Saturday, March 28, 2009

Harmonious duo in Texas Rangers radio booth

(Dallas Morning News): "The honeymoon continues in the Rangers radio booth. Seven exhibition games into their marriage, Eric Nadel and Dave Barnett are still madly in like.
  • Then again, who would have expected otherwise?

I can't remember two giddier broadcasters than Nadel and Barnett when their pairing was first announced back in January.

  • Maybe Michaels and Madden were when Monday Night Football was still an ABC thing. But that's about it.

In the parlance of sports talk radio, Nadel and Barnett are

  • long-time admirers, first-time partners.

"It's been really, really easy," said Nadel, about to embark on his 31st season in a Rangers broadcast booth. ..."We know each other's styles so well."
  • Barnett has worked baseball for ESPN. More and more of his recent baseball work has been on radio....

"The nice thing is I feel completely at ease with my knowledge of the team because I have followed the Rangers all along," Barnett said. "I am as prepared as I could possibly be to step in. I've got my rhythm going with Eric."...

  • for cable's fledgling MLB Network."...via Radio Daily News

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