Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Dweeb of the Week"-YES Network--Raissman, NY Daily News

"For booting SI's Tom Verducci off its "Yankees Hot Stove" show. Gee, what a surprise. Either YES executive producer John Filippelli was concerned someone up top would melt at the sight of Verducci (he wrote a column blasting Yankee suits, including Bombers prez Randy Levine, after Joe Torre did not accept the Yankees "offer") or word came directly down from on high to dump the scribe, who is working on another Torre book.

  • Anyway, this leaves the perception scribes who appear on "Yankees Hot Stove" are preapproved by either Levine, Hankenstein, or Lon Trost. That ain't cool. Then again, you think Filippelli - or anyone else in the Yankees organization - is concerned about having a baseball writer's objectivity compromised?"
From Bob Raissman's NY Daily News column, 11/18/07, "Media Coverup Lets Don Shula slide about Asterisk Comment" ('Dweeb' item end of column).

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