Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Review of "Field of Schemes" finds little separation between media and ruling elite

(Review by Progress Report--10 YEARS AGO: "...how and why elected officials, corporations
  • and the landed media
are making the US into another USSR or pre-Revolutionary France. And it's a clear window through which to view the drama, the spiritual, emotional, psychological, social and economic effects this whirlpool deterioration is having on the American population."
"in this case, it isn't just people and machines you can see are being destroyed, it's hearts, souls and dreams, Field of Schemes will show you the irrefutable proof of how corporations and big-money individuals get the cooperation of local officials
  • in back-room agendas
that journalists are literally paid not to mention -
  • - or haven't the guts to expose for fear of being the next writer suddenly fired and blackballed.
It isn't a bunch of hearsay, either, but documented fact after documented fact. I recommend this book very, very highly to anyone who cares about the direction in which our nation is headed. It doesn't matter whether you care about professional sports; if you care about anything, you must read this book.
  • And keep a handkerchief nearby."
From The Progress Report review in 1998 of book "Field of Schemes"
  • ***(Yet many who read or write baseball blogs would give anything to be part of this. Not a good sign).***sm

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