Saturday, May 29, 2010

Threat to carbon trading, cap & trade, UK Society to review climate change claims, science not settled

UPDATE: 6/1: UK MET OFFICE WEATHER PROFITEERS DOUBLE DOWN, predict MORE BARBECUE SUMMERS. This after being DUMPED BY a UK resort area for years of inaccurate forecasts.
  • 5/29: ""Bullying of people into silence has unfortunately been effective."" Society scientist.
UK Society that named eventual Climategate endorsers now forced to review its claims about so-called man made global warming. ""The bullying of people into silence has unfortunately been effective.”"

Britain’s premier scientific institution is being forced to review its statements on climate change after a rebellion by members who question mankind’s contribution to rising temperatures....

  • It will publish a new “guide to the science of climate change” this summer. The society has been accused by 43 of its Fellows of refusing to accept dissenting views on climate change and
  • exaggerating the degree of certainty that man-made emissions are the main cause.

The society appears to have conceded that it needs to correct previous statements. It said: “Any

  • there is always room for new observations, theories, measurements.”

This contradicts a comment by the society’s previous president, Lord May, who was once quoted as saying: “The debate on climate change is over.”

  • The admission that the society needs to conduct the review is a blow to attempts by
  • the UN to reach a global deal on cutting emissions.

The Royal Society is viewed as one of the leading authorities on the topic and it

  • nominated the panel that investigated and endorsed the climate science of the
  • University of East Anglia....

Sir Alan, 72, an electrical engineer, is a member of the advisory council of the climate sceptic think-tank, the Global Warming Policy Foundation....

“One of the reasons people like myself are willing to put our heads above the parapet is that

  • our careers are not at risk from being labelled a denier or flat-Earther
  • because we say the science is not settled.

The bullying of people into silence has unfortunately been effective.”...

The rebels are concerned by a document entitled Climate Change Controversies, published by the society in 2007. The document attempts to refute what it describes as the misleading arguments employed by sceptics.

  • The document, which the society has used

“The science clearly points to the need for nations to take urgent steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, as much and as fast as possible, to reduce the more severe aspects of climate change.”

  • Lord Rees admitted that there were differing views among Fellows but said that the new guide would be “based on expert views backed up by sound scientific evidence”. "...

TimesOnlineUK, 5/29, "Rebel scientists force Royal Society to accept climate change scepticism," by Ben Webster ****

4/19/10, MLB games are staging area for carbon trading profiteers NRDC, others

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