Monday, March 20, 2006

ESPN.com writer Jayson Stark re WBC

Unfortunately, Jayson sounds like a scolding father, or as if he's in charge of other peoples' lives. He emphatically states 'owners MUST SACRIFICE' to get more players into it and earlier. Who the heck is he? It's pressure like this that lost the Nationals a pitcher for the season. Is Stark going to pay them AND THEIR FANS for their loss? The powers that be have gotten most of the baseball writers to haul the WBC train for them--nice. So, Stark says HE 'was told' the US team was going to start practice on Feb. 1. By whom? And who cares? No one had the authority to do that anyway. This is more of an endless stream of hype beating certain themes into the ground to get headlines. There are good things about the WBC and bad things. But I can't listen to the same garbage from paid shills with companies who have a specific interest. If they want to balance their coverage with opposing or objective views, fine.

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