Wednesday, November 09, 2005

National scandal re: Mariano Rivera

I'm only signing in now, as I've been researching a national scandal. It includes the hosts on XM with 1 exception--Charley Steiner. Even though Charley has an ESPN background, he praises Mariano on his program. Why? Because he saw every pitch thrown by Rivera in at least 3 regular and post seasons. Even when Jayson Stark came on Charley's show today, he tried to turn the focus to one game in which Mo failed (he gave up a bloop hit). Stark would not be stopped---here is a man who's thrown for 11 consecutive regular and post seasons, and even though Stark will give Mo some credit, he then takes over the agenda on this broadcast outlet, in dramatic tones, tries to put him down. Steiner tried to get Stark to focus on the specific circumstance of his example, which would've shown it to be not so dramatic, but Stark wouldn't be stopped. He then blurts out the standard ESPN dis, "Oh, but Rivera's had more opportunities." Steiner wonders why this fact should penalize Mo instead of letting people recognize his feat. They never answer. Charley seemed frustrated, but politely moved on.

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