Monday, August 18, 2008

Baseball legends' aura used to burnish interests of 'carbon offsets' global warming profiteers

Culture-changing commercial interests were tied to baseball legends at the All Star game in New York City this July. Starting with the green/red carpet: From GoingGreenMatters.com, 7/15/08: "Covering 95,000 square feet along Sixth Avenue, the eco-friendly carpet will be graced by
  • along with the American League and National League All-Stars....
MLB’s ‘green’ carpet was produced at Bentley Prince Street’s California manufacturing facility,"... Causing an alert advocate to comment: from the purchase of 480,000 lbs of verified emissions reduction credits. Bentley Prince Street purchases offsets from several aggregators including Aggregators are multi-million dollar trading companies dealing in 'portfolios' of 'credits:' Bentley Prince Street-made the carpet


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