Monday, November 19, 2007

Dodgers to shorten last year in Dodgertown, Vero Beach miffed--Bill Madden

From Bill Madden's NY Daily News column, Dodgers need to leave Dodgertown for good 2 weeks earlier than Vero Beach expected:
  • "It's looking like the Dodgers' split from Vero Beach, their spring home for 60 years, for Glendale, Az. next year is starting to get ugly. The city fathers of Vero Beach are miffed that the Dodgers are trimming two weeks off their last spring in Dodgertown because they've been selected to go to China by MLB and there are threats of terminating their lease. The Dodgers have countered by threatening to invoke their right to buy back Dodgertown at fair market price and sell it to contractors."
From Bill Madden's NY Daily News column, "Arod, Barry Bonds are Faces of MLB," 11/18/07 (Near end of column under "Madd Madd")
  • (All plans involving MLB should be viewed as subject to change for more money around the corner. Spring Training in Arizona experienced a huge loss of revenue during the World Baseball Classic in 2006). sm

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