Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kevin is determined to ignore Mo

Wow, Kevin Kennedy continues to impress with his absolute refusal to do anything but BARELY acknowledge the existence of Mariano Rivera. Kevin is a great passive-aggressive type-- he's furious inside, and his way of dealing with it is to ignore someone's existence. A poor guy called in from the west coast, said he was not a Yankee fan, but felt sorry for Mariano that he hadn't won the Cy Young, & how did Kevin feel. Silence. Then, uh...I don't know, COMPLETELY avoided saying anything about Mariano, talked about how the awards had changed over the years, how there only used to be 1 Cy Young, and now maybe there are too many awards, and that's really for the writers to think about. THEN, he further diminishes Mo by saying that people "like Trevor Hoffman, Mariano Rivera, and John Franco" should also get consideration. Here's another example of what I've written here before. How small, how jealous, how dishonest this response from Kennedy is.

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