Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mitchell/Selig Didn't Want to Muss Their Dress with Amphetamines

  • I'd like to see an itemized list of how baseball fans' hard-earned money was spent on this pr stunt. Since that isn't forthcoming, I propose baseball have its anti-trust status revoked immediately. Jim Litke notes Hosanna in the Highest Got to Catch a Train Mitchell completely avoided mussing his dress on the amphetamine issue:
Litke "(When) Massachusetts Democrat John Tierney pointed out baseball gave more than
  • 100 therapeutic-use exemptions that enabled players to use stimulants such as
Ritalin and Adderall to combat ADD -- up from just 28 exemptions in 2006 -- Reference AP article by Jim Litke, "Congress' Slugging Percentage Dips," SportingNews.com *********************************** (For the millions in baseball fans' dollars Mitchell pocketed from xeroxing a federal report on New York clubhouse guys, he actually did almost nothing himself. Selig I guess didn't ask him to do any work of his own.)

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