Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jack Curry strong addition to YES Network-Mushnick

"Jack Curry has been YES's best addition since it dropped Giuseppe Franco. His Yankees pregame sessions almost always include two or three from NY Post column by Phil Mushnick, 5/30, "Francesa's world cup rant way off base"
  • Jack Curry is a natural on television and very talented at give and take analysis in a live setting, doesn't routinely ignore what others say. Whatever he was for the NY Times, he is better in his current tv role than most other people doing it. Bob Lorenz is incapable of give and take in a long, analytic setting, is more an announcer type. Curry is the better choice. I've heard Lorenz do play by play and he was good at that. It is a different kind of give and take, not so much responding to analysis and juggling different thoughts, and he seemed more comfortable at it. ed.
Update on Bob Lorenz persona, 7/11/10 from a baseball website: "Or as that escapee from The Wax Works, Bob Lorenz, asked Flush Flaherty last night“Safeco Field, a hitter’s ballpark or a pitcher’s ballpark…or somewhere in between?” "
  • P.S. Curry has been on YES Network's winter Hot Stove show in past years. For whatever reason, Curry didn't stand out to me in that venue. I am aware that Lorenz has won one or more local awards.
A lot of people have won awards for a lot of things. Many times awards don't mean what others think they do. As I stated, he is a good announcer type. I have written for several years about the YES Network's presentation, and recently mentioned the more human, accessible feel SNY studio shows have. That's what I've observed over a long period of time.


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