Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another 'Green' idea does more harm than good

The Green shake-down cartel got dishwashing detergent banned in Washington state where the program is being phased in starting with Spokane County. You must understand--
  • filth is not bad to the Al Gore group. Death isn't even that bad.
The point is to be diverted from the real problems of the world and hand over your life's work and that of your parents, shut up and get out of the way. In an increasingly passive culture, many are willing to do that. Hence, the shake-down continues.

(AP): "Many people were shocked to find that products like Seventh Generation, Ecover and Trader Joe's left their dishes

The culprit was hard water, which is mineral-rich and resistant to soap.

As a result, there has been a quiet rush of Spokane-area shoppers heading east on Interstate 90 into Idaho in search of old-school suds.

  • "Yes, I am a smuggler," she said. "I'm taking my chances because dirty dishes I cannot live with."

(In truth, the ban applies to the sale of phosphate detergent — not its use or possession — so Marcotte is not in any legal trouble.)

  • Marcotte said she tried every green brand in her dishwasher and found none would remove grease and pieces of food. Everybody she knows buys dishwasher detergent in Idaho, she said."...AP story, "Spokane Residents Smuggle Suds Over Green Brands," via Lucianne.com
(Similar to the ethanol racket, this Green idea did more harm than good).

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