Tuesday, November 08, 2005

CY Young by adding machine

The AL Cy Young went to Bartolo Colon, who had the most wins. Kevin Kennedy and others say this award is about total wins. Then, why are people voting on it? And who exactly is voting? As Jack O'Connell was just discussing, more and more papers are not allowing their writers to vote on awards due to conflict of interest issues. Included in that list are: The LA Times, The New York Times, The The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post, & The Atlanta Journal Constitution (although the latter allows certain writers just to vote for the HOF). I've personally heard many writers express their views on this subject, and their emotions clearly negate reality in many cases. The Cy Young voting procedure should clearly be scrapped. As it is, some writers are clinging to a crumbling empire. The rest of us have more access to information these days, and your own newspapers are continually dropping out of your questionable game. It's over. In the meantime, Kennedy and Dibble are ecstatic.

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