Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bobby Valentine, current mgr. of Japanese team, on WFAN with Mike and Chris

Valentine of course former manager of the NY Mets, discusses play in Japan (his team played against Matsuzaka in the same league). Also:
  • Very high on Matsuzaka, says he was "born to be on the mound." Has a variety of breaking pitches, but Valentine isn't aware Matsuzaka has ever said he has a "gyro" ball.
  • He pitched every 6 days in Japan, will pitch every 5 in US, Valentine sees no problem.
  • Mike asks how he compares to Pedro, & Valentine says Pedro was more "electric."
  • Valentine had not known the final posting amount of $51.1 M until Chris & Mike told him.
  • Regarding WBC and Valentine's own team this year: 8 FROM VALENTINE'S TEAM WERE IN THE WBC, 4 WHO WERE PITCHERS BLEW OUT HALF-WAY THROUGH THE REGULAR SEASON. (I must've missed this small item amidst the national radio and tv campaign against Steinbrenner for wanting to protect his pitchers).
  • Valentine continues to manage a Japanese team, but is also going to Dubai this winter to try and set up some baseball teams.
  • Chris Russo opened the show congratulating ORESTES DESTRADE AS THE ONLY GUY TO GET THE WINNING BID CORRECT.

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