Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thousands of young boys in Dominican leave school to pursue baseball, end up living in the street--Listin Diario

11/27/10, Santo Domingo: "One issue of concern in our country is the large number of people who are dedicated to establishing training programs for baseball players, with the purpose of being signed for the professionalism,
  • without there being the slightest control over them.

This is the fashion business in the Dominican Republic and anyone looking for a site, hired two or three coaches and meets a group of boys, who

  • convinces them to leave school and devote themselves solely to practice and play ball.

The problem lies in the fact that only a very low percentage of these young people get to be drafted by a Major League organization, which leads to the rest, the vast majority, failing to achieve its objective, it becomes part of the thousands and thousands of

  • unemployed and criminals that proliferate on our streets, fluke or committing crimes in order to live, because they can not do anything else.
These programs should be monitored to meet certain standards, such as implementing a core curriculum for the preparation of those guys, because if not,
  • the army of illiterates in the country unfortunately continue to grow.

What is the problem? The situation of thousands and thousands of young people leaving school to pursue an early age at baseball practice

  • is a social conflict of dire consequences.

Are boys without any preparation, which can barely read or write.

By participating in the so-called independent programs, a Russian roulette bet and lose the vast majority of the time. But worst of all, you do not lose them alone, but their families and country.

For these kids, signing a contract is a matter of life or death, and the few that realize their goal, can achieve wealth and fame, but those who did not become a scourge of society that do not perish needs its members study, train and become useful people.

Truancy A few days ago, while walking in the morning the streets of Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center with my wife, at the sight of she who is Spanish, hundreds of youngsters aged 12 to 15 years, playing baseball or doing exercises in the various programs operating in the sports park, she who is Spanish (from Spain), I asked,

  • if no authority is worried
  • that those guys were out of the classroom during school hours.

Without waiting for reply he told me, if in Spain, police were called to his parents or guardians to explain because young people of school age

  • were in the streets and not attending a school.

Unconcern Unfortunately, here nothing is done to correct this tragedy and who should ensure that this does not happen, look the other way.

If you want to realize the dimensions of this problem, simply shop around for another day around the Palace of Sports and the Olympic stadium in COJPD and realize that I'm not exaggerating.

Nobody is paying attention to this issue and should be reversed, because education is a pillar that supports the development

  • and social peace in a nation.

The vast majority of the ills that beset us are a product of the lack of training of people and unfortunately for us, every day increases the number of people who do not attend school, for many reasons.

Something must be done Many people protest all the obstacles that are getting prospects, so they can be signed and denounce the ill-treatment of these boys and their families during investigations that make MLB representatives to determine their age and verify their identities.

  • However, almost no one is noticing the huge number of young people who do not study, in its eagerness to be drafted into professional baseball.

Let us take care of this situation, because so much is at stake."

Column from Listin Diario, 11/27/10, by Mario Emilio Guerrero, "Must be regular baseball programs" google translation from Spanish. original Spanish


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