Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mariano Rivera Expected to Take Yankee 3- year Deal--NY Post

November 17, 2007 -- "Despite not getting the fourth year he desired, closer Mariano Rivera is expected to accept the Yankees' three-year, $45 million offer early next week.

After returning from the Dominican Republic tonight, Mariano Rivera is going to huddle with his representatives tomorrow and according to several sources is expected to accept the Yankees' three-year, $45 million offer early next week.

The future Hall of Fame closer isn't happy about Hank Steinbrenner talking as much as he has about the contract offer that will make Rivera the highest paid closer by $4 million, but that doesn't appear to be a deal killer.

Though Rivera wanting a fourth year added to the deal has become an issue, it's not clear if the 38-year-old asked the Yankees for the extra year or had a four-year deal from another team. If that was the case, then Rivera is turning down additional dollars to remain with the only team he has worked for since 1990, where he's posted 443 saves" (***in the regular season, 34 in the post season for a total of 477....***sm)

  • "...(third on the all-time list)."


P.S. This is the only reliever in baseball whose "career"/performance stats are substantially misrepresented by failing to mention post season work. (Which explains why it's so easy for the media to continue doing it). Other relievers are helped when "total saves" or "career saves" exclude reference to the post season. I understand current rules allow it to be done this way but it could easily be done more accurately, honestly and fairly. Rivera has 13 consecutive post seasons when other guys were relaxing on the couch. I'll keep mentioning it until baseball media correct this. I don't like 'opting out' someone's career especially when it takes no extra effort to do it right.. (sm)
  • Update: Bryan Hoch, former Mets writer now Yankee writer for MLB Advanced Media, Inc. (MLB.com) gets a star--he puts the above Rivera story on MLB.com. But he's the first to be so accurate about Mariano's stats:
  • Notes he has the record in total saves in the American League.
  • Acknowledges the total save stat applies to "regular season," doesn't just call it "career" stats;
  • And adds post season data WITHIN THE SAME PARAGRAPH. Normally, post season numbers aren't given, and if they are it's 6 inches farther down the article when half the people are no longer reading.
From Hoch's MLB.com article today:
  • "Rivera, who turns 38 on Nov. 29, has pitched for the Yankees since 1995, compiling an American League-record 443 saves in the regular season. The most dominant postseason pitcher of his generation, Rivera owns a Major League-record 34 more saves in the playoffs, where he has a 0.77 career ERA."
From Bryan Hoch's MLB.com article, "Report:Rivera to Re-Sign with Yanks," 11/18/07

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