Friday, January 06, 2006

Guy Curtright, Atlanta Journal Constitution on the Braves

Guy feels Edgar Renteria will be in better physical shape when he reports to spring training for the Braves. He saw Edgar throughout 2005 from spring training on, and said he was overweight & out of shape all year. Fans are still concerned about the bullpen. Obviously, the market this year didn't help the Braves, with Farnsworth moving on. Braves still have good prospects: Chris Reitsma has stuff to close, but inconsistent; Blaine Boyer has most potential, but has had shoulder problems; Macay McBride & Jason LaRue are being considered. Jorge Sosa has an arm for the bullpen, but prefers starting. Mike Hampton is out with surgery. MARCUS GILES will probably bat leadoff, has good OBP, but is a big swinger. You might ask, is he being wasted here? Re: DANYS BAEZ: he may be in the future for the Braves, but the Rays are tough to deal with. Curtright also got in a little trouble when he said the Blue Jays are now better than the Red Sox. Could be so.

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