Monday, April 14, 2008

According to Bud Selig, man-made global warming is a threat and "carbon offsets" and the NRDC are the solution

Is your team "progressive" and if so how much does it cost you? Is your team made to feel inferior or not with-it because it's not a slave to the international media frenzy involving billions of dollars and the sovereignty of our country? (excluding China, of course)? (MLB.com): "The NRDC Team Greening Advisor for Major League Baseball will work with each individual club on a host of topics, including:

Adopting an official environmental policy

Encouraging the use of renewable energy

The NRDC features scientists such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Laurie David, and Robert Redford on its Board of Trustees. The NRDC also started the later debunked "alar" craze about apples in the 1980's. It's good to be cautious about chemicals in foods, but the group's information and tactics were harmful to many. From a recent Al Gore seminar, Newsbusters.com 4/11/08, lists company names he promoted: I'm in favor of clean air, clean water, a minimum of international air travel, and realize that these things have costs attached to them. But not to the degree that has taken over baseball, all with an eye to global bureaucrats and corrupt countries screaming for US dollars. No one knows who will pocket the dollars, but if you don't sign up, you're not "progressive" or with-it.

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