Saturday, January 07, 2006

Schwarz--More evidence of HOF vote questions

Alan Schwarz calls them zigzaggers; one voter who's cast 15 votes says his standard differs enormously from that of other voters. Schwarz says as crazy as it is now, it used to be worse. To me, that doesn't make it the slightest bit acceptable. If I'm only being robbed 5 times a year instead of 10 times, I'm supposed to be happy? Whom does this charade benefit, with all its questions & doubts? Definitely not the right people. These votes must be made public, brought out of the back rooms. IN RECENT MONTHS, 2 ESTABLISHED BASEBALL WRITERS have voluntarily resigned from voting. Many other news organizations, including the AP, the New York Times, the Baltimore Sun, & the Atlanta Journal Constitution DON'T ALLOW THEIR EMPLOYEES TO VOTE ON BASEBALL AWARDS. There's a great deal going wrong here, & any perps who haven't quit or been removed aren't going to police themselves.

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