Friday, November 16, 2007

Jon Heyman, SI, to appear twice a week on Mike and Mad Dog, WFAN

Mike and Chris announce today Jon Heyman of SI (formerly of Newsday) will report baseball and other news twice a week on their show, 52 weeks a year. Heyman is on right now, Boras, Bonds, etc. In the past he's been a regular on ESPN 1050AM in NYC, don't know whether or not that will continue. Heyman's saying Arod is a charming fellow and he "charmed" the Yankees....
  • On Paul LoDuca: Said Mets didn't want him, HAVE ALWAYS BLAMED HIM FOR 2006 PLAYOFFS LOSSES. THOUGHT HE CALLED WRONG PITCHES, ETC. Maybe Mets fans have heard this already but I hadn't and was quite surprised.
P.S. After the report, Mike notes he and Chris talk about baseball 52 weeks a year on their show, so Heyman's contributing baseball news would fit in well. Link

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