Thursday, March 23, 2006

Some "Collective Sacrifice"-a talking point on WBC

They all whine, owners MUST sacrifice, they MUST...where did this talking point come from? Get this, you water carriers--it's the players, their families, their team mates, the vendors, parking lot attendants, and lastly the FANS who lose the most. But, why bother you with reality--you're only about peddling hate. The fact that anyone thought of this ridiculous talking point shows the depths to which greedy & publicity-hungry operators like Selig, Orza, communist regimes, & many baseball writers & announcers will go. As Deadspin noted today, the Wall Street Journal reports MLB executives estimate a PROFIT of $10-$15 million. And they all ran with the headline that we need to "learn lessons from Cuba." DID YOU MORONS MENTION THE CUBAN PLAYERS WEREN'T ALLOWED TO LEAVE THEIR HOTEL ROOMS TO MEET OTHER PLAYERS IN THE SO-CALLED WORLD CLASSIC? THEY WERE SURROUNDED BY ARMED GUARDS SO THEY COULDN'T ESCAPE? THE CUBANS WEREN'T ALLOWED TO TAKE BP OR FIELDING PRACTICE BEFORE MANY OF THEIR GAMES TO PREVENT ANYONE ELSE FROM SEEING HOW THEY PLAYED. YOU THINK MAYBE FAILURE TO TAKE PRACTICE MIGHT BE DETRIMENTAL TO PLAYERS WHO'VE PUT THEIR LIVES INTO THIS EVENT? GEE, THAT'S A GREAT LESSON. And, these low-lifes at MLB say some share of a team's profits will go to the players. How do the hapless fans who paid for this get to see substantiation for that?

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