Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Why isn't the Baseball Channel discussing the biggest scandal in baseball, one that needs someone to step up and put an end to? Because they're thrilled that it happened. They're small, jealous people, who certainly shouldn't be passing themselves off as objective. (The one exception to this is Charley Steiner). Why aren't they talking about the AL Cy Young voters? Some of their comments were reported in the New York Times today. On another outlet, I heard SI's Tom Verducci call the voters' comments, "embarrassing." All this is about the fact that there is next to no accountability or professionalism in sports media. To the point that Mariano Rivera didn't receive the Cy Young award, & was even NOT LISTED AT ALL ON 6 BALLOTS. One who excluded Mo: Sheldon Ocker, of the Akron Beacon Journal. Another was Corey Brock, of the Tacoma News Tribune. In Tyler Kepner's article, he observes that Rivera's "dominance seems to have had a numbing effect on voters." SHELDON OCKER: "THAT'S PROBABLY ANOTHER THING THAT HURTS HIM: HE'S HAD SO MANY GOOD SEASONS, THAT, WELL, IT'S JUST ANOTHER GOOD SEASON FOR RIVERA. FOR HIM TO GET ANYBODY'S ATTENTION OUTSIDE OF NEW YORK NOW, HE'D PROBABLY HAVE TO SAVE 65 GAMES." This is blatant incompetence. This person should immediately lose any voting privileges forever. If he needs ANYTHING more than a tv set or radio, he shouldn't be a so-called reporter anyway. I hope others will complain about this. It is an obvious fraud.

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