Saturday, January 07, 2006

Cuban pitcher, 2004 Olympic Champion, sanctioned for aggression by Cuba

"The thrower," Manuel "the Pistol" Vega & referee Jose Perez Julien have both been sanctioned with 2 years' suspension by Cuban baseball for violent acts during the present national series. (Google provides the English translation of this report in today's Listin Diario, which I've saved. I tried to link it here along with the original Spanish version, but it would only link in Spanish). Vega attacked the referee on December 27, 2005. Julien, the referee, responded with "physical aggression," according to the official newspaper, Granma (Granma is listed as the communist newspaper of Cuba). Google uses a mechanized translation system. For example, in place of Vega's name, they use the English translation of the noun, which they define as "fertile valley." The 2 offenders have been suspended by Cuban Baseball for 2 years, but a story of interest regarding the 2004 Olympic champion and a Cuban referee.

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