Saturday, February 24, 2024

Andy Pettitte in Tampa is among guest instructors at Yankee Spring Training

2/20/24, Plenty of former @Yankees in camp. Willie Randolph, CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte [age 51], Bernie Williams, and Nick Swisher.” Otis Livingston, @CBSNewYork

Above, 2/20/24, Andy Pettitte in Tampa with looks like Hal Steinbrenner


2/20/24, Former Yankees lefties [Sabathia and Pettitte] watching bullpens this morning, Erik Boland twitter



2/25/2019, Pettitte gained an official title with the organization on Monday [2/25/2019], as he was named a special advisor to general manager Brian Cashman....mlb.com


Added: Andy is cheered by postseason crowd in chilly New York, October 25, 2009. ALCS game 6, Final 5-2, Yankees over LA Angels...(Baseball Reference, scroll down)

Andy Pettitte waves to crowd, ALCS game 6, 10/25/09, ap


Added: As foretold: 13 years earlier, Oct. 24, 1996 World Series game 5, winning pitcher Andy Pettitte in 1-0 shutout, Yankees v Braves in Atlanta, Yankees 1, Braves 0: Andy: 8.1 IP, 96 pitches. Losing pitcher, John Smoltz:

Above, Oct. 24, 1996, World Series game 5, score 1-0 Yankees, bottom of the 9th, one out, Joe Torre relieves starting pitcher Andy Pettitte, you tube.


Two days later, 10/26/1996, World Series game 6, Yankees defeat Braves 3-2 and win 1996 World Series. MLB video:




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Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Discussion of Yankee ownership’s use of analytics with Zack Britton on “Foul Territory” podcast, 2/6/24, You Tube

If you like a guy, you can make that guy look really good in some areas. If you don’t like a guy, you can make him look really bad in some areas.…Britton, @57:28

2/6/24, Ex-Yankees pitcher doubles down on analytics criticism: ‘Disconnect’ exists,” nj.com, Bridget Hyland, nj advance media for nj.com

“After retiring in November, Zack Britton shared that he felt that while he was with the Yankees, there was a “disconnect” between the analytics and the players.

Speaking on “Foul Territory” on Tuesday [Feb. 6], the 2016 Mariano Rivera Reliever of the Year award winner doubled down on his assertion. [@55:57, Discussion of Yankee analytics begins. @57:15, “Disconnect” reference]

“So the Yankees had a lot [of analytics],” Britton said. “And I would I would say, yeah, the communication is just not a strength in the in the game today. I feel like there’s there [are] a lot of people in every single clubhouse kind of pulling in different directions, unfortunately. At the end of the day, it’s about getting results on the field. So you want your front office, you want your analytical department, your players or coaches to all be given the same message to players. And I don’t know every organization, but I know with New York and referencing what [Aaron] Judge said, there was just that disconnect there of good communication, on kind of filtering out the noise of analytics.

The truth is, it’s numbers and

you can manipulate them any way that you want.

If you like a guy, you can make that guy look really good in some areas.

If you don’t like a guy, you can make him look really bad in some areas.

So I think the issue is just more about communication, when it comes to it and I still think we’re struggling with that in the game.”

Britton was referencing comments Yankees slugger Aaron Judge made after the season.

“We get a lot of numbers, but I think we might be looking at the wrong ones and maybe should value some other ones that some people might see as having no value,” Judge told reporters in October. “But when you’re playing 162 games, you’ve got to grind, and you’ve got to play through things. I think there are certain things you can’t put a number on.”

Britton made similar comments in November while speaking on “The Show” with The New York Post’s Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman.

“I just know as a player there, a lot of times in the clubhouse I felt like there was this disconnect between some of the things that we were presented with and what we were seeing on the field as players. And sometimes that creates, you know, that rift which is not what you want. From a clubhouse culture standpoint, you want everything to mesh well together, whether it be the communication from the front office, to the play on the field, and I felt that sometimes the two just weren’t connecting well.

“What the players were saying, we were like, ‘Hey, we should be doing this, and this has been working well.’ Then sometimes the way that that was implemented through the data didn’t line up, and I don’t think I’m the only player that feels that way.”

The Orioles traded Britton to the Yankees in 2018. He missed most of final season with the Yankees in 2022 while recovering from Tommy John surgery and then announced his retirement from baseball in November 2023.”



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Friday, July 21, 2023

View from Yankee radio booth in Anaheim as seen by Erik Boland

7/19/23, “Erik Boland @eboland11...Big thanks, as always, to John [Sterling] and Suzyn [Waldman], who for last eight years or so have allowed me to sit with them in their booth here in Anaheim. It’s as great as you would imagine.”…Erik Boland, Yankee beat writer from Newsday

Above, 7/19/23, Erik Boland twitter

Yankees swept by Angels in 3 games...July 17, Angels 4-3 over Yankees in 10

.July 18, Angels 5-1 over Yankees,

July 19, Angels 7-3 over Yankees, 


Added: Longtime Yankee radio voices Suzyn Waldman and John Sterling had their own Bobble Head night at Yankee Stadium on Friday, August 19, 2022, via Eric Boland twitter, 3/25/22…WFAN says they’re “talking” bobble heads.

John and Suzyn broadcast every Yankee game on radio, WFAN AM&FM in NY metro. August 19 will be Blue Jays at Yankees


Added: John Sterling home calls on twitter



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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Colorado Rockies have pre-game tribute for DJ LeMahieu, 7/14/23, Yankees at Rockies

July 14, 2023, “Shannon @LoveTheRox, “Pre-game tribute to DJ LeMahieu,”” DJ LeMahieu, Baseball Reference

Above, 7/14/23…..Final score 7/14/23, Rockies 7, Yankees 2, DJ has 2 hits….Final score 7/15/23, Yankees 6, Rockies 3, DJ has 3 hits


Comment: As a Yankee fan since 1996, by 2019 I’d accepted that we’d never have any base-hits type hitters. Suddenly, I noticed that some new guy was getting base hits and I said who is this guy? Is this a mistake? How did we get this guy? Of course the hitter and new Yankee was DJ LeMahieu.




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Thursday, May 25, 2023

John Sterling is expected to return to Yankee radio booth on June 6, 2023-Marchand

5/24/23, “John Sterling missing more Yankees games due to illness, NY Post, Andrew Marchand

“John Sterling will miss this weekend’s home series against the Padres and will skip the Yankees’ West Coast trip next week because he is under the weather.

Sterling, 84, is expected to return to the Yankee [radio] broadcast booth on June 6. [White Sox at Yankees]

While his illness is keeping him out, it was not described as serious.

John Sterling missing more Yankees games due to illness

Charles Wenzelberg/NY Post

Don’t worry about me, you can tell your readers,” Sterling told The Post. “I’ll be back soon.”

After not going to Seattle or Los Angeles next week, Sterling will have missed 23 of the Yankees first 61 games.

[MLB Scoreboard]

Justin Shackil will replace Sterling as Suzyn Waldman’s partner [in the Yankee radio booth] on all the games.

WFAN hired Shackil this year so he could spell Sterling when needed.”


Comment: John, of course take all the time you need to restore your health. In the meantime, I can’t listen to Yankee radio at all without you in the booth. Jeff Nelson is the only one who’d be an acceptable substitute for you, but instead we’re given an unlistenable chirpy nightmare, Shackil. From what I’ve read, he thinks calling enough minor league games is the main prerequisite for calling major league games. Not so. The first requirement is to be a natural talker. You can call 10,000 minor league games, and if you’re not a natural talker, you won’t be any better in the big leagues. All the “play by play” guys today are exactly the same as Shackil: chirpy, robotic clones. None of them belong on radio. If anything, they’re only suited for nationally televised games during which you can mute the audio. Radio of course is a conversation with one other person. Shackil doesn’t know that, he thinks he’s talking on a PA system to a crowd at a noisy carnival. You’re the only one left on radio who talks in a normal conversational tone in the booth. None of these cookie cutter guys today are natural talkers as you are and are thus incapable of doing give and take conversation. As a listener, you know they’re terrified of making a mistake, so they mainly stay frozen within themselves. Of course John Sterling also has the perfect voice for radio. Shackil mentioned he was most impressed by the advice you gave him to “be himself.” That would be fine if Shackil actually had a “self.” He’s just a robot.




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Thursday, April 27, 2023

There is a woman who broadcasts for the Yankees named Suzyn Waldman. She knows more about baseball than anyone I’ve ever heard-4/27/23, Commenter at Free Republic

4/27/23, As it happens, Suzyn “was the first woman to become a fulltime MLB broadcaster.She became a baseball fan when as a little girl in Massachusetts, her grandfather took her to Red Sox games.

From Free Republic:

“To: swingdoc; Blurb2350

There is a woman who broadcasts for the Yankees named Suzyn Waldman. I’m not sure how entertaining she is, but

22 posted on 4/27/2023, 12:57:15 AM by nickcarraway”
Article posted on Free Republic 4/27/2023, 12:11:08 AM by nickcarraway

…..4/26/23, “ESPN Fires MLB Reporter Marly Rivera for Calling Fellow Reporter ‘X X’,” New York Post ^ |  | Andrew Marchand


Added: On Friday, Aug. 19, 2022, Suzyn Waldman and her radio partner John Sterling were honored with their own Talking Bobblehead Day at Yankee Stadium

Fri., 8/19/22, Yankee Stadium Radio Booth, “JOHN STERLING & SUZYN WALDMAN TALKING #BOBBLEHEADUNBOXING,” Keith MacPherson, WFAN twitter

Yankees unfortunately lost the game to the Blue Jays, 4-0. John Sterling has been radio play-by-play voice of the NY Yankees since 1989. Color analyst Suzyn Waldman has been with Sterling in the radio booth since 2005, and has covered and broadcast the Yankees since 1986.

July 25, 2022, New York Yankees longtime broadcaster Suzyn Waldman picked for Radio Hall of Fame,” espn.com

“NEW YORK — Yankees radio broadcaster Suzyn Waldman, MLB Network and Sirius XM Radio host Chris Russo and rock DJ Carol Miller were selected Monday for induction into the Radio Hall of Fame.

Radio hosts Broadway Bill Lee and Lon Helton, radio personality Ellen K and radio executives Jeff Smulyan and Marv Dyson also will be inducted in a ceremony in Chicago on Nov. 1.

The eight were chosen in secret voting by more than 600 industry professionals and the Hall’s nominating committee.

Waldman, 75, is in her 36th season [as of 2022] covering or broadcasting the Yankees, her 18th as a radio color commentator. She was the first woman to become a fulltime MLB broadcaster.

Suzyn has informed and entertained Yankees fans with precision and care for 36 years, [as of 2022]” the Yankees said in a statement. “This accomplishment is the deserved result of decades of hard work and dedication to her craft, and we would be remiss to not laud her professionalism and resolve while staring down countless obstacles as a pioneering woman in her field.”

Russo, 62, nicknamed “Mad Dog,” was hired by New York’s WFAN in 1988 and gained notoriety as cohost of “Mike and the Mad Dog” with Mike Francesa from 1989 to 2008. Russo has been with Sirius XM since 2008 and the MLB Network since 2014.

Miller worked at WNEW-FM in 1973, then briefly for WQIV-FM before gaining wide attention at WPLJ-FM from 1975 to 1983. She returned to WNEW-FM in 1984 for 17 years, then worked at WXRK (K-ROCK) and began at Sirius XM, where she still works. She also has been at WAXQ-FM since 2004 and has a nationally syndicated show “Carol Miller’s Get the Led Out” for United Stations Radio Networks.

Ellen K, 59, was born Ellen J. Thoe and broadcast at KIIS-FM from 1990 to 2015 before switching to KOST. She has a nationally syndicated “Ellen K Weekend Show” on iHeartMedia stations.

Smulyan, 75, is founder and CEO of Emmis Communications. He was controlling owner of Major League Baseball’s Seattle Mariners from 1989 to 1992.”

The Associated Press contributed to this story.



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Friday, April 14, 2023

John Sterling call of Anthony Volpe's first major league home run, 4/14/23: “Anthony Volpe! A spettacolo oggi! Ohhh the fox socks one to left!” Translation: "A show today!"

4/14/2023, Anthony Volpe! A spettacolo oggi! Ohhh the fox socks one to left!” John Sterling call of Anthony Volpe’s first home run in major leagues. Click on link to hear audio of Sterling’s live call. Twins at Yankees, first inning Friday, 4/14/23.  Italian to English translation: “A show today!”


Above, 4/14/23, from John Sterling Calls twitter 




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Friday, November 18, 2022

MLB signed long term deal with FTX to be its “Official Cryptocurrency Brand,” included FTX emblem on all umpires’ uniforms. FTX also made deal with MLB Players, Inc.-June-July 2021

7/13/2021,Umpires are wearing FTX patches on their shirts tonight. This is an advertisement and will remain on there for the rest of the season,” sportslogosnet twitter…11/18/2022, FTX files bankruptcy.

Financial terms of the MLB sponsorship weren’t disclosed, though an FTX spokesman told CoinDesk it’s a five-year deal.”.."FTX.US will become MLB’s first-ever umpire uniform patch partner.”


“Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Partners with America’s National Pastime to Expand Brand Awareness Worldwide”

BERKELEY, Calif., June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — FTX Trading Limited and West Realm Shires Services Inc., owners and operators of FTX.COM and FTX.US (collectively, “FTX”), and Major League Baseball (MLB), today announced a new long-term, global partnership. FTX.US has partnered with MLB in relation to the US, and FTX.COM internationally. FTX.COM and FTX.US have, together, established FTX as the Official Cryptocurrency Exchange brand of MLB. This deal, 

the first-ever partnership between a professional sports league and a cryptocurrency exchange, was established to create increased brand awareness for FTX

and continued innovation for MLB.

In addition, FTX.US has formed an agreement with MLB Players Inc., a subsidiary of the MLB Players Association that manages all of the commercial activities for the organization. FTX will have group player rights

which allows the organization to use

highlights of players in content creation.

FTX.US will become MLB’s first-ever umpire uniform patch partner. Beginning with the MLB All-Star Game, presented by Mastercard, on July 13th, an FTX.US logo patch will adorn

all umpire uniforms for regular season, Postseason, Spring Training and Jewel Event games.

This new agreement also provides FTX with worldwide marketing rights associated with MLB marks, logos and special events. Fans will see applicable FTX brand promotion around nationally televised MLB games, MLB.com, MLB Network, MLB.TV, social media platforms and more high impact baseball media. FTX and MLB will announce additional partnership activation details at a later date.

FTX CEO and Founder Sam Bankman-Fried commented on the news, 

“It’s an honor for FTX to be the first cryptocurrency exchange

to be associated with the history and tradition of America’s national pastime.

FTX.COM and FTX.US are excited to enter this first-of-its-kind partnership with Major League Baseball. At FTX, we strive each day to make a positive global impact, and there is no better

partner for us to achieve this goal with than with MLB and its international fan base.

We look forward to announcing further details of our long-term partnership throughout the remainder of this year.”

MLB Chief Revenue Officer, Noah Garden stated, “This is an incredibly exciting announcement for everyone in Major League Baseball

as we partner with a global leader in the early stages of their unbelievable growth.

FTX quickly cultivated itself into a worldwide leader in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry and continues to build on 

its already impressive reputation.

Our fans have been early adopters in using new technologies to engage with our game. 

We cannot wait to start collaborating with Sam and the entire FTX team.”


About FTX.US

FTX.US is a US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, built from the ground up. Our mission is for FTX.US to grow the digital currency ecosystem, offer US traders a platform that inspires their loyalty and become the market leading US cryptocurrency exchange by volume over the next two years.

To learn more about FTX.US, please visit: https://ftx.us/


FTX.COM is a cryptocurrency exchange built by traders, for traders. It offers innovative products, including industry-leading derivatives, options and volatility products, tokenized stocks, prediction markets, leveraged tokens and an OTC desk. FTX.COM strives to be an intuitive yet powerful platform for all kinds of users, and to be the most innovative exchange in the industry.  FTX.COM has grown quickly since its founding, becoming one of the most respected cryptocurrency exchanges in the world in less than 2 years.

To learn more about FTX.COM, please visit: https://ftx.com/

FTX.COM is not available to US residents or residents of other prohibited jurisdictions, as set out in its Terms of Service.

About MLB Players, Inc.

MLB Players, Inc. is the business arm of the Major League Baseball Players Association. The Major League Baseball Players Association (www.MLBPLAYERS.com) is the collective bargaining representative for all professional baseball players of the thirty Major League Baseball teams and serves as the exclusive group licensing agent for commercial and licensing activities involving active Major League Baseball Players. On behalf of its members, it operates the Players Choice licensing program and the Players Choice Awards, which benefit the needy through the Major League Baseball Players Trust (www.PlayersTrust.org), a charitable foundation established and run entirely by Major League Baseball players. Follow: @MLB_Players; @Peloteros_MLB; @MLBPlayersTrust; @MLBPlayersInc and @MLBPlayersMedia.

Matt Bourne or David Hochman, MLB Communications, (212) 931-7878, mlbpressbox.com, @MLB_PR

Jay Morakis, M Group Strategic Communications, (646) 859-5951, ftx@mgroupsc.com

Silvia Alvarez, Major League Baseball Players Association, (646) 285-1819, mlbplayers.com, @MLB_PLAYERS





Added: Financial terms of the MLB sponsorship weren’t disclosed, though an FTX spokesman told CoinDesk it’s a five-year deal.”

6/23/2021, FTX Strikes Sponsorship Deal With MLB, Umpires to Wear Crypto Exchange’s Logo,Zack Seward, Coin Desk via Yahoo Finance

“Fresh on the heels of the unveiling of the [Miami Heat] FTX Arena in Miami, the crypto exchange is becoming the Official Cryptocurrency Exchange brand of MLB,” FTX and Major League Baseball said in an announcement Wednesday.

The data-minded traders at FTX crunched the numbers and found sports naming rights to yield the best return on investment for their marketing spending, a source with knowledge of the matter told CoinDesk. Earlier this month, FTX reached a $210 million naming-rights deal with esports team TSM.

Under the baseball deal, FTX branding will appear on all umpire uniforms starting at the All-Star Game in Denver on July 13 and continue into the postseason.

MLB is calling FTX its “first-ever umpire uniform patch partner.”

An MLB spokesman said images of the patch are not yet available.

“FTX.COM and FTX.US are excited to enter this first-of-its-kind partnership with Major League Baseball,”

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried said in the statement.

“We look forward to announcing further details of our long-term partnership throughout the remainder of this year.”

In a tweet, Bankman-Fried said FTX and MLB have plans on 

“collaborating on products and experiences together.” The deal

includes a provision with the MLB Players Association to “use highlights of players in content creation,” according to Wednesday’s press release.

Naming rights for the Miami Heat arena went for $135 million in a 19-year deal.

Financial terms of the MLB sponsorship weren’t disclosed,

though an FTX spokesman told CoinDesk

it’s a five-year deal.

Calls to the MLB Players Association were not returned by press time.”




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Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Former Yankee pitcher Jeff Nelson filling in for Suzyn Waldman on Yankee radio for Texas Rangers series, final 4 games of season

10/2/22, “Jeff Nelson @NYnellie43, I’ll be filling in for Suzyn and working with John Sterling for the Texas series on WFAN. Hope everyone listens and enjoys.” WFAN twitter…Game one of four, 3-1 Yankees over Rangers. Double header on Tues., 10/4, final game Wed. 10/5.

Above, 10/2/22, WFAN radio twitter

Above, Jeff Nelson image from his twitter page


Jeff Nelson was a relief pitcher for the NY Yankees from 1996 through 2000 and again in 2003 where he contributed to ALCS game 7 (photos below). He began his career with Seattle Mariners from 1992-1995, returned there in 2001, 2002, and 2005. In 2004, played for Texas Rangers and in 2006 for a short time with Chicago White Sox.

Photo above, Jeff Nelson cheering after 2003 ALCS game 7, Yankees win 6-5 in 11 innings, Nelson’s fellow reliever Mariano Rivera was winning pitcher, Rivera was also ALCS MVP. Jeff Nelson has dark blue sweater/shirt. Mo pitched scoreless 9, 10th, and 11th, 48 pitches, with score tied. As game ended, Rivera ran back out and happily collapsed on the mound. Jeff Nelson, 10 pitches, was among 6 Yankee pitchers that night, Oct. 16, 2003. Entering bottom of the 8th Yankees trailed by 3 runs, Boston 5, Yankees 2.

In the 8th, the Yankees tied the score at 5-5. Aaron Boone was brought in as a pinch runner in the 8th for Ruben Sierra. In the top of the 9th, score tied 5-5, Mariano Rivera was brought in to pitch. Pinch runner Aaron Boone remained in the game, went to 3B. Rivera continued in the 10th and 11th, score still tied. In bottom of the 11th, Aaron Boone (brought in as a pinch runner in the 8th), was the first batter, hit home run off Tim Wakefield, game over, 6-5 Yankees. In photo below, Jeff Nelson is seen on right as team hoisted Rivera. (Mass Live image)


Added: Jeff Nelson has also recently appeared on YES Network with Michael Kay and in studio with Bob Lorenz:

Above, 9/17/22, Jeff Nelson with Michael Kay

Above, 9/4/22, Jeff Nelson with Bob Lorenz


My comment: Been waiting ten years, since Tues., Sept. 25, 2012, to hear former Yankee relief pitcher Jeff Nelson back on Yankee radio filling in for Suzyn. He was a natural, very glad he’s back. Good voice which I wish he'd use in lower registers but otherwise he checks off in everything that matters to me for someone in the Yankee radio booth. I usually immediately turn off anyone they put in the Yankee radio booth who's not John or Suzyn. Jeff Nelson is the only exception so far in 26 years of listening. I just want to hear two people talking to me as if in normal conversation. (Sterling's home run calls are the exception and are tremendous). Every guy they bring in to fill in for John or Suzyn has the same problem: They don't belong on radio. They're not natural talkers. They're a stream of affectations, chirping, continually raising and lowering their voices by a few octaves in the belief that people will think they're talented or that the game is exciting, or to sell tickets. You have to be a confident, natural talker, and almost no one is-other than John and Suzyn. The whole time they put Charley Steiner on with John, I couldn't listen, two or 3 years, whatever it was. I can listen to Steiner alone calling the Dodgers, but he was incapable of give and take in a two person radio booth. I've heard Rick Monday in the booth w. Steiner on Dodger radio, and he's the perfect partner for him because he's not a co-play by play guy, and doesn't seem to aspire to be one. Listeners can relax because Steiner can relax. Monday does a great job just adding nuggets of his own. As a bonus, Monday has a great voice for radio. So if Jeff Nelson is there, I'll listen. If anyone else is there, I won't. For example, Sweeny Murti doesn't belong on radio and I'll turn him off the fastest. Horrible voice, boring, no personality. 


Added: Two more photos of Mo that day

Above, Oct. 16, 2003, after his 3 scoreless innings and Yankee win 6-5, Mo runs back out to the mound. MLB video, @1:26

Above, Oct. 16, 2003, ALCS game 7, @ 1:27, team mates help Rivera up from the mound, MLB video



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Thursday, September 29, 2022

“61! With my great respect to the Judge and Maris family.” Billy Crystal-Sept. 28, 2022

9/28/22, 61! With my great respect to the Judge and Maris family." Billy Crystal….Aaron Judge hit two-run homer in the 7th. Roger Maris, Jr. and Aaron Judge’s mother, Patty Judge celebrate:

Above, 9/28/22, Roger Maris, Jr., and Aaron Judge’s mother, Patty Judge, in Toronto. Final score, 8-3, Yankees over Blue Jays.

Above, “61,” directed by Billy Crystal, released in 2001


Thurs., 9/2922, “ALL RISE,” NY Daily News front page

“Front page for Sept. 29, 2022: Judge ties Maris with 61st home run. Yankees slugger Aaron Judge blasts his 61st home run of the season, tying the American League single-season record in Wednesday’s 8-3 win over the Blue Jays in Toronto. (New York Daily News)”


Added: 9/28/22, John Sterling call of Judge #61:

NUMBER 61! HE TIES ROOOOOOGER MARIS for the American League single-season record with 61 home runs! It’s a two-run JUDGIAN blast! Here Comes the Judge!” Final 8-3, Yankees over Blue Jays. Toronto pitcher Tim Mayza did the honors

Above, 9/28/22, John Sterling calls



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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

20 year old Yankee fan Michael Kessler who caught Aaron Judge’s 60th home run ball opted to return it and meet Judge: “Any way I could give back to Judge, he’s given so much to the organization, just doing my part”-9/20/22

9/20/22, Yankees had no issue getting Judge’s 60th HR ball back. Fan who caught it and his friends who were here with him got to meet Judge and talk with him for a few moments.” Erik Boland twitter...Final, 9-8, Yankees over Pirates...20 year old Yankee fan Michael Kessler:The Yankees and New York City-native Kessler were able to quickly and easily make a deal to transfer possession of the ball to the Yankees….Kessler and his friends received signed bats and balls, and Kessler will get to meet Judge himself.Any way I could give back to Judge, he’s given so much to the organization,” Kessler said. “Just doing my part.””

Above, 9/20/22, Judge in dugout after hitting #60, John Sterling calls

Above, 9/20/22, Erik Boland twitter


Added: John Sterling call of Judge’s 60th home run:

9/20/22, “HE’S TIED THE BABE! It’s a JUDGIAN blast! His 60th home run of the year WOW!! All Rise! Here Comes the Judge!”

Above, 9/20/22, John Sterling Calls on Twitter


Added: Great Newsday back page photo by Jim McIsaac: 9/21/22, “What a great job by photographer Jim McIsaac (don’t think he is on Twitter) for getting this angle. The catcher/umpire faces are what stood out to me, too.Joe Manniello twitter


Added: Sterling Cam!

Above, 9/20/22, WFAN radio twitter


Added: Another “Sterling Cam” site!:

Above: Facebook, April 27, 2022




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