Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vince Doria scores pair with steroids cred for ESPN--11/14/07

"In yet another sad commentary on the state of the sports world today, ESPN hired two reporters that it said are “best-known for their work uncovering performance-enhancing drugs in sports stories.”

ESPN is adding Mark Fainaru-Wada of the San Francisco Chronicle and T.J. Quinn of the New York Daily News to its Enterprise Unit. Both have reported on the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO), and Fainaru-Wada was one of the two authors of the Game of Shadows book about Barry Bonds.

“The experience and sources Mark and T.J. have reporting on the illegal use of performance-enhancing drugs are qualities that will help them to cover all aspects of the sports world,” said Vince Doria, ESPN’s senior vice president and director of news.

The duo will report for all of ESPN’s platforms, including TV, radio, the Web and ESPN-The Magazine.

Fainaru-Wada will be based out of San Francisco and Quinn will work from New York. Both start their new roles Nov. 26."

NEW YORK- "A day after reports surfaced that the San Francisco Chronicle's Mark Fainaru-Wada was leaving to join ESPN, E&P has learned that T.J. Quinn of the New York Daily News was also joining the sports channel. Fainaru-Wada and Quinn, both of whom have broken elements of the sports steroid scandal for their papers, will join a 15-person enterprise unit at ESPN,
  • according to Vince Doria, senior vice president and director of news for the network. "They both have strong 'steroid' credentials," he told E&P Tuesday. "They both worked heavily on that story and they have reported on a number of other topics.""
From Editor & Publisher, by Joe Strupp, "Quinn of 'Daily News' to Join Fainaru-Wada in New ESPN Unit," 11/13/07
  • (I still want to know which network will report on ESPN itself. That's much more important). SM

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