Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NY Times reporter fresh from screwing up the Duke rape case hitches wagon to Yankees

NY Times says today: "Clemens — the only player to challenge the Mitchell report —"
  • I'm not sure this is correct. Mike Stanton and David Justice have adamantly denied its allegations (possibly others).
  • For Stanton that he had "purchased" HGH while on the Mets--not Yankees. And Justice, that he'd "purchased" HGH after the 2000 World Series. There is no canceled check and no proof.
None of these names are actually "Mitchell Report" names--they're from a federal report from New York area clubhouse workers a xerox of which was handed to the Mitchell Group. Paul Byrd didn't have to "challenge" the report. He just said his HGH use was "a private matter." He has an intact life as if nothing happened, no problem. I wonder why the difference in the treatment of Paul Byrd vs certain others....

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