Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back in the spotlight, Mitchell isn't about to let go.

Allan H. "Bud" Selig speaking at the United Nations, June 2007. photo from mlb.com

The global pr continues-- in sight is baseball fans' money, hundreds of millions of dollars, which MLB already believes is theirs to use as they please. With the handy tool of "Americans are just bad anyway," global interests will walk off with fans' money for a variety of pork related to drug testing (and corruption). Fans will sit by and watch it happen. Expect more involvement with the United Nations, where Selig spoke in June, 2007. (photo above).

  • Ken Davidoff, Newsday, his take on Our Lady of the Perpetual Mitchell:

"1. As expected, George Mitchell received the treatment of a returning king. Committee chairman Henry Waxman essentially apologized while asking Mitchell to take his oath prior to testifying, and Waxman kept urging Committee members to limit their time, because Mitchell had a train to catch. What a joke.

  • (Does he forget he was lobbyist for the Tobacco Industry? Doesn't that sound awfully evil and...Republican?) sm
2. Now, all of this said, Bud Selig chose Mitchell as his investigator largely because he knew Mitchell would play well to Congress. So even if we civilians rip Selig for selecting someone so conflicted, the Commish deserves credit for deftly playing the political game."

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