Friday, March 27, 2009

Randy Levine's resume includes a job with Bud Selig

NY Times, Richard Sandomir: "the 1996 (MLB) labor agreement ...was negotiated by (Randy) Levine for the owners while he Levine was hired by Selig and baseball owners to work out a new agreement with the players union. He was described as the voice of Bud Selig at a point in his 1996 'between jobs' event,
  • although owners were divided on his plan to the point where one faction tried to remove him from the job:

(NY Times, 11/3/96, by Murray Chass): "In the attack on (Randy) Levine, in a Chicago paper, unnamed owners called for his dismissal, saying the only reason he would not be fired was

From NY Times by Murray Chass, 11/3/96, "Labor Deal in Jeopardy as Selig Stays Silent." unnamed Chicago-area sportswriter for helping Reinsdorf plant what Chass called an "attack on [Randy] Levine" in one of the Chicago newspapers.

"Reinsdorf's hand appeared to be so evident in that attack," Chass continued, "that during a conference call of Major League Baseball's executive council [on Oct. 30], other owners criticized Reinsdorf, a council member, for it." ("A Silent Selig Speaks Volumes About His Take on the Talks," Nov. 3.)

Pretty good smear. In his effort to help Reinsdorf smear Levine, Holtzman went so far as to charge Levine with assisting Donald Fehr in Fehr's effort to smear the owners by "putting a monkey on the owners' back: clearly, they are the ogres," said Holtzman, mocking Fehr and Levine. ("Owners doubt that Levine is the real deal," Chicago Tribune, Oct. 30.)"

P.S. From David Peterson's piece linked above, a slice of life in April 1997:
  • "The verdict is in, sports fans. Throw out Holtzman's defensive nonsense about the "New York press" having sided with the Players Association

Just as the New York Times and Donald Fehr have fingered Jerry Reinsdorf the self-seeking, manipulative, power-crazy man that he is, so the Times's Murray Chass fingered Jerome Holtzman what he is. A stenographer to power."

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