Sunday, April 04, 2010

Mets SNY beats YES Network in spring training ratings

"After losing the spring training ratings race to SportsNet New York and the Mets, the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network and the Bombers undoubtedly will rebound big-time Sunday night with the lid-lifter at Fenway.
  • But who are the real winners and losers here?

ESPN, through its "Sunday Night Baseball," has exclusive rights to the game, but agreed to have its telecast blacked out in New York and Boston, allowing YES and NESN to air the opener.

  • As such, Sunday night's appearances by the Yankees and Red Sox won't count against their maximum "Sunday Night Baseball" allotment.
  • Teams are allowed a max of five appearances through the course of the season.

So, before a pitch is even thrown, ESPN is a winner. Most of the country will see Yankees-Red Sox on ESPN2, and the network will have the flexibility to air an "extra" Yankees and Red Sox game during the season. YES should do a monster rating Sunday night. It is a winner here, too.

  • However, the TV circumstances surrounding Sunday night's matchup could return to haunt the Bombers. They could be the losers here. Through his tenure as Yankees manager, Joe Torre was never thrilled about playing on "Sunday Night Baseball."

It often left his team at a disadvantage for the next game on Monday night, often scrambling late into the night to get to a new city.

  • This isn't an issue Sunday night. There's an off day Monday before the series continues in Boston.
  • But looking ahead at the Yankees sked, and games ESPN could now air on Sunday night, there are
  • some travel issues.

If ESPN decides to televise the June 20 Mets-Yankees game, the Bombers will have to catch a late bird to Arizona for a Monday nighter in the desert. On Sept. 26, ESPN could cherry-pick Red Sox-Yankees, which for the Bombers would be followed by a flight to Toronto for a Monday night date with the Jays.

Others, who envision a tight race for the AL East and wild card, may want to consider this TV factor and the impact it might have on their team."

P.S. I enjoy watching SNY in general, it has an accessible, community feel to it, it's interesting, human. The YES Network continues to be unwatchable as it always has been in my opinion. Variables may include the way it was set up and by whom (Leo Hindery) key hires of whom are still there, predominant ownership by Goldman Sachs, physical location of its studios, all of which must change for it to be a friend of the Yankee fan, in my opinion. If it thinks it's cool not to be a friend of the Yankee fan, that's fine. The YES Network should be sold in that case. ed.


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