Saturday, August 16, 2008

If this was clinching the pennant, save your gas money

The past 2 games against the Royals featured less than spring training managerial interference with Yankee hitters- while asking numerous pitchers for their best 7th game of the World Series performance. Seeing the win, mostly on unearned luck (not counting a good clutch at bat in the bottom of the 13th), a Newsday reporter viewed the Yankees:
  • Wait, this was a game against the lowly Royals, right?"
By all means a celebration was merited. The pitching performed professionally but was forced to go extra innings with little or no hope of Yankee hitters scoring any runs. There is no sign this free for all or 'free-expression' treatment of the hitters will change. This approach isn't something that happens by accident, ie someone wants it this way for a reason. It may not be Girardi's idea, but he's 100% on board with it. Let them experiment on someone else's dime.

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