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Probably Sammy being Sammy--says he's studying 2 offers, won't name

This article from today's El Nacional by Julio Valdez just says Sammy Sosa is considering 2 offers, one from a contender, and one "not so tough/hard." Scroll down near end of article to paragraph titled "Futero en el beisbol." I've spent the past hour trying to get the page translated via the google service, but no luck yet. Thanks to the kind commenter who gave me the suggestion when I mentioned a Spanish newspaper article last week. Anyhow, here it is.

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  • Babelfish does its usual hilarious job:

    Insipid it believes in dedicación to the work

    to gain 25 cents to wash and to take care of cars in its native city, San Pedro de Macoris, to get to be one of the players of béisbol better positioned económicamente in of the Dominican República has for Insipid Samuel a fundamental base.

    Dedicación to their office and the abandonment to many things that at their moment represented ilusión of youth, was the key so that today Insipid it can move by the world with the forehead in stop and saying that "I come from down and I am proud of it".

    To the being interviewed in the Today same program of channel 9 by Cristian Jiménez, Oscar Medina and Luisín Mejía, Insipid mostró as an open book and exposed many not known paginas of its life until the moment.

    Among them Insipid reveló that before taking the glove, beats and ball, was an become fond of boxer whom it had to leave its young race because her mother día said that like boxer it to him iría not to see.

    That ocurrió to the 14 años when the great player who is now, distribuía its time between the central base of San Pedro de Macoris, like washer and caretaker of cars, limpiabotas and boxer.

    "Today I feel proud of to have done all that in my niñez and I thank for to players like Joaquín Andujar, Pedro Guerrero and other to him that served as inspiración so that I today am what I am", apuntó Insipid.

    It said that dedicación to its race has not been fà cil, since since account of which occurred the best form to manage to remain in the estrellato era sacrificà ndose and until acostà ndose for a long time between 7 and 8 at night.

    As they signed it

    After declining not to be Insipid boxer recordó that its older brother llegó to the league of ctor©Hà Peguero, nicknamed Borbón, that said to him to its blood that "is food". In effect he was así and to the 16 años he was signed by the Rangers of Texas, inicià ndose así one of the races excellent mà s of Dominican player in the Great Leagues.

    Great satisfacción

    Between great his màs satisfactions in béisbol Insipid account that has been to have arrived at the Great Leagues and power to see Julio César Frank, player who admires.

    Frank Apuntó that apadrinó and convirtió in its protector while it was in Texas until it was changed to the Average White of Chicago.

    Like subió

    Insipid llegó to the Great Leagues when taking place one lesión in the gardener Pete Incaviglia in the season of 1989.

    The first thousands wage of Insipid was of 68 dólares annual, when logró to climb for the first time to the greater ones.

    "That año can save to me around 40 thousands dólares and, I came to país that money yet and reuní to all my family and tiré in a bed and I said to him that now if we are millionaire" it said risueño Insipid.

    Insipid it was changed to the Average White of Chicago, según explicó because his leader Bobby Valentine in Texas, decía that él did not bat curves.

    In the local ball

    Insipid entró after assumeing the role of the player fresh and ready to play.

    In Insipid his conversación relató that after signing with the Chosen one and being in the equipment and sólo removed it to run the popular player said to him to its leader then Phil Regan "hears nonsingle I I run, I también I bat", to which the leader respondió dà ndole the opportunity that the Sammy desperdició not batting hit.

    Orientación to jóvenes

    Insipid llamó atención not sólo of jóvenes players of béisbol, but también of the athletes in general sense so that they know themselves to advise and to take well in serious his races.

    Expresó that to sign anyone does, the difícil is to stay after that isbol is arrived at©bà great and to extend.

    It put as example of failure by bad advising to boxer Mike Tayson, who by bad head and licks asesoría desperdició his money and the fame.

    Their children must study

    Insipid he has four children with Sonia, his wife of all the life. Around his family he said that she has two females and two men, who study in Miami, but which before they were in país.

    "I say to them to my children who béisbol is single a part of the life and which they must study and prepare themselves well", expresó.

    Definió like papà normal that he puts of punishment to his children and regaña if there is to do it.

    Puntualizó that the best inheritance than can leave its children is educación and the culture who obtain, the one that could not have.

    "If they want to be peloteros serà n, but before they must study because nobody knows what can happen in the future", I explain.

    Insipid aseguró that his inversión is well sólida and està safe, since it has known to make them thanks to its advisers between whom mencionó to Domingo Dajhuare, who has been the person in charge of the image of Insipid by many años.

    On the política

    The player said that it does not like the política, although señaló that it prefers to pay campaña of that podría to win.

    "I am friend of all, I have had a very calm life and I do not want to dañar it metiendome in política", apuntó Insipid.

    Future in béisbol

    In related to béisbol directly Insipid descartó the possibility of returning to the Puppies of Chicago and negó that esté negotiating with Florida and the Red Averages of Boston, although explicó that està studying two supplies, one of a contendor equipment and others of a novena not so hard. Definió to Baltimore like an equipment where él wanted to give the best thing of él.

    Afirmó that the steroids are not friends of él and that never has needed steroids to give home runs.

    Refirió that aún it has left many años in the Great Leagues and that does not matter to him to play in the National or the American.

    World-wide sico ClÃ

    Insipid reaccionó saying that the one that says that él does not fit in the Dominican equipment està speaking lies.

    "Ahí està n the números, I am a proven player", said with serious face.

    "If I do not fit in the Dominican equipment... then...", comentó Insipid.

    Insipid he aspires to arrive at the 600 home runs.


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  • Thanks for your post, Rob. I've
    noticed the google translation always
    says "Insipid" instead of Sosa. Very

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 12:36 AM  

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