Florida," Major League Baseball president Bob DuPuy said. "That's the consequence."

Is it still an ultimatum when they make the same threat every year? Maybe it's a penultimatum."

(The kind of person Mr. DuPuy is--he shows you year in and year out he'd take the last dollar of a starving person--people who buy tickets to MLB baseball are most at fault). sm

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Howard Bryant on George Mitchell, 12/11 and 12/13/07

  • In Mr. Bryant's gentle words-not screamed 24/7 on WFAN, any newspaper headlines or any "internet polls," etc.:
(Bryant, 12/11/07): "Sources interviewed by investigators told ESPN.com that neither Mitchell nor Selig anticipated
  • affected the confidence level of team executives. Many baseball executives view those relationships as
A number of team officials expressed concern that Mitchell used his law firm, DLA Piper,

Some sources indicated they do not believe Mitchell will have the fortitude to hold team owners and the commissioner's office accountable."

(Mr. Bryant pointing out most of the information came from a separate IRS investigation).

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Autograph seekers still seek Giambi

Probably no Baseball Prospectus subscribers in the crowd. Giambi at Legends Field, 2/25/08. Photo by Newsday.

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Players injured or diminished by World Baseball Classic

  • 1. Mike Timlin goes on DL, Francona attributes to WBC, 5/06
The media says to ignore injuries and the conditions that led to them:
  • 1. As this will either add or subtract about a month from the regular MLB season with practice, travel, etc.,
  • all players involved must take a pay cut from their employers (whose monies are received from the fans).
  • 2. The regular MLB season must be shortened to about 154 games.
*(I heard this idea suggested by someone in March 2006 and posted it at that time).


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  • And not inhibited by the presence of a conscience, the snakes are already after Mariano Rivera. (Partial list of player injuries from the last WBC. None of them had been required to pitch in 13 consecutive regular and post seasons).
  • Will Du Puy and Selig pay his $30 million in salary plus untold millions more in compensation to the team and fans for his loss should that happen? Oh, right, we're supposed to "collectively sacrifice" (ESPN's utterly without conscience Jayson Stark) because "that's the way it is." Don't do it, Mariano.
TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- "Derek Jeter would like to play in the World Baseball Classic again next year. The 2009 WBC will have the same 16-team field that competed in the inaugural tournament in March 2006.
  • Several other prominent Yankees are undecided about participating. Third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who played in the 2006 event, said his focus is on the upcoming season.

"First things first," Rodriguez said. "I haven't given it one thought."

"It's too far into the future," Rivera said. "I'll talk to you next spring."

Hideki Matsui, a former star in Japan's Central League, also said it is too early to make a decision.

Organizers said they plan to establish qualifying rounds for the 2013 tournament." No US team should allow any of its players into this event. In the meantime, FANS CAN STOP BUYING TICKETS TO MLB GAMES. STOP THIS robbery and slaughter of the game.


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Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Hi Andy, Great to see you." The Boss, 2/23/08

***Forgotten fact: In 2003, The Boston Red Sox offered Pettitte more than Houston or the Yankees, $52 million over 4 years, and Pettitte turned it down.***
THE ARTICLE HAS STOOD FOR ABOUT A YEAR SO THIS EDIT OF HISTORICAL VALUE BY THE TIMES (or someone authorized to edit their archived content) OCCURRED SOMETIME in the past 3+ weeks. NEVERTHELESS, THE RED SOX' OFFER TO PETTITTE STILL REMAINS ON ESPN.COM'S ARTICLE POSTED 12/12/03, "A Different End if the Red Sox Were Involved." February 23, 2008 -- TAMPA - "For the first time this spring, George Steinbrenner was having lunch at his favorite Legends Field hangout, Max's Cafe. Andy Pettitte came strolling down the hallway on his way home when he spotted The Boss....
  • Pettitte strode into the room. Steinbrenner's eyes lit up. "Hi Andy, great to see you," Steinbrenner said. Steinbrenner warmly shook hands with the pitcher...
Steinbrenner chatted with Pettitte for a short while, happy to talk to one of his championship Yankees."... P.S. The ESPN employee who wrote this article doesn't note Andy's current fame is due to nothing compared to some--like Paul Byrd, Troy Glaus, and many others just lucky not to have been 'NAMED' (ie UNVEILED at International Celebrity Mitchell's 12/13 telecast)-- and who did much worse. Instead of investigating the many "guilty" players who weren't 'NAMED,' so-called "journalists" just hammered Pettitte 24/7. The Yankees were patsies for a travesty of a "report" from conception to delivery by a bunch of back-room billionaires. Most of the "cheats" in baseball are walking around laughing their heads off. Enjoy your stardom at ESPN. Or even the National Geographic Channel--they ran a special just a few days ago on the "report" highlighting certain names .....

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

George Mitchell hires babe to get goods.

At a "point during the investigation, word traveled through the clubhouses that Mitchell had employed an attractive female investigator. After weeks of dealing with middle-aged men in dreary suits, interviewees on one team were jockeying to be interviewed by her.

(What is it about politicians and babes? Oh, impeccable integrity). sm

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Cool picture of Joba & others running

AP photo in NY Times, 2/23/08.

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Consider Cortizone shots 'performance enhancers'--commenter to Howard Bryant article 12/11/07

"Why is it "...injected pain killers, and other practices aren't "performance enhancing".
  • If an athlete wouldn't otherwise be able to suit up, or perform at a "normal" level, but is given something that allows them to, ...such substances are performance enhancing."
Comment by jdmwizard to Howard Bryant article on ESPN.com, 12/11/07, "Friction and Fractures erode faith in Mitchell's investigation" Within first comment to story.

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George Mitchell in Red Sox cap in dugout seeking autographs-at height of investigation-Davidoff, Bryant

  • From Howard Bryant, ESPN, 12/11/07

"Once, before a Red Sox-Yankees game

Davidoff's story gained little traction....

  • "They expected everyone to believe what they say,
  • but they didn't do anything real to change anybody's mind.

It was just his word," one general manager said of Mitchell and his investigators.

  • "They think everybody is stupid.

They really do."

(Most who read baseball blogs would love to work for baseball's hierarchy. So stories like this don't interest them).

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George Mitchell celebrates with Red Sox owners, Dec. 2001

George Mitchell (left) stands with Red Sox owners. His paid directorship was announced immediately after Selig awarded the franchise, Dec. 2001. AP photo

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Minor league catcher hits HR off Santana at Mets BP today

"On Friday, Santana threw 25 pitches to David Wright, Ryan Church, Damion Easley and Salomon Manriquez, the minor-league catcher who nearly stole the show by swatting a changeup into the thick forest beyond the centerfield fence. (a home run)
  • Manriquez, a fellow Venezuelan, belted 16 home runs in 71 games last season for the Rockies' Double-A affiliate, and general manager Omar Minaya praised him later that afternoon. As for Friday's star turn, however, there is an asterisk attached. Like each of the Mets who faced Santana, Manriquez knew the pitch that was coming beforehand. That was part of the deal.
"When you know what's coming, you're bound to barrel one up," Wright said. "He knew the TV cameras were on him. It ruined Santana's perfect game."" (I have no doubt he'll do a great job for the Mets. I'm just mentioning the home run for historical reference. Even in the above article, it wasn't explained well). sm

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Hal: Concerns were "baseball" related, not just money

NY Magazine from Hal Steinbrenner's GQ interview:
  • On speculation that the Steinbrenner brothers may sell the team after their father dies: No, we're absolutely not planning on selling the team.
  • On whether "George" still calls the shots: Of course he's calling the shots. You don't think I'm crazy enough to make a decision without him, do you?"
From NY Magazine, 2/20/08, quotes from GQ. The story's title is later revealed to be misleading.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

MELKY, CANO, ABREU laughing.

Melky is still a Yankee. photo from NYYfans.com, posted by sahara

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Zach Miner not over the hill for closer--Lowe

(John Lowe): "Closers don't have to be real young when they begin their ninth-inning work. On March 12, (Zach) Miner turns 26.
  • That's how old (Mariano) Rivera was when he recorded his first save."
From Detroit Free Press article by John Lowe, "Could Zach Miner be a Closer? Mariano Rivera serves as inspiration for righty reliever," 2/22/08 (end of article)

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Peter Ueberroth to US athletes going to Communist China: DROP DEAD.

  • He says you're just an invited "guest."
AP story: "The U.S. Olympic Committee wants American athletes to focus on being good guests, not outspoken reformers, when they get to the Beijing Olympics.

USOC chairman Peter Ueberroth acknowledged Friday that the upcoming Beijing Games will be different because they'll shine a light on China. But he insists the focus should be on the Olympics, and not so much on their newest host country.

  • ''We don't just go there, we get invited there,'' Ueberroth said Friday at the close of a USOC board meeting. ''We accept the invitation, and then there's a set of rules that are IOC rules. We accept those rules. We expect and are sure that our athletes are going to respect their own country, respect their flag, respect the flag of every other country.''

The International Olympic Committee charter contains bylaws that say the Olympics are not to be used as a political platform. With the games coming to the world's last communist superpower in less than six months, much has been made of China's record on human rights and free speech, to say nothing of its pollution and questionable food-safety practices."....

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Mitchell Report divided into 3 separate lists. List #1 presented worst: any Radomski/McNamee names listed as "steroids." Glaus lucky.

I wondered why Troy Glaus, World Series MVP and "named" a steroids purchaser, wasn't being hammered around the clock for his usage, and in the process I found this list on SportingNews.com from 12/13/07. First, it contains at least one lie and anyone claiming it's true should be sued.
  • #1-The New York clubhouse/IRS investigator's list, which is referred to here as the "steroids" list.
  • #2- "Alleged" internet purchasers, and,
  • #3-Balco names.
Andy Pettitte is listed under the first list, "steroids" list--which is a lie. He has never been connected to steroids. (Among others, David Justice, Chuck Knoblauch, and Mike Stanton haven't been connected to "steroids" and they're on this list). Where is the call for the RETURN OF HIS TAINTED WORLD SERIES MVP TITLE? OR FOR THE REVOCATION OF THE ANGELS' WORLD SERIES TITLE? Glaus's list JUST SAYS HE WAS CONNECTED TO "ALLEGED INTERNET PURCHASES OF PERFORMANCE ENHANCING SUBSTANCES."
DAYS BEFORE THE "MITCHELL REPORT" CAME OUT, GLAUS' STEROIDS OFFENSE WAS JUDGED TO BE "INSUFFICIENT" TO WARRANT PUNISHMENT. This followed a story in SI-- (9/7/07). SO GLAUS WAS GIVEN A PASS FOR A RELATIVELY EGREGIOUS OFFENSE COMPARED TO MANY OTHERS : (From 1/16/08 AP story by Jim Salter in USA Today): ****** "SI.com reported in September that the former World Series MVP received steroids from Signature Pharmacy between September 2003 and May 2004. On Dec. 6, (2007) Major League Baseball said it found insufficient evidence to discipline him."
  • (While "others" became a global story as George Mitchell went on CNN and the others to build it. Last night, 2/21/07, I even saw a special on the National Geographic Channel about the so-called Mitchell report--with certain names and headlines highlighted).
  • (You don't enter into a war unless you're sure you can win it. This list's creator and purveyors correctly decided they could say anything they want about a Yankee, minimize and marginalize certain others, and nothing bad would happen to them).
  • (From SportingNews.com): "Here's a list of most of the names of Major League Baseball players listed in the Mitchell Report.
The following players were connected to steroids, either use or possession, in the report: (List #1)

Chad Allen

Mike Bell

Gary Bennett

Larry Bigbie

Ricky Bones

Kevin Brown

Ken Caminiti

Mark Carreon

Jason Christiansen

Howie Clark

Roger Clemens

Paxton Crawford

Jack Cust

Brendan Donnelly

Chris Donnels

Lenny Dykstra

Matt Franco

Ryan Franklin

Eric Gagne

Jason Grimsley

Jerry Hairston

Phil Hiatt

Matt Herges

Glenallen Hill

Todd Hundley

Wally Joyner

Ryan Jorgensen

Mike Judd

David Justice

Chuck Knoblauch

Tim Laker

Mike Lansing

Paul Lo Duca

Exavier "Nook" Logan

Josias Manzanillo

Cody McKay

Kent Mercker

Bart Miadich

Hal Morris

Daniel Naulty

Denny Neagle

Rafael Palmeiro

Jim Parque

Luis Perez

Andy Pettitte

Adam Piatt

Todd Pratt

Stephen Randolph

Adam Riggs

Brian Roberts

F.P. Santangelo

David Segui

Mike Stanton

Ricky Stone

Miguel Tejada

Derrick Turnbow

Mo Vaughn

Ron Villone

Fernando Vina

Rondell White

Jeff Williams

Todd Williams

Kevin Young

Gregg Zaun

The following players were cited under "Alleged Internet Purchases of Performance Enhancing Substances By Players in Major League Baseball." (LIST #2)

Rick Ankiel

David Bell

Paul Byrd

Jose Canseco

Jay Gibbons

Troy Glaus

Jose Guillen

Darren Holmes

Gary Matthews Jr.

John Rocker

Scott Schoeneweis

Ismael Valdez

Matt Williams

Steve Woodard

The following players were linked through BALCO: (#3)

Marvin Benard

Barry Bonds

Bobby Estalella

Jason Giambi

Jeremy Giambi

Armando Rios

Benito Santiago

Gary Sheffield

Randy Velarde

ESPN article, 12/14/07 reflects the same offhandedness about people like Glaus. Without fear of contradiction by the truth.

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Bob Du Puy talking revenue streams in Florida, Communist China, etc.

"The politicians showed they have faith in baseball." Bob Du Puy on XM 175 (after all it's his channel) with Rob and Kevin. On the latest step toward a new stadium for the Marlins. DU PUY IS EXCITED ABOUT
P.S. After Du Puy's interview, I was shocked to hear an XM host bring up--who else?--the Yankees, in yet another comparison making them look bad and everyone else look good--or at least better. He said the new Marlins stadium will ONLY cost HALF of what the new Yankee stadium will cost, and wow. Therefore the new Marlins stadium must be good. Which it probably will be, I'm just pointing out certain ways the issues are framed.

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Arbitrators see more than "TOTAL SAVE STAT"--K-rod must live with $10m

  • (AP): "By his high standards, Rodriguez is coming off a so-so season. He had a 3.45 ERA in the second half to finish with a 2.81 ERA, his highest since 2003. His 40 saves came in 46 opportunities.

He also gave up a walk-off homer to Manny Ramirez in the second game of the AL division series, when the Angels were swept by Boston.

...Tony Reagins, who replaced the retiring Bill Stoneman as the Angels' general manager in October, said the arbitration hearing was "interesting."

"Obviously, we knew what our case was going in, and it was interesting to see the other side, their perceptions," Reagins said Friday morning before the outcome was announced....

  • Rodriguez recently expressed dissatisfaction that the Angels have not signed him to a long-term contract, and indicated he might leave as a free agent after this season. Although the club has offered him a longer deal several times in the past, he has opted to sign for one year each time.

Its top offer was believed to be around $34 million for three years.

  • Rodriguez was an October hero for the Angels in 2002. A 20-year-old with just five major league appearances, he went 5-1 in the postseason to help the club win its first World Series title."
From AP report, "K-rod Loses Arbitration but will make $10 million," published on SportingNews.com, 2/22/08
  • P.S. The 2007 all star game nearly became another high stakes nightmare for the reliever.

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Minneapolis Star Tribune Sports section lacks buyers--who will pay?

(David Brauer): "I cannot help but commemorate Monday, Feb. 18 — the day the Star Tribune's sports section was 100 percent sponsored by erectile dysfunction potions.
  • And not just any ED elixirs — no, these are the special kinds, so mysterious in the ways of the herb that the Food and Drug Administration does not evaluate them! Aspire36, promising you will "Satisfy Her Like Never Before," and Vazopren, the giver of "Maximum Sexual Performance."

....The two quarter-page ads were the only ones in the eight-page section — a truly abysmal percentage that will get journalists agitated in all the wrong ways.

  • For the record, the Strib is not alone in taking solicitations for these capsules, or their close cousins, the "instructional" sex tapes. A Google search turned up newspaper ads in Memphis, San Jose and Philadelphia, among others. America is long past its plain-brown-wrapper days — and even if this stuff is quack patent medicine, it is legal (and largely unregulatable, thanks to Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, who's spearheaded laws protecting the state's major herbal remedy industry).
Newspapers do have advertising standards, but I'm hard-pressed to tell you what the Strib's currently are. My repeated queries were funneled to the paper's communications honcho, Ben Taylor, who remained incommunicado.... From article by David Brauer, MinnPost.com, "Sex and the Strib Sports Section," 2/22/08. Via Poynter.org/Romenesko

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US Athletes to Boycott Chinese Olympic Food

"Chinese Olympic organisers yesterday criticised US athletes who are bringing their own food to the Games in Beijing this summer instead of trusting local cuisine.

The United States Olympic Committee, which will have more than 600 people in its delegation, is planning to transport its own produce because of fears about public health and food standards in (Communist) China."...

(To protect the rights of McDonalds...Can baseball players refuse to go to Communist China?) sm

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Celebrity Bob Nightengale is right about 3 things.. (By the way, are reporters tested for drugs & alcohol?)

(They have had admitted steroid users in the past, such as Ken Caminiti (now deceased)),
  • 2. but had no active player named in former senator George Mitchell's report on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball.
(Nightengale does not say they had no users. Just "NO ACTIVE PLAYER NAMED." Bob knows most of the players "named" on the so-called Mitchell Report were xeroxed from an IRS investigation of Kirk Radomski and Brian MacNamee, both New York area clubhouse guys. He doesn't mention this, just the "naming" re Mitchell). There was no "need" for media to descend there or anywhere. In fact, if Bob Nightengale and the rest would stay away from ballparks, there would be no "need" for me to post items on this blog. I don't do this for present or future income, but for historical reference. So, if Bob Nightengale et al. continue, so do I.
  • The commenters to Nightengale's article showed much more knowledge about baseball's current state than he did. (By the way, are baseball writers given unannounced drug and alcohol tests, and if not why not? How can their writing be judged free of cheating and lies if they aren't tested?):
  • 1. "Battlehoss: 3h 47m ago
Just one question for the several posters ripping baseball as the all time worst sport, what are you doing even reading an article about baseball if you hate it? Must be a slow day in your lives!"
  • 2. "klynch67 wrote: 11h 31m ago
The reason congress has gotten so involved with baseball is due to the poor leadership of Bud Selig. He is a spineless jellyfish with no leadership abilities. The NBA has had problems, but they have been handled in house due to David Sterns great leadership. Selig should offer amnesty to anyone in the past who would like to come forward and admit using drugs, and then implement a quarterly testing for ALL players with a ONE strike and your out policy. Admit past mistakes and then nip it in the Bud.......pun intended." where is that outrage?"
  • 4. "cne wrote: 13h 47m ago
Baseball- a old man's sport only popular with the nostalgic. For those who are under 35 and are still watching this boring, tainted overpriced and watered down product shake yourself and move on."
  • 5. "GriffeyB8 wrote: 14h 44m ago
I kind of agree with Paul LoDuca.... C'mon dude. Next question. Let it go people. Clemens is out. Bonds is out. Petitte isn't far behind. Anyone left who has used in the past will either stop now or take infinite measures not to get caught. The story is over fish hacks. Move on."
  • 6. "Milos wrote: 14h 45m ago
The Padres are one team that will never be accused of cheating to win. You have to win first for that to happen."
  • (other good comments followed these).
Bob is obsessed about the Yankees. Here, he broke out the Roget's Thesaurus to work in all his feelings about them in his first paragraph:
  • "UGLY"
As an international media celebrity, Nightengale will continue to be invited everywhere. Most will perceive his opinions to be facts. P.S. 'FORTUNATE' ALSO WERE THOSE LIKE PAUL BYRD AND THE INDIANS--IF YOUR NAME MANAGED TO SURFACE SHORTLY BEFORE THE SO-CALLED MITCHELL REPORT, IT LEFT THE SPOTLIGHT TO SHINE MORE BRIGHTLY ON.. OTHERS.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Derek Jeter ranges from SS to home plate--famous 2001 ALDS game 3

With the season on the line, Jeter ranges from SS to home plate to assist in Jeremy Giambi out. Game 3 2001 ALDS @ Oakland. Score 1-0 Yankees. Elimination game--if the Yankees lost, the season would be over. Odds favored Oakland. This was the first game in which the Yankees had a lead v Oakland in over 76 innings.
  • P.S. No one from the University of Pennsylvania or Boston was involved in this play to my knowledge.
photo possibly from nydn


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Things I didn't know about Mel Stottlemyre

  • "He threw 40 shutouts,
  • had a career ERA of 2.97
  • and pitched in five All-Star Games.
  • As a rookie, Stottlemyre faced the Cardinals' Bob Gibson three times in the 1964 World Series.
  • In one game against the Red Sox, he hit an inside-the-park grand slam, and in another against the Washington Senators, he went 5-for-5 and threw a two-hit shutout."
From Seattle P-I article by Jim Moore, "Stottlemyre returns to baseball with newfound perspective," 2/20/08
  • (Good Luck, Mel). sm
P.S. I'm leaving out that he was a Yankee star as that would torpedo the value of his achievements.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Charley Steiner is getting his courage back

He said it in a very low tone of voice, leading into a break at the end of a segment (which happened to be with Jeff Passan), so no time left to be scoffed at by a guest. But still he said it--that "Mariano is the #1 reason for the Yankees' success from 1996-2007." He might never have the courage to say it again, and I doubt he'd fight any of the ESPN/MLB affiliated guests about it (having listened to him for 2+ years on this show). Nevertheless, he took a big risk and I congratulate him.

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Melky bunts

Melky bunts, 2/20/08, photo by Newsday

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Pettitte throws in Tampa

Girardi, Pettitte, photo by Newsday, 2/20/08

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Aside from other issues in Wang's forgettable arbitration, his agent doesn't look so hot

Aside from Randy Levine's unseemly celebrating like he'd just won the World Series, Wang's agents don't sound like they had their sales pitch together for the occasion.

  • From Jon Heyman in SI.com,

"...his (Wang's) representatives also badly overshot when they tried to compare Wang to Michael Jordan -- yes, that M.J.! -- in his hearing. That's why it's no surprise he lost at $4 million....

...Wang's reps emphasized his 19-win total two straight seasons. They also went a little nuts in the hearing room when they described him as "the Michael Jordan of Taiwan,'' and actually produced a graphic depicting how the Taiwanese stock market fluctuated on days he pitched.

  • As the arbitrators ruled: Who cares about that?

MLB is a $6-billion business, with only about $3 million of that coming from Taiwan. Besides, Wang makes millions in endorsements in Taiwan, separate and apart from his Yankees salary. The Yankees pointed that out, and predictably, Wang suffered a tough loss, a rarity for pitcher who normally enjoys incredible support from his team."

CHIEN-MING WANG (Times-Tribune (Scranton) article by D. Collins, "Yanks Win Arbitration Case But...") OVERALL IS STILL UNDERVALUED AND UNDER APPRECIATED. THE YANKEES ARE VERY LUCKY TO HAVE HIM. MYSELF, I'LL ALWAYS TAKE THE GROUND BALL PITCHER. WANG'S GB DOUBLE PLAYS TAKE ALL THE STEAM OUT OF THE OTHER TEAM. (Derek Jeter grounded into a few double plays in the 2007 post season, so I know how it works).
  • (P.S. If "Wins" are so relative--and they obviously are--why hasn't the Congress or Justice Dept. called for hearings on the Cy Young Award? It's worth millions and America's youth are being mislead). sm

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Seeking silver lining re Clemens--commenter finds ESPN

A report states Roger Clemens will no longer be a co-host of an upcoming ESPN Weekend program in Orlando, includes statement by Roger. Comments to the story on SportingNews.com include this:
  • "Good thing for Clemens
TageRycheBlog on Wed Feb 20, 2008 03:48 pm
This is the first positive thing to come out of the steroids manhunt for Clemens. He doesn't have to be associated with the declining wasteland that is ESPN."

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Don't try and BS Shelley Duncan

"With a keen sense of observation: Shelley Duncan asked a couple of reporters why they were suddenly studying the activity on Field No. 3, where Pettitte had arrived for his drills.
  • "We're here to see you," one said.
"I've been here for three days," Duncan replied, "and I haven't seen you.""

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Total Save Stat" --I thought they said it ruined the game?

XM played a recorded piece done by Joe Castellano on the Angels. In the opening he excitedly touted Francisco Rodriguez--and who wouldn't? The superlative he chose to set K-rod apart from the rest? The "total save" stat, saying he had the "most total saves over the past 3 years," at which point I had to turn off the radio. Media guys are not consistent, therefore not believable. I posted Joe Castellano's feelings about relievers' stats a year ago. He expressed different feelings at that time, very emotional ones. "I thought Castellano was going to cry last night (1/5/07) referring to a NY Post article from January 2006, which he said he clipped and has saved ever since. Choking back his emotions, he reads parts of it.
  • He treats the words (Gossage's in the Kevin Kernan article) like they are definitive proof that Rivera is inferior, triumphantly offering some stats supposedly making Gossage sound much better.
One of them was about number of hits given up, but I looked up hits/9, BB/9, and WHIP, regular season only (not even including Mariano's 112.2 post season IP), and none of them made Gossage look better. I believe Joe referred to Mo's 7.05 Hits/9IP like it was something bad, but Goose had 7.45 Hits/9IP, so his point caves in.
  • I had to turn off Joe, who may be a very nice person, but this anti-Mo stuff never ends. I spent about 2 hours today trying to get a copy of Kernan's article, and was able to get the first paragraph, but not the stats Joe spoke of."...
  • (Now referring to Sat. 1/6/07 programming):
  • ..."Then, an hour later I turn on XM again and get a replay of Joe doing the Goose Gossage interview.
  • Within a few seconds, Joe dumps on Mariano, inviting Goose to do the same (saying people "like him" who are only 1 inning pitchers, throaty laugh heh heh, except once in awhile, but you know Goose you were so much more..).
  • Goose says to Joe, yes, you know, "they gave me The Cy Young or the Fireman's Award in 1975," etc. Joe doesn't draw any distinction between the 2. Soon thereafter, Mark Gray comes back on the air cutting out of the replay of the interview, and he references no distinction either. (After about a minute, I had to turn it off again).
  • I looked it up, and I find Gossage has never won the Cy Young Award, but did in fact win the Fireman's Award twice, in 1975 and 1978 from the Sporting News.
  • Mariano Rivera has won it 5 times. The Sporting News changed the name of the award to "Reliever of the Year Award" as of 2000.
Gossage is widely quoted saying he doesn't want to be lumped with Eckersley or with today's player Mariano Rivera (being that Goose feels he was much more than Mo. Did Gossage ever go 107 & 2/3 innings giving up only 1 HR as Mariano Rivera did in late inning relief in 1996? What about Gossage's post season and all star record under the brightest lights? Very poor).
  • Goose proved in the past that he's the powerful baseball media's dream by dumping on Mariano thusly:
  • "It's an insult to me to even be compared to Mariano Rivera, it really is," etc. This statement has appeared in hundreds of places, I got it from the Denver Post, 1/12/06. Since I'd lost interest in listening to questionable material, I don't know if he added this colorful prose to his XM radio interview.
  • Conversely, Mariano has good words about Gossage:
"but Rivera wondered why Goose Gossage has not been inducted. ...," from The Record of No. Jersey, May 25, 2004."
  • (I'm just noting what was said for the record. If MLB objected to what XM hosts were doing they'd be gone.). sm

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Giambi signs in Tampa today

photo by Newsday

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The Son Also Rises...Hank signs in Tampa

photo by Newsday, 2/19/08

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Jon Heyman with Mike and Chris on WFAN today

Jon Heyman, SI, interview on Mike and the Mad Dog, WFAN today. (link to audio)
  • 1. Pettitte got huge applause from fans today in Tampa. He was in good spirits, talked with people. Heyman qualifies his statements by saying he knows and likes Pettitte, but believes him, that he gives him the benefit of the doubt on the 2004 incident because it involved his father. For the record, says "he cheated but he's not a cheater," thinks he'll do well.
  • 2. Damon--saw him today and looks good, much better than he looked coming into last season. Says Damon seriously considered retiring after last year but decided to come back.
  • 3. Jason Giambi looks old.
  • 4. Doesn't like Morgan Ensberg, thinks Houston is 'steroids central' anyway.
  • 5. Discusses the Republican/Democrat thing with Mike and Chris. (They all fail to realize every issue in US government is like what we just saw. It's a hideous environment. Also, as I posted, George Mitchell is seen as a key figure in dethroning the first George Bush).
  • 6. They all think Hank is great copy.

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Getting it right about Mr. Pettitte on an 8/26/07 item

A NY newspaper ran an item about Andy Pettitte on 8/26/07. So far I haven't seen a correction of it. Perhaps one ran and I missed it. Maybe it was Yankee media relations' fault. If a correction hasn't run, does that make the newspaper and the article's author

  • "liars?"
Or are newspapers not obligated to tell the truth or post a "corrections" page online every day? If so, does that make them:
  • superior
  • or "liars" and "cheats"?
The post from 8/26/07: "Extremely powerful (NY Daily News) columnist Bob Raissman's item is titled, "Doubletalk."
  • "What Andy Pettitte said: "I love him (Joe Torre) to death. He is like a dad to me. He is a great manager and great to play for."
  • What Andy Pettitte meant to say: "I love him to death. But remember, that didn't stop me from leaving him to go to Houston for more cash.""
First, the Astros' offer was $7.5 million LESS than the Yankee offer, per ESPN.com, 12/12/03 Second, the Boston Red Sox offered Pettitte much more than Houston or the Yankees, $52 million over 4 years, and Pettitte turned it down. As of 3/19/08, The NY Times article has been altered from its original which I copied verbatim and linked to with attribution Feb.24, 2007 and was still there when I did this post on Feb. 19, 2008. The item about Boston's offer to Pettitte can still be found on and ESPN.com article dated 12/12/03, "Deal is $7.5 million Less Than Yankees' Offer" (referencing the Astro's offer to Pettitte).
Third, it was Torre's superiors in 2003 who called the shots--not Torre.
  • The Yankees left Pettitte no choice when they failed to make a simple phone call to the pitcher in the exlusive window allowed them after the 2003 post season. Andy had spent his entire career in the Yankee organization, had pitched very well for them especially in the post season just passed, didn't get in bar fights or pitch drunk. He was rumored to have an elbow problem, but the Yankees could have addressed the issue in a phone call if that had been their concern. There were open rumors that Steinbrenner wasn't big on Andy and had tried to trade him over a long period of time, at one point to the Phillies. Andy had no reason to think the Yankees wanted him so of course looked at an offer from his home town.
Perhaps the Yankees need to do more in terms of media relations, so misunderstandings like this don't occur in the future. Bob Raissman is an extremely powerful sports media columnist and his words about Andy Pettitte have now gone all around the world. P.S. According to the website, RegrettheError.com, the New York Daily News does not have an online 'Corrections' page (nor an ombudsman). Therefore, if at any time it's concluded an error has occurred, it may be noted in the paper version but not the online version (or neither). So far, there's at least a difference in facts reported among media. I still wondered about this item, so posted it again. (sm)

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