Saturday, March 28, 2009

FCC enlists government workers to tackle urgent problem of switching home tvs from analog

MultiChannel News, "FCC Launches Americorp DTV Effort-49 Markets Deemed to be AT-RISK" (horrors): The FCC and NTIA have identified 49 DTV at-risk markets that data suggest are the
  • least prepared for the switch from analog, including the FCC's own hometown of Washington, D.C. (number 49 on the list).

said Friday that it had signed an interagency agreement that will send AmeriCorps volunteers (ages 18 to 24) into the homes of target populations -- minorities, elderly, the disabled -- to help them connect antennas and converter boxes,

(The 'volunteers' are supported in part by US taxpayers. A bill just passed to expand AmeriCorps at a cost to taxpayers of $5.7 billion over 5 years).

Training begins next week in advance of a mid-April transition for some stations there, including two major network affiliates, according to the FCC.

The others are Sacramento, Calif.; Perry Point, Md.; Vicksburg, Miss.; and Vinton, Iowa.

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