Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Doesn't expect D'back TV guys to go as far as calling balls and strikes, but...

(East Valley Tribune): "The mute button on my remote control generally is reserved for commercials, local news reporters who hyperventilate at the first sight of rain...

  • Last week, however, I did something I rarely ever do when watching a game. I silenced the broadcasters.

The occasion was last Wednesday’s contest between the Diamondbacks and Chicago Cubs at Chase Field. Now, I’m not one who hates the broadcast team of Daron Sutton and Mark Grace. Nor am I president of their fan club....

  • It was early in the Cubs-Diamondbacks game. The third inning, I believe. Anyway, Sutton and Grace were on one of their jags when they’re focused more on fans and signs than they are on the game.

Normally, the diversion lasts for a couple of minutes or so. But not this time.

They prattled on ceaselessly, it seemed, about the fans in the Redheads section — a promotional stunt started by Sutton and Grace earlier this season. Every other camera shot was of a fan holding up a sign or showing off his red wig.

The game became so secondary that when Diamondbacks outfielder Chris Burke came to bat it took Sutton three pitches before he identified who was at the plate....

I’m not asking for Sutton and Grace to start calling out every ball and strike. They aren’t doing But it would be nice if they’d spend more time talking about the players and less time about the Redheads."...
  • (Moral of the story: Baseball is best on radio). sm
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