Friday, November 16, 2007

Tom Verducci axed from YES Network=Randy Levine still man behind the curtain

A day after news of Levine's connection to the Arod rebirth comes word that Tom Verducci has been removed as a YES Network analyst. Neil Best's Watchdog has the details:
  • "(Verducci's) recent, scathing column on SI.com regarding Joe Torre's departure might have had something to do with it. Actually . . . it had pretty much everything to do with it.

YES spokesman Eric Handler said Verducci's "recent remarks pertaining to the Yankees' ownership were extremely personal and cutting, and we decided it would not be in our interests to have him on the show going forward.

  • "Also, Tom is collaborating with Joe Torre on a second book. It’s unfortunate, but we figured it was an action that had to be taken. We appreciate the work he’s done for us in the past.''
From Neil Best's Watchdog blog, "YES Benches SI's Tom Verducci," 11/16/07
  • (Verducci has plenty of other opportunities, Best points out).
"Empire Has a New Face of Evil," by Mike Vaccaro, NY Post, referenced in my post here 10/20/07, "Oz Comes Out from Behind the Curtain:Randy Levine"

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