Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Miami" Marlins, formerly the Florida Marlins, not quite done--deMause

(From Field of Schemes): "as the Associated Press reports:
Several issues, including the particularly thorny matter of deciding if city or county police and fire departments will be patrolling the new facility, remain unresolved. An agreement on the police-fire staffing front must be struck within 30 days, or the plan - and maybe the Marlins franchise - would likely be doomed.
"This has to be resolved within 30 days ... so therefore, the inability to resolve this political issue kills baseball in South Florida," Major League Baseball president Bob DuPuy said. "That's the consequence."

Is it still an ultimatum when they make the same threat every year? Maybe it's a penultimatum."

(The kind of person Mr. DuPuy is--he shows you year in and year out he'd take the last dollar of a starving person--people who buy tickets to MLB baseball are most at fault). sm

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