Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MLB umpires have carbon emissions per greenmail shakedown thugs

Under the guise of saving the planet, 80% of the money went for administration or was totally unaccounted for. The global warming business has layers of advisory and marketing companies which can be resistant to accountability (as in this case). Nevertheless, MLB is very involved with it, and the Florida Marlins even had a "carbon neutral game." But today came news that a big deal Florida geen fund associated with Green Mountain Energy (a 'marketing firm') has been a scam:

...In April, the U.S. Department of Energy called the program, Sunshine Energy, one of the top 10 residential green power programs in the country.

  • On Tuesday, angry state regulators killed the program by a unanimous vote after a Public Service Commission staff
  • audit found that about 80 percent of the contributions went for marketing and other administrative expenses.

The staff reported that about $1.8 million of the $9.6 million FPL customers contributed over a four-year span went to purchase renewable energy."...

  • The program started in 2004. Since then, FPL kept about $1 million to administer the program
  • and passed the rest along to a subcontractor, Texas-based

Green Mountain Energy, to purchase renewable energy.

  • No Transparency

For about a year, PSC staffers have tried to get detailed information about how Green Mountain spent the money. The staff estimated about

  • 80 percent went for nonenergy expenses.

Its report noted that FPL told the staff 75 percent of the money went for program management, marketing and administration,

  • but the staff said it had a hard time proving

Re: Green Mountain Energy and Native Energy share founder:

  • Green Mountain Energy,

a CCX associate partner that describes itself as "the nation's leading retail provider of cleaner energy and carbon-offset solutions. Green Mountain offers residential, business, institutional and governmental customers an easy way to purchase cleaner, affordable electricity products, as well as

  • the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint."

In other words, Green Mountain sells advisory services to energy users, alerting them to

  • in groups like Native Energy."...

Native Energy, known to MLB as the Seattle Mariners purchased some "carbon offsets" from them. MLB.com press release on "Earth Day:"

  • (4/22/08): "More than 230 short tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution will be generated from these energy-use activities. To offset the impact of these emissions, the Mariners will purchase

a leading carbon offsets company that helps build and support new renewable energy projects, and 58,000 kWh of "green power" credits from the Seattle City Light Green Up program. This is part of a much broader overall initiative, all posted on the club's Web site."

  • The problem, as seen in the Florida P&L article, is no one knows where the money is going. If and when they're able to find out, the money can be wasted and gone. (sm)
"CANASTOTA, N.Y. - A privately held American Indian energy company has teamed up with Al Gore in delivering the former vice president's message of global warming to millions of people around the world. NativeEnergy, whose logo can be found on the back of NativeEnergy also boasts celebrity raw sewage dumper the Dave Matthews Band on their client list. (NativeWind.org). 9/15/05. It was the Dave Matthews band's responsibility and judgment that was "involved" in this heinous act. Their guy also denied it at first, and
  • only admitted the truth when video evidence emerged showing the crime.
The Dave Matthews band gets no more chances, no more pr after this display.


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