Sunday, May 30, 2010

'Chamberlain's problem is everything else,' and he needs to be demoted

Commenter Bruce Markusen on Chamberlain
  • "Velocity is not Chamberlain's problem. His problem is everything else. He falls behind in the count too often, relies too much on his slider, especially on three-ball counts, and seems incapable of making adjustments when things start going badly. To me, he looks like a classic example of
  • a guy who just assumes he will always have a spot in the big leagues and doesn't need to work at the craft.
  • Here's what he needs now: a demotion to Triple-A and the accompanying wake up call that would come with it."
from Baseball Think Factory, 5/30/10, response to Bill Madden column, "Comic relief from Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain is no joke for Joe Girardi"


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