Saturday, November 17, 2007

Warren Buffett reconnects with Arod--AP, Wall St. Journal

  • An AP report citing the Wall St. Journal notes Warren Buffett recently advised Arod on how to approach the Yankees:
"Warren Buffett advised Alex Rodriguez to approach the New York Yankees and go around agent Scott Boras, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.
  • Upset with developments after he opted out, Rodriguez contacted Buffett, and the investor told him to approach the Yankees without his agent, the Journal said.

After speaking with the investor, Rodriguez contacted a managing director at Goldman Sachs that he knew, John Mallory, who then got in touch with Gerald Cardinale, a Goldman Sachs managing director who has worked with the Yankees and their YES Network."

***On August 10, 2007, NY Times' Murray Chass reported on the genesis of the Arod-Buffett relationship.

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